Ver Versão Completa : Assistir replays em custom maps

02/04/2010, 19:53

Using this program allows you to easily put one or more maps into the game even if you don't know how to do it or which folders are involved. Moreover that little application allows you to record and watch replays on custom maps, which is not possible without it.

link para download do programa:


How to install and use GR Custom Maps Installer :

Installation - For the first time
Download the GR_Maps.zip file including the GR_Maps.exe. Extract and launch the GR_Maps.exe from any folder you want on your computer.

The first time you launch it, it will try to find your coh folder, and ask you to locate that folder, if it doesn't find it by itself. Enter the folder where coh is installed, usually something like "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes". That folder you entered will be remembered for all subsequent times.

When the coh folder is located, it will ask you to run with administrator privileges if needed, because often Program Files folders are protected. If it does, re-run the GR_Maps.exe application as admin once, it will set the right permissions to your folders, and you'll be able to use it without admin rights next time.

Once this is done, you can start using it

Using it

This is very simple. There are 3 tabs. One to add new custom maps into the game, one to remove existing custom maps, and one to clean everything the application made if you want to uninstall it.

Adding new maps :
Click the "Select new maps" button and browse your folders to find the maps (*.sga files) you want to add. You can chose more than one at the same time. Once it's selected, click ok.

The selected maps should be written on the right. Make sure everything is fine and click the "Put them in the game" button to add them. This will copy those maps into the GR_Maps folder, as well as adding a reference to them in the RelicCoH.module.

This will allow you to play in those maps with the usual game, recording replays on those maps, and be able to watch those replays. You don't need to run the game with any special command or anything else.

Removing existing maps :
This works exactly the same way as adding new maps, except that you have to chose maps already installed in GR_Maps folder in order to remove them. Obviously if you select a map somewhere else the map is not installed and thus cannot be removed.

Backups :
Each time you add or remove a map, a backup of the previous RelicCoH.module is stored into "GR_Maps\backups" folder. You can remove them if you want, they are only there to help you restore your settings in case of any problems.

Clean everything :
Be sure you really want to clean it all, and click the "Remove everything" button.

08/04/2010, 11:38
Valeu Nigo, acho q instalei, qdo for ver um replay vou tentar usar...

09/04/2010, 14:44
é...não deu certo não , fiz alguma merda....:/

22/04/2010, 15:14
só pra saber qual versão de duclair foi usada no champs ?
quero ver o jogo do chacina

outra coisa, o link está quebrado

22/04/2010, 16:29
versão 1.3