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07/04/2010, 22:54
The Panzer Elite's Schwimmwagen Type 128 (not to be confused with the Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen Type 166 vehicle) is an alternative unit to the Kettenkrad. Although both units are completely identical to each other in almost all of their stats, the Schwimmwagen does offer three different abilities.

Like the Kettenkrad, you can only access one of these three abilities in each game, and the ability chosen depends on what doctrine you pick. This tip will focus on the Schwimmwagen Type 128's Incendiary Trap ability, which can only be gained when the Scorched Earth doctrine has been chosen. Introduced since version 2.600, the Incendiary Trap ability is an underused ability that can be surprisingly powerful. It can greatly add to the effects of the Scorched Earth doctrine.


The Incendiary Trap is actually a type of mine that can be laid by the Schwimmwagen. It deals damage over an area of effect, over time. The longer a unit stays in the fire, the more damage they take.

Cost: 15 Munitions
Delay (when planting): 2.8 seconds
Trigger Radius: 2
Area of Effect: Somewhat random, but generally creates three 'circles' of fire that are each about the size of a single explosion of an Incendiary Mortar round from the Mortar Half-track. Usually the area is surprisingly large; occasionally the circles overlap.
Damage: Identical to a single explosion of an Incendiary Mortar round from the Mortar Half-track.

Other notes: Incendiary Trap is only triggered by infantry units. This means it will only detonate when infantry units run over it. Vehicles will not trigger the mine. Incendiary Trap can also be stacked with other mines and incendiary traps. This means it's possible to layer them together to create powerful trap spots.

It is important to note that Incendiary Trap can be placed literally anywhere. This means it can also be placed in spots that infantry cannot reach, thus resulting in a waste of Munitions. For example, it's possible to place it directly on top of a resource point, which no infantry would ever trigger.

Using the Incendiary Trap

As an incendiary mine, it follows different rules than regular Mines do. Since Incendiary Trap deals identical damage to Incendiary Mortar rounds from a Mortar Half-track, this means it is only effective against infantry and emplacements.

Denying Cover

One of the best uses of Incendiary Trap is to use it to deny cover, similar to Incendiary Grenades, except this is used as a trap rather than a thrown weapon.

When placed behind cover, any enemy units that approach it will find themselves taking damage from the fire, and will be forced to move out of there. Thus, they are denied a piece of cover and may take additional damage from your other units.


However, it should be noted that Incendiary Trap is capable of destroying cover as well. This can be useful by denying available cover for opponents, but be aware that it can also work the other way around.


Incendiary Trap also has great uses for denying garrison cover (buildings). Like regular Mines, you can place them in front of building entrances. However, unlike regular mines, Incendiary Trap creates an area of fire, which is capable of reaching the nearby building and damaging those who manage to garrison it. This will likely force an opponent out, or face the consequence of taking additional damage from the fire.

Obstructing and Delaying Movement

As with any other mine, Incendiary Mines will cause infantry units that are simply moving (not on their way to capture something) nearby to suddenly jump away (with the occasional unit jumping towards) from the initial explosion. This can be considered a disadvantage as it actually aids the unit in getting away from the damage at first.

However, it also temporarily obstructs movement, which may be combined with other tactics or with denying cover. This is most noticeable when near chokepoints, as it will cause nearly all units to jump back and cuddle together.

Delaying/Denying Capture

Incendiary Trap can also be used as a miniature Booby Trap of sorts. The most obvious use is to place it in front of an resource point. Any infantry unit that attempts to capture said point will trigger the trap. Unlike Booby Traps, Incendiary Trap does not create a warning notification beyond 'under attack'. Unwary opponents can easily take a lot of damage, especially those with units who are on a queued capture order, as less attention is paid to them. Even if the unit is moved quickly, the damage is unavoidable at that point. While it is possible to cause a kill, most of the time the damage is spread throughout the entire squad, making future engagements easier if the squad is not healed.


However, Incendiary Trap can also be used in combination with actual Booby Traps. Placed in front of a point allows additional damage. Incendiary Trap may also be placed behind or to the side of a Booby Trapped point, so once an opponent attempts to capture the point and avoid the Booby Trap (by running forward), the Incendiary Trap would then also trigger, which delays the opponent further and causes more damage.

The Incendiary Trap ability is rather unpopular ability that deserves at least a look at. While its effects are not as dramatic as other weapons, it can be used to greatly complement the Scorched Earth doctrine.

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