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08/04/2010, 15:20
Como eu sou uma mãe pra vocês, me prestei a colar todo o guia de estratégia que achei perdido nos fóruns do GR.org. Esse faz parte de uma atualização na sessão de estratégias que estou fazendo aqui no Battle Central.

É muita informação!!!! Mas vale a pena!


In this guide I will explore and recommend various approaches on how to play the British faction in 1v1 play. These recommendations will predominately be made based on my observations and analysis of 135+ games of top Brit players (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=405460). In addition I will also provide insight based on my experience where applicable. The strategies and recommendations discussed within is not meant to be the end all be all guide for playing the British in 1v1s.

Prerequisites to Understanding this Guide

This guide assumes that you are familiar with and have a general grasp of CoH and the fundamentals of gameplay, specifically in the following areas:

Efficient use resources (Manpower, Fuel, Munitions); that is, using resources to tech at appropriate speed – no floating of resources, especially early game
Clear understanding of build order/capture order (more on this later that is specific to the British faction)
Importance of fighting in cover, picking the right fight and knowing when to retreat
Ability to flank correctly
Good overall micro/macro skills

In addition, you should be very familiar with the British Technology Tree (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=305567), the units and their respected upgrades/abilities. British teching is linear so there is little variety in terms of what you can do. That being said, it is my belief that top players progress through this linear teching path in an efficient manner (until they reach T3 - more on this later). This strategy guide will provide some insight on how to use some of these units/abilities, but is not meant to provide a thorough review of each unit/ability/weapon.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Maps

Section 1.1 - Selecting Maps to Play (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part1&st=1)
Section 1.2 - Truck Locations (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part1&st=1)

Part 2: Approach to British Tiers

Section 2.1 - Tier 1: HQ Truck (HQ) (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part2)
Section 2.2 - Tier 2: Field Support Truck (FST) (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part2&st=2)
Section 2.3 - Tier 3: Armored Command Truck (ACT) (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part2&st=3)

Part 3: Emplacements (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part3)
Part 4: Support Regiments (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part4)
Part 5: Know Thy Enemy (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part5)
Part 6: Final Thoughts & Next Steps (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=company-of-heroes-1v1-british-strategy-tactics-guide-part5&st=2)

Icon Key

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233000797.jpg Halt! Ask yourself this question
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233000850.gif warhawks recommends

Okay, enough of the small talk, let’s go soldiers.

Part 1: Maps


Section 1.1: Selecting Maps to play

In all 1v1 games knowing the map is critical regardless of which faction you play. Knowing where the resources are, choke points, areas of cover (green/yellow/red), typical travel paths, etc. are all crucial. Playing as the British is no different in this regard; however, what is important to know is where to place your trucks ahead of time. Note: as the game plays out, some locations may not be ideal depending on how successful you have become in securing those sectors. It is also important to note that these locations will change depending on where you start (North or South) on a specific map. This section is not meant to provide a thorough analysis of how to play on each map, but rather to provide high level oversight and some general knowledge about the map as it relates to playing the British.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233001731.jpg So what maps are best for the Brits?

Here is a breakdown of favorite maps and some comments from various high ranking British players.

Best Ranked 1 through 5:


Worst Maps:


Player Comments:

Sweix: While playing with British I always deselect Beaux Lowlands and Sturzdorf. The last one (Sturzdorf) I always deselect because I find it the most imbalanced map when looking at the resources. It’s too dependent where you start.

Rizky: Usually I end up deselecting Sturzdorf and Beaux Lowlands. On Sturz Brits get easily outcapped and pushed into corner, in Beaux it is very common to get Marder rushed so that isn’t a good option either.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233001873.gif Deselect Sturzdorf and Beaux Lowlands

Section 1.2: Truck Locations

Knowing where to put your trucks ahead of time is very important (for obvious reasons) to playing the British in 1v1s. You really need to be prepared to defend any location where you place your truck(s); especially your HQ truck. Any British player will tell you that getting rushed early happens very often so it should be expected and you need to plan ahead for these measures. In this section we will discuss some truck locations that make the most sense and highlight some of the challenges for each.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233001731.jpg So what are the common locations for placing the British Trucks?

An article written by Sepha (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?&show=page&name=british_bases) shows common locations for where to put your Trucks for each 1v1 map, as well as locations for common defenses. I recommend that you read this article (I also provide direct links for each map - see below) and I will provide some additional information for some of the maps covered in his article here.

Note: It is mostly recommended that you put your HQ on a munitions point first, the reasoning is because unit upgrades are important to the British faction. Upgrades for the Bren Carrier and/or Tommy upgrades all require munitions. That being said, there some maps where putting your HQ on a fuel point makes more sense, like Semois (and sometimes North Langres).

Angoville - Sepha Angoville Information (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=british_bases&st=1)

Don't play this map like you would normally do as any other faction, that is, as the British you do not need to press to capture most of the map (early). Your focus should be on locking down all +16 points (as indicated by the shaded green areas below); these points will mean the most to you and will give you plenty of resources.


In addition, I see a lot of Brit players capping the strat point (the choke point) closest to their starting HQ early, this is not needed because once you move your HQ to a +16 location, that strat point does not connect you to anything, instead (as mentioned earlier) you should look to secure your high resources and then make an attempt to cut off your opponents resources by decapping the strat point near their HQ. I am not saying you shouldn't cap the strat points, I am saying that you just don't need to cap them as a prerequisite to getting income from those higher resource points because you will be moving your HQ.

If you are starting from the South, you can expect your opponent to try and pin you at your base. Depending on where you place your HQ (assuming on the +16 munitions), an MG in one of those houses (as well as a flaming pio later on) can really make for a quick match that is NOT in your favor. Also, when you call in your Field Support Truck (from the South) and want to place it on one of the high resource sections (like the +16 fuel), the Truck will travel along the road; this makes it very open to hitting a mine (Teller will really hurt); this applies to calling in your Armored Command Truck (ACT) as well. Therefore, I prefer to select a location in the original HQ area to park my trucks and then make a decision - either 1.) park it to get out fast sappers (if FST and I need some form of defensive emplacement built or fast Cromwell from the ACT), or 2.) reselect the new location (after the truck is well into the original HQ area) on a high resource point like a +16; this means the truck will NOT travel along the main road free from hitting any mines.

If you are starting from the North will you have a bit more wiggle room in terms of getting yourself out of a pin, but you will have a harder time taking and keeping the VP's that are on the right. Once again, focus on high resources and look to cut off your opponent; continue to harass the cut-off point. Traditional flanking and house clearing tactics apply here as your opponent may have units in the house overseeing their strat point.

Langres - Sepha Langres Information (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=british_bases&st=3)

Although this map lends favorable to the British (due to close proximity of resources and VPs), it can also be a challenge to Brit players as early pins can be had on this map as well.

As you will see in Section 2.1 T1 Analysis/build order section later in this guide, I recommend that for players who struggle with pins that they get three units out before moving their HQ on this map. Out of all the maps, I see the most diverse capping order being executed on Langres, that is, I out of all the replays I watch, I see a lot of variation of capping order from Brit players. Although there are many options on Langres based on your preference and playstyle, at minimal you need to secure at least +10 munitions and a +10 fuel asap.

Starting in the South entices you to capture the +16 quickly and place your HQ there, however, a lot of players often find that an early MG in the house on that +16 creates a pin and can be hard to get out of. An early mortar pit can be really helpful on this map especially against Wehrmacht, your challenge will be finding the time to get it up. If you are successful though, it will be a nightmare for a Wehrmacht player. If you have trouble with the +16 location, then you have other options for your HQ, like the +10 munitions just outside your base area. Some players (although none that I analyzed) even keep their HQ in its starting location on this map; although plausible because the map is small, this is something that I don't recommend.

Semois - Sepha Semois Information (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=british_bases&st=4)

This map gets mixed emotions from Brit players due to the number of sectors and size of the map. However, it is also a map that provides the fastest teching to T3 for Brit players. In addition your initial build/capture order can be replicated from either side.

The key to Semois it to put your HQ on the +10 fuel right outside your starting location. You can place the truck so that it is still covered by your base Vickers nest. Your ideal build/capture order for this map is to order your Recon Tommy to cap the +10 fuel, build an LT and "pick up truck" (click icon right after LT). Have your Recon Tommy proceed to capture the +10 munitions (traveling along the same path it was sent on) and have the LT capture the +10 munitions off to the side of the base. As soon as your HQ trucks parks on the +10 fuel, build another Tommy and send your LT back to the HQ area after its done capping the munition point (so it can apply speed bonus to Tommy). You next unit can be either another Tommy or Bren Carrier (see T1 section in this guide for more advice on that choice). Also always be looking for your opportunity to cut off your opponent from their +10 fuel outside their base.

Opening Build/Capture Order
(Blue = Recon Tommy, Green = LT, Yellow = Tommy)


Your FST can be placed right outside it base, a great location. As for your ACT, this is where I tend to differ from what Sepha recommends; simply because if the goal is to out tech your opponent on this map (like a Cromwell at the 10 minute mark) then you should put your ACT in your original base location (so you don't have to wait for it to travel to the +16). In addition to speed of teching, putting your ACT near your original base location makes it easier to defend.

The difference between starting on the West (south) versus the East (north), is that I believe that defending the East (or north) is harder specifically because an early MG in the house (that overlooks the road) can take longer to get out. In the West (south), you can build a mortar pit right off the river that can reach as far as the tips of the church, but on the East (north), it is very hard to get a mortar pit that can reach and MG in the house that covers the road.

Finally as with any game on Semois, land mines are your friend. Once your Sappers are out (and when not over-repairing something) then have them place mines on roads, etc. I like to build two Sapper squads on this map just for this reason.

Wrecked Train - Sepha's Wrecked Train Information (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=british_bases&st=7)

Another map where British players seem to find some trouble on, especially versus a PE player who can tech fast. The challenge you will have on this map is securing enough fuel while trying to stop your opponent from getting fuel. As described in Sepha's article, the most common place to focus your efforts if toward the middle/left (where there are the 2 +10 munition points). once again, you can expect to see a pin attempted on this map as well. If you are starting from the South (and assuming your choose to put your HQ on the +10 munitions), then make sure you don't get pinned by an MG (Wehrmacht player) in the house that just over looks that point. I think a North start is easier to defend for the British on this map.

The key on this map is to fight off the urge to want to camp near the center VP (early in the game) and try and continue to cut off fuel from your opponent. You will also be struggling for fuel if you cannot control the 3 +5 fuel points on the left (or the +10 on the right), therefore it is not uncommon to see an extended T1 on this map (due to the number of sectors and size of map); hence why I see manpower being used for a mortar pit on this map (mostly against Wehrmacht players).

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233001731.jpg Should I get Secured Resources or Speed Governs?

Both of these abilities should always be considered, but they don't get used often simply because there always seems to be a more pressing need to spend your manpower and fuel on. The times where Secured Resources comes in handle is if you are really forced in a corner and need extra munitions or fuel. I mostly see secured resources applied to a munitions point for Commando artillery and demo charges. Note: if you secure resources on a certain truck/location and then decide to move that truck, you still get those additional resources when you park your truck on another (new) location.

As for Speed Governs, I see this being used sometimes, but mostly on larger maps where the desired resource point for your Armored Command Truck is far away from the off-map call in location, mostly Angoville or Semois (if you opt to place your ACT on the +16 munitions point).

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233001873.gif Final Notes on Maps

In order to succeed at high level play, you are going to have to get comfortable in dealing with HQ rushes.

Always move your HQ truck to a location that can earn resources, even if that location is very close to your starting location and is a low resource point. The British faction was designed to take advantage of truck earning resources and by not moving your HQ, you are taking away that advantage and slowing down your teching. Yes it opens you up to a rush, but see my first comment above. Finally, if you don't move your HQ and are forced to retreat your squads it will take much longer for your to redeploy them to the battlefield (especially on larger maps like Wrecked Train, Sturzdorf, etc.)

Don't feel the need to have to place all your truck on high resources points! It is okay to play it safe sometimes with your FST and ACT in terms of location so you can defend them better. That being said, I think that at minimal your HQ and FST need to be on sectors that provide resources whereas it is okay to have our ACT on a non-resource generating sector like your original HQ area (although at some point moving it should be strongly considered).

Build a partially built trench near your trucks at some point. Against PE do it ASAP near your HQ, more on this in Part 5: the Know Thy Enemy.

Over-repair trucks when you see idle Sappers and place mines near common paths to your trucks (mostly to stop Stormtroopers).


Section 2.1: Tier 1: HQ Truck (HQ) http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003213.gif

The factors/questions in approaching T1 are as follows: What is my first unit out of the HQ? When do I move my HQ? How many units should I have before going T2 (Field Support Truck)? Do I build emplacements or more units before T2?

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg What unit should I produce first (second unit on battlefield) from the HQ ?

Well, you only have three options here: you can produce a Tommy squad, a Lieutenant (LT) or a Bren Carrier. For the most part, we can exclude the Bren Carrier as an viable option simply because you really want another unit out that can help you capture sectors so you can start earning resources (fuel and munitions) plus you won't have enough munitions to upgrade the Bren Carrier which in my opinion is a necessity (the upgrade that is). This leaves you with the choice of either a Tommy Squad or the LT.

In analyzing 135+ games I found the majority of top players produce a LT as the first unit out of the HQ (Sepha 20/20 games, Sweix 35/35 games, IP4K 21/21 games, Rizky 32/32 games - the exception is DGN who builds a Tommy squad). The reason for producing the LT first is his speed on the field. The LT has a speed bonus and runs faster then even a Recon Tommy squad.

According to Sepha, "LT is built first because he can walk faster than Tommies, who are built after the hq moves because the earlier you get on resources the better and if you were to build Tommies before moving the hq then they would walk to strat points at a snails pace.".

The challenge for newer players when producing an LT first is that they seem to struggle with early rushes and lack of infantry fighting power. The key is to cap a few points with your LT and then get him closer to your infantry (unless they become pinned), you don't want to loss your LT early!

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif Produce an LT first (your second unit on the battlefield).

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg Produce another unit or move my HQ?

The next decision relates to either producing another unit from the HQ or moving the HQ.

If you chose to move your HQ at this point, then you should have already captured the sector (with your Recon Tommy squad) where you intend to park your HQ. Out of the 5 players I analyzed a majority of them (87%) packed up moved their HQ after the second unit (Sepha 20/20 games, DGN 26/27 games, IP4K 21/21 games and Rizky 31/32 games. The only player who seemed to alter this decision was Sweix who in 20/35 games he moved his HQ after the second unit was out and in 15/35 games moved his HQ after the third unit (2nd produced from HQ) was out and from my analysis this was more map based.

According to Sweix "On maps where there is a high or medium sector points I like to move my truck after I finish building my lieutenant. On maps where there are a lot of small points (for example Wrecked Train) I like to make an extra Tommy squad for faster capture before moving the truck."

So, if you decide NOT to move your HQ now, but decide to build another unit, what unit should you build? Most players agree that another Tommy squad (assuming you produce an LT already) should be the next unit out of the HQ. This is even the case whether or not you decide to move your HQ at this time. Once again, the theme is that you are producing another unit that can fight, move and capture. In addition, if you want to produce a Bren at this time, you might not have the fuel (because you have LT) and if you want to wait for the fuel, then you will most likely float MP. Addition you probably will not have the munitions to upgrade the Bren Carrier at this time as well (once again, the Bren Carrier is a required upgrade IMO).

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif Therefore, it is safe to say that at minimal you want to move your HQ after (no later than) three units are on the battlefield, most likely those units are: Initial Recon Tommy squad, LT and Tommy.

Now that your HQ is setup, you most likely won't have enough fuel to go to T2 (FST). So you can either produce another Tommy, build an emplacement (mortar, vickers) or get a Bren Carrier. The majority of players choose to get a Bren Carrier at this point (which costs fuel and will delay the FST a bit - but this is okay). In fact out of the 135 games analyzed a Bren Carrier was produced approximately 76% of the time and a majority of that dissent was from one player, Sepha, who opts to get another Tommy over the Bren - "A 3rd Tommy build is better because the Bren becomes a pretty useless unit after the 7-8th minute of the game when axis get panzershreks, pumas or some other kind of AT, the Tommies are useful for the entire game. That said, I've been making a Bren recently purely so I can combat puma rushing and the early pg ht rush better."

On the flip side of Sepha's view the Bren Carrier can be very devastating to Axis players early, especially when upgraded. According to Rizky, a "Bren carrier is good versus the bike rushes, chasing pioneers capping on the other side of the map and flanking ungarrisoned MGs. Versus PE it stands up versus all the light vehicles, suppresses early PG blobs and chases down capping PGs and kettens. I think a [weakened] Bren carrier is deserved, but I will still be using it. I think it just makes Brits more vulnerable to rushes in early game.".

Sweix takes a middle ground "Bren Carrier is one of the strongest units available in the early game. As you might have noticed, I always get a Bren only against Wehrmacht, because it is perfect for dealing with pioneers and mg42. It isn’t that useful against PE, as it often becomes targeted with infantry halftrack focused fire. Another important point of playing against PE is getting a fast Stuart. Bren always slows that down. My general rule for using the Bren is quite simple – keep it alive until I get sappers with over repair ability, then use the hit-and-run tactic with it. Also, I have concluded that Bren is very useful against fast Pumas Wehrmacht may get – with using the AP Rounds of course. "

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003306.gif For more information on the Bren Carrier see DGN's Bren Carrier Guide (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=stratguide_meetthebrencarrier).

At this stage in the game your next key moves will be determined by the events in the game. If you are getting base rushed and your opponent is attempting to pin you, you may opt (out of self defense) to build a Causality Clearing Station (CCS) or a Mortar pit. Either way, you need to get to Tier 2 because without T2, you have no form of AT.

Final point: You don't want to wait to long to get to T2, but you don't want to rush to it either. What I mean by this is that the minute you start to produce your FST, you cannot build anything else out of your HQ, so rushing to T2 without enough units out on the battlefield can hurt you. Unlike other factions, this linear teching for the Brits becomes restricting.

Therefore, your goal should be to have 4 units on the battlefield and then call in for T2 - FST. Depending on your situation (and on some maps like Wrecked Train and Beaux Lowlands, you may not have enough fuel to go to T2 yet) you may opt to build a mortar pit (just MP) or get another Tommy squad. Once again, the longer you stay in T1 the longer you go without AT.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif Recommended T1 Build Order:

On Angoville, Semois, St. Mere (if they put back), I recommend:
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003271.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003289.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003249.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003306.gif

On Langres, Wrecked Train, Sturzdorf, Beaux Lowands:
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003271.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003249.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003289.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003306.gif

Sepha and Sweix most likely skip the Bren against Panzer Elite:
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003271.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003249.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003289.gif

Sweix, "The choice of the third unit is dependant on the enemy I’m playing. If its’ PE I’m going to make an extra Tommy squad, if it’s Wehrmacht then it’s going to be a Bren Carrier."

Once again, on larger maps or low fuel income situations, you may opt for another Tommy squad (or build an emplacement - mortar) before going T2.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg What about my Tommy's, what should I upgrade them with?

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004610.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004712.gif

Obviously when choosing any type of upgrade you need to make that choice based on what you see on the battlefield as well as what you anticipate seeing on the battlefield. In the analysis of the 5 players, the statistics show that most viable upgrades for your second Tommy squad (that is not including the original Recon Tommy) is deciding between the Bren upgrade or the Rifle nades upgrade. Most players do not choose the Recon upgrade. So why is this? Well, basically it has a lot to do with who you are facing, that is, Wehrmacht or Panzer Elite. Out of the 135 games I analyzed, a Rifle Grenade upgrade was chosen as the first upgrade 60 times. Out of those 60 times, 40 was against a Wehrmacht player (67%). This clearly shows the preference and effect that Rifle Grenades have against a Wehrmacht player.

Sepha's approach to Tommy upgrades, "Yea get a Bren first vs PE and get Rifle Grenades first vs Wehrmacht, that is if you're making 2 tommy squads. If you only make one then always get a Bren as you will most likely need to button a vehicle sometime in the game.

According to Sweix, "Against Wehrmacht, I prefer getting rifle grenades, because you are very likely to get pinned by an mg or two near your truck. I also like using the smoke, which makes dealing with mgs much easier."

DGN on Riflenades, "against Wehr I find rifle nades to be extremely effective in clearly garrisoned houses, dealing with flamer pios (often one shoting the whole squad), and de-crewing mgs in the open."

Remember, that having your LT in range of Tommy's with Riflenades greatly increases their accuracy, so make sure you keep them close together.

As for the Bren machine gun upgrade I saw a much closer distribution between facing Wehrmacht or Panzer Elite, that is, the Bren gun upgrade was chosen (as the first upgrade) 55 times (out of 135 games). Out of those 55 games 53% of the time was against PE and 47% against Wehrmacht. Given these numbers as well as my own experience, the Bren gun upgrade is very effective regardless of whether you are playing against Wehrmacht or Panzer Elite. The key ability of the Bren gun is its ability to "button" vehicles. This ability can really turn the game around in key situations and is best used in combination with other units near by (preferably some form of AT). The Bren gun is also very effective in the presence of the LT and can shred infantry (especially flaming pioneers) at close range.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif For newer players of the game and don't yet have a feel for the game (opponents strats specifically), a general rule of thumb can be applied: Get Rifle Grenades against Wehrmacht if early MGs are giving you trouble and get Bren upgrade against PE all the time. Note that getting another Recon Tommy squad is also a very viable option especially on a large maps like Sturz and Wrecked Train.

Final thoughts on Tommy upgrades by IPFK's, "1 Rifle Grenade squad, 1 Bren squad. Anti Infantry and Button, that's all I need. Versus an Infantry Heavy strat I use more Riflegrenades and versus vehicles based strat (KT etc.), more Brens.."

Section 2.2: Tier 2: Field Support Truck (FST) http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003329.gif

Okay at this point you survived the base rush (hopefully) and now you are ready for the next wave of attacks which will probably include some form of vehicle/tank and your need for AT will be pressing as time passes in the next 4 - 8 minutes. Once your FST is parked you will need to answer this question:

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg What should my first unit out of the FST be? Sapper or Captain?

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004457.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004527.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233931552.gif

This is where you need to rely on your ability to assess the situation and understand what your opponent is attempting to do. In my player analysis, 70% of the time the first unit out of the FST was a Captain. Most of the time this was because the players where looking to quickly get out a Stuart. However, both Sweix and DGN preferred (slightly) to get out Sappers first. What this tells me is that these players where more often adapting to the game where as the other players (Sepha, IPFK, Rizky) where clearly rushing to Stuarts as part of their strategy regardless what faction they where playing against (i.e., PE/Wehr).

According to Sepha, "The earlier the Stuart arrives to the battlefield, the more shock effect it will have on the game. Stuarts are very powerful the first time they arrive on the battlefield and get gradually weaker as your opponent gets more AT, they become almost useless late game. Make Sappers if you want early PIATs or to make a Bofors/17p to protect from a Marder or Puma rush. Make a Stuart if you want to be offensive while Sappers reinforce your base with emplacements and mines."

Sweix simply puts it like this, "It all depends on the opponent again. If it is Wehrmacht, a quick sapper squad is needed to repair the Bren. If it is PE – a quick Stuart to deal with numerous halftracks. Logical and simple."

DGN prefers Sappers first, "Well, more often I build Sappers. I find I need a 17 pdr or a bofors to protect against early vehicles or quick tanks. The 17pdr will be up way before I can get a cromwell out, hence I forgo the Capt."

IPFK who always rushes to Stuarts had this to say, "Use this unit to counter Blobs and light vehicles; with sufficient micro you can take on Marders and Stugs, so be tactical in your decision making, don't wage war with a Stuart because it will usually die in 2 to 3 hits, use it at the back or to target/chase vehicles."

And last, but not least, Rizky elborate on his usage of the Stuart, "Actually the Stuart is only for the shock power versus wehr, it gets fausted too often. Sometimes I use it to scout wehr base to see what he is making and try to delay it by killing the pios building it. Against PE it is really great though. If the enemy has gone for Infantry HT rush and you survive against it, then the Stuart can easily chase down the Infantry HTs (if they don't have shreks in them) and it is even better if he has made a Mortar HT also. If he goes straight for ACs and Marders they don't have enough counter to Stuart without shrecks, you still should be careful for teller mines. The best thing is that if you catch the PE player repairing some of his vehicles with his PG blob, as they usually do, your canister will kill pretty much all of them due to repair-penalties."

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg What about Sapper Upgrades, should I upgrade to PIATs or Expert Engineers (EE)?

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004584.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004545.gif

Notice how the question above doesn't even consider Demolitions as a viable option. This is mostly do to the current metagame and the clear advantage of choosing PIATs or Expert Engineers (EE) over Demolitions. This doesn't imply that Demo Sappers are any good, it just means that it is hard to justify upgrading to Demos rather then EE or PIATs.

In the 135 games I analyzed, 112 games included a Sapper upgrade. Out of those 112 game 79% of the time the first upgrade to a Sapper squad was Expert Engineers and 21% of the time it was PIAT upgrades (0% for Demos). It appears that PIAT upgrades are more reactionary to some form of quick vehicle rush whereas selecting EE is to focus on Bren/Stuart. In the current retail version (v2.301) the Over-repair ability is without a doubt very strong, so much so that it will be getting nerfed in the next retail patch, on the flip side, PIATs are not all that effective in retail and are getting a slight buff in the next patch.

According to IPFK, "My Sapper’s role is to repair, and make sure I have the early advantage in a tank battle with Over-repair. Upgrades are totally situational; if I have no AT I’ll have to go PIAT’s with Button to scare off Amour until I have emplacements or tanks of my own. Expert Engineers are so handy due to the Over-repair ability and rendering tread breaker useless, and increasing the defense of your Sim City, if you have one."

Rizky tends to wait before deciding, "Sometimes I may want to save the munitions for canister shots for cases like mass PG blob repairing and so like. I may need the PIATs against Hetzers and Wehr T3 so I usually upgrade them when I’m sure what I’m going to need."

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif I say, if you have a Bren and a Stuart out by the time your Sappers hit the field, then I say go EE and don't be afraid to build another Sapper squad later on if you can afford the manpower. The worst thing I see in replays is an early idle Sapper squad. If you produce a Sapper squad put them to work immediately!

Side note on Sappers: if part of your strategy is to build partially built trenches (see Emplacement section of this guide), then be careful that your Sappers don't get to close to the uncompleted trenches because they will automatically complete them even without your instruction which means you may blink and see Klaus in your trench preparing to put some shrimp on the BBQ.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg What about the Captain and his role in 1v1? http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233004527.gif

Although it seems that most see the Captain as just a prerequisite to get to T3 (Armored Command Truck), it is worth talking about his role in 1v1 play (which is different then in team games). The Captain's primary role is to provide surrounding units and emplacements defensive/health bonuses at each level of veterancy; but note that these bonuses only apply to units that are in the same sector as the Captain (you will see the sector colored light green in the minimap). The Captain is not a fighting unit (although a bug in Relics code turns him into Superman every now and then). In all of my games played and observed I think the Captain is the most misused unit, that is for the most part he gets forgotten to an extent.

Most players use the Captain early to capture sectors, mostly sectors that are away from the battlefield; this is a good use of the Captain early. What I don't see much of is using the Captain in battles along side infantry to gain veterancy; I can't recall many games in which I saw a vetted Captain. So why is this? I am not totally sure, but from my experience I tend to leave my Captain near my FST location so I have a different retreat path for my troops. Which leads me to my next point, the Retreat to Captain ability. Although I see it being used, I honestly don't see it used all that much; I think it is a power ability but I gather people (including myself) just may tend to get lazy when using/micro'ing the Captain.

The other option is that is you have some emplacements, then you build a trench in the same sector as those emplacements and stick the Captain in the trench. Finally, the Captain is mush more a key unit when you build a 25 Pounder and/or choose the Royal Canadian Artillery regiment (RCA). Why? Because you can then use his Victor Target ability which allows for you to call in artillery to a designated area (note area must be viewable and the Captain will need to be somewhat close to that area) and Creeping Barrage (with RCA).

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif Use the Captain early to capture sectors behind the battle (away from the action), then get him involved in battles along with your LT (but remember, the Captain only gives bonuses when in the same sector as the other units) or set him aside to provide an alternate retreat path. Lastly, control group your Captain (as well as your LT).

For more information on the Captain see British Tip of the Week #9 (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=totw_brit9), as well as this discussion thread (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=365397) and finally the veterancy tables (http://www.coh-stats.com/basics/captainvet.html).

Section 2.3: Tier 3: Armored Command Truck (ACT) http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003345.gif

The British T3 is a very powerful end game finisher. The British tanks are very well rounded, speed + power combined with Expert Engineer Sappers over-repair ability, spells doom for most Axis players.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003085.jpg So what should I get first a Cromwell or Firefly?


The Cromwell (also known as the Tank Cruiser Mk VIII Cromwell) is very versatile tank in that it can handle engagements against both infantry and tanks, but it should not be considered the tank of choice when you see heavy axis armor such as PIV's, Panthers, the KT and Jagdpanther. The Cromwell cannot even not take on a Stug head on (without flanking that is) as well either.

Powered by a 6 pound gun, the Cromwell is a sufficient anti-personal and anti-tank vehicle. The Cromwell is not only effective against Infantry, and Vehicles, but also very effective against base structures and buildings.

The key to using the Cromwell is its speed and ability to flank other vehicles and kite infantry. This speed (and Flank Ability - for 35 munitions) also helps in making the Cromwell harder to hit (by schrecks, etc.). Combine over-repair with a Cromwell and you have one of the most powerful units in the game. Note: in the next retail patch, Cromwell Flank Speed ability will now require the engine not be damaged or destroyed.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233003129.gif Assuming you haven't spent too much fuel on emplacements or other vehicles (e.g., 17 Pounder, 25 Pounder, multiple Stuarts, etc.) get a Cromwell first.

From here on out it really depends on what you see on the battle field, where you are in the game (time) and what your opponent it doing. Getting two Cromwell's is fine, but I wouldn't recommend more then two. If you noticed Doctrine selections such as Terror or Tank Destroyers, then you should be preparing for Heavy Axis Armor such as the KT, Hetzers and Jagdpanther. Therefore, you will need to get a Firefly.


The Cromwell Command Tank (CCT) is the prerequisite to getting a Firefly. That being said, it is also one of those units that generally gets misused based on what I see in games. Perhaps this is because of the micro needed in using this tank. Much like the British officers, the CCT's role is to support the other tanks. When the Cromwell and Firefly are in the presence of a CCT (within its range) they receive increased accuracy and rate of fire. Like the British officers (LT and Captain), your tanks veterancy is tied to the CCT, therefore it is beneficial to make sure you get your CCT involved in battles by keeping it in range of your other tanks but in the backdrop out of harms way. Finally, you always want to make sure you upgrade ALL your tanks with the Observer Tank Commander which improves the range of sight and the range of the guns.


The cream of the crop is the mighty Sherman Firefly. This tank is your typical "glass cannon". It carry's a 17pounder (76mm) gun on it, has insane range and deals out enormous damage. The Firefly is also armed with two 50 caliber machine gun to fight off Infantry although this tank should not be used to fend off infantry, this tank is a tank killer so use it as such. The downside to the Firefly is it paper thin armor. Therefore, you never want to rush your Firefly directly into the battle, keep it on the outskirts and always supported by a CCT. Like all British armor, over-repair it as well.

British T3 is a great end game tier, learn to use their tanks effectively in combination with the other abilities of the British units. A combination of "button vehicle" (from Tommy Bren guns) and over-repair (from Expert Engineers), you have some of the most powerful units in the game.


Emplacements are a heated topic amongst CoH players (especially Axis players), so much so that if you even build one emplacement be prepared to get flamed and hear (see) the words Sim City spam across your messages in game – the verbal abuse will be brutal. The reality is that top Brit players don't focus on emplacements as a primary part of their strategy; instead, most emplacements are built out of necessity. Remember emplacements are central function of the British design from Relic. However, for the Brit player who wants to focus on them in 1v1s, your demise will eventually happen and you will not be able to consistently win at higher levels.

The tables below break down emplacement usage by player. The first table reflects the percentage of games in which that player built that type of emplacement. Areas highlighted in yellow reflect the player who is most likely going to build that respective emplacement in a game (relative to the other players). The second table represents the number of games in which this type of emplacement was built (not the number of times it was built). As you can see, IplayForKeeps has the most aggressive playstyle rarely relying on emplacements.

Also note that I am including the Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) in this table although I am not sure if it is considered an emplacement technically. It seems appropriate to discuss it here.


Side note: Two things to know when building emplacements of any kind:
Having more than one squad building does NOT reduce the time it takes to build the emplacement. Also, the building unit (Sappers or Tommies) do not need to be at full health or squad size. For example: if you have a 3 man Sapper squad versus a 4 man Sapper squad they will build at the same rate; therefore you do not need to reinforce a squad before you build. This is unique to the British faction.

Many players struggle with which emplacements should be built in a game and when they should build it. As you can see from the chart above, you can choose to use an array of emplacements or try it with as little as possible.
To quote IplayForKeeps: "emplacements slow you down, encourage you to hold one spot when you could be running rampant, only use them if you're cutting of a chokehold, that is if your using my aggressive strat. As for the 'average joes' out there, use your manpower and fuel wisely, try and get in to the mindset of your opponent- what is he teching to? What do you need to counter it? Versus an infantry heavy strat, if he has had better fuel control go for an AT gun and MG, versus light vehicles and blobs, go for Bofors and a Howitzer, you see where I’m going with this?"

So, you aren't pro and can't play like IPFK, then what? Well, I think the two most used emplacements (not including the CCS here) are the Mortar pit and 17 pound AT gun.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006403.gif Let's start with the Mortar pit. This unit is well worth its cost and getting a mortar pit up early in the game can really save you from any form of MG pin. The challenge here will be actually finding the time to build it as your opponent will be coming fast, trying to stop you from building it. The key is finding a good spot for the mortar pit. You really have two options, 1.) finding a spot that is a bit toward the front lines so it can be used as an offensive weapon, or 2.) building in near your HQ to act as a defensive unit (prevent infantry rushes). The most effective use is always the offensive one, but it is also the hardest to pull of because your opponent (at least a good Axis player) really won't let you build one in an offensive location. Therefore, you really need to decide whether you want to build based on who you are playing or on your own play style.

Sweix on the mortar's role in his play: "Games against Wehrmacht are often long, and the mortar pit is what saves you from being rushed and pinned at your truck early on. Against Panzer Elite it is usually crucial to concentrate as much infantry as possible during the first minutes, not to let your opponent to finish the game with one massive attack. Plus, the mortar is near to useless against halftracks."

As for Sepha, "I mainly make mortar pits to get MG42s out of buildings, or I make them when the game is going pretty slow. Indirect firing units, snipers and at guns are great in slow games. It's also when I usually choose the Royal Artillery doctrine which compliments the mortar emplacement well."

For those you have a hard time dealing with base rushes, then DayGloNinja and Rizky have some advice for you:

DGN: "The mortar pit is instrumental for dealing with early MGs (both garrisoned and while they are attempting HQ pins). The pit's effectiveness is less versus PE because PE is a more vehicle based army and therefore offers less stationary targets. What's my biggest concern in terms of protecting it? Certainly flammers and shrecked storms with Wehr and AT nades and shreck blobs with PE. Those are the most effective means of dispatching it. The Beta makes the pit more susceptible to small arms fire so we'll soon know the extent of that nerf. Can a garrisoned mg destroy it before the mortar can kill the mg? I hope not. The biggest concern is really building it safely. Bikes can destroy a construction site relatively fast. I try and over-repair all of my emplacements in the mid game if I have the time."

Rizky, "Mortar pit gives a safe zone near the HQ so I can proceed to enemy territory with no risk of getting rushed to death when I retreat back to HQ after losing a battle on enemy territory."

file:///C:/Users/Thiago/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.pnghttp://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006419.gif Now let's explore the 17 pound AT gun. The biggest challenge for the Brits is not having any (early) form of viable AT. The 17 Pounder is a beast of a gun with excellent range. The key to this unit really comes down to its location, which is also the biggest challenge, that is deciding on where to put it based on what map you are playing. In addition, should you opt to build a 17 Pounder, you will slow down your teching to T3/Cromwells. This didn't stop DayGloNinja though, as he built the most 17 Pounders out of those I analyzed, "I'd rather delay the fast armor that can win me the game in 5 minutes but will lose to a quicker teching opponent occasionally and instead would rather build the cautionary 17 Pounder and wait a few more minutes to get my win if it means winning more often.."

Therefore, deciding when to build a 17 Pounder really needs to come down to your feel for the game and the knowledge/understand of what strategy your opponent is using. For example, if you are play against Wehrmacht and notice that fuel is being spent on infantry veterancy (or support units), then getting a 17 Pounder up quickly is not really advised.

In my analysis, I did not notice any (overall) tendency to build a 17 Pounder versus one faction or the other, that is, when a 17 Pounder was built is was built almost equally versus a Wehr opponent as it was versus a PE opponent. The only exception was IPFK who only built five 17 Pounders and all were against PE opponents.

Once again, placement of the 17 Pounder is critical, according to Sepha, "Alongside howitzers I build 17 Pounders to protect the bofors/25p from tanks/Marders rushing in. That's usually with Royal arty. With Commandos I usually tech to Cromwells early and make a 17 Pounder if I need it, then Fireflies to support as well. You can also use the radio decryption to find out if you'll need one quickly."

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006445.gif The Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) should always be on your radar in my opinion and the timing in which you build it can really make a difference in terms of winning and losing. As you can see in the stats above, a CCS was built in 71% of the games I reviewed. So when should you build a CCS? Here is what Sepha has to say:
"When I have the spare manpower and some of my units are low on health, it's most important for the healing ability. If you make one too early then you could have problems in combat as you've spent mp on an early economical building rather than units, so you should make it mid-game sometime".

You should always have the goal of wanting to build a CCS sometime in the game, but your challenge will be to determine the right time. In my opinion there are some key times in which building a CCS is warranted right away. First, if your LT has earned veterancy. Once this happens, I see building a CCS as an insurance policy against losing that LT and a good way in which you can heal him and the rest of your infantry. LT veterancy and Heroic Charge is gold I tell ya, sheer gold! The second case is when you are getting rushed (pinned) early, build a CCS behind your HQ. Afterwards, keep hitting the "T" key on your Tommy's every second while focusing firing on your enemy (T-right click, T-right click, etc.). I have done this on numerous occasions and have seen it done on numerous occasions as well; it will get you out of a jam.

The final concern on the CCS should be focused on its location. I often see players put out CCS's (and any other form of medic stations) way too far out in the battlefield. I understand that the medics themselves have a limited range, but in my experience, I would recommend that you put the CCS in the close to your HQ area, especially since your HQ will most likely be close to the battlefield anyway. This will allow you to heal after retreat in addition to the medics having decent range to pick up the dead.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006471.gif What I didn't accumulate any stats for in my analysis was the use of trenches. That being said, you should not under estimate the importance of using trenches in a game! Trenches must be used as stop gap measure with an intended purpose, like to defend a certain position like your HQ or an opponent's cut-off point. I have seen all of the pro's use trenches to their advantage at some point in their games, the key is that you should never put a squad in a trench and plan on keeping them there; the only exception to this may be a Captain located in a sector where you have emplacements. Two reasons for this. First of all, Tommies are powerful units, don't let them and their 450MP rot in a trench. Secondly, you can easily lose them if flames come your way and you're not looking.

Rizky on his use of trenches: "When using trenches it decreases the army’s mobility and so I don’t like them so much, though I do use them sometimes versus PE to force them to use fuel on nades."

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233009234.gif Always partially build (to 95%) trenches near your HQ when you play against PE!

vs Bike Rush
If you ever get bike rushed, have one of your Tommy's spam partially built (like 10%) trenches because the bikes auto focus on them while your other Tommy squad focuses on the bikes.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006492.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006514.gif http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233006558.gif Lastly, the Bofors, 25 Pounder, and Vickers MG Nest.
These emplacements were all used in the games I analyzed: the Bofors appeared in 19% of the games as well as the 25 Pounder. The Vickers only appeared in 6% of the games. In addition I myself use them in certain instances. The Bofors does a great job in fighting off light vehicles and infantry at short range. The 25 Pounder, well, it's a Howie, so its role is mostly anti-infantry (obviously the 25 Pounder plays a bigger role if you choose Royal Artillery Regiment - see next section) And finally, the Vickers just doesn't have a steady place in 1v1 play (it's better in team games). I don't discuss strategies involved in using these units, you will just need to feel out the game you are in and make a determination as to whether these emplacements add value to your situation and complement what you currently have out on the battlefield.


The British Support Regiments consist of Royal Canadian Artillery, Royal Engineers and Royal Commandos. In 1v1 play, the overwhelming favorite Regiment is Royal Commandos. In my breakdown of the 5 players I analyzed, you can see that when a Regiment was selected, Royal Commandos where selected 77% of the time! In second place came Royal Engineers and Royal Artillery was barely used in 1v1 play.


Royal Commandos Support
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233007105.jpg Royal Commandos have so much to offer in comparison to the other Support Regiments. At the heat of this discussion lies the strength of the Commandos themselves and the current "feature/ability" of gliders being able to crush infantry when landing. Note that "glider crushing" of infantry will be going away in the next patch, but in my opinion that will not be enough to convince people to switch away from Royal Commandos. Although there is still great debate about reworking the order Royal Commandos tree, no one doubts the overall balance of this Regiment.

According to Sweix: "Commando Regiment is the most versatile regiment out of all the doctrines in the game, because it has all the 3 necessary abilities: strong infantry, light and mobile tank and artillery. "

In addition to getting the sheer power of the Commando's as an elite infantry fighting machine, they come with Demolition Charges that can be placed anywhere on the map. The demo charges do very good damage and provide line of sight on the battlefield (a very powerful ability for the price). Throw in some concealing smoke, and you are talking about a game changing unit (especially at close range). The Commando regiment also allows you to gather information on your opponent using Radio Triangulation Detectors and Ultra Decryption. Artillery is relatively cheap and very effective within a small radius (one arty drop can take out a Hetzer). The Tetrarch Tank is a small fast tank that can really come in handy when trying to take out Stuka's as well as certain forms of Axis Armor. At this time, the least used ability is the Glider HQ.

The typical use of Command Points (CPs) is as follows:

Left hand side:
3 CP: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-1423-1234016251.png
Right hand side:
1 CP: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-1423-1234016303.png1 CP: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-1423-1234016273.png 2 CP: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-1423-1234016599.png
Left hand Side:
2 CP: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-1423-1234016261.png2 CP: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-1423-1234016286.png

Royal Engineers (RE) Support
The second most used Regiment is Royal Engineers (RE). From my experience and from watching replays most players choose RE more from need, that is in need of quick AT to deal with vehicles (most likely do to not having enough map control to get to T3 - Cromwells). I also see RE being chosen a lot on maps like St. Mere Dumont where getting fuel can be challenging.

Churchill's (also known as the meat shield) are the main reason why this regiment is selected. With no fuel cost but for a hefty 600MP, this tank can be called on instantly and if used properly can be very effective on the battlefield. The Churchill has superior frontal armor but only comes with an adequate 6 pounder gun (better at close range and rear shots); it is also very slow speed wise. Because of the lack of speed, the Churchill should not be used in an attempt to circle strafe other thanks, it is best used in combination with other tanks as the Sherman Firefly, where the Churchill acts as the "meat shield" and spots for the Firefly who's 17 pound guns take out heavy axis Armor from afar. You are best using the Churchill for "hit and run" type of attacks, always pulling them in and out of action. Finally, using the the "Tank Shock" ability combines with the Mine Plow. The Churchill makes for a great anti-infantry unit as well.

Sepha on choosing Royal Engineers:
Games I choose RE are where the other player has usually almost beaten me and I call in a Churchill as a last ditch effort to repel an attack, usually they have vehicles or a Hetzer, so Commandos won't help. If you want to repel an infantry/ht assault then call in commandos instead."

According to IPFK:
"As for RE; I go for them on the occasions against T3 Wehr, or a vehicle strat used by my opponents, Churchill's combined with over-repair are very deadly, rendering tread breaker useless and reeking havoc with little damage intake."

Additionally, Royal Engineers allow you to improve all of your emplacements (for 2 CPs) so that they receive 25% less damage from all enemy units as well a 50% boost to their maximum amount of health. If your strat doesn't aim to build emplacements, then this ability looses its value.

Other notes about Royal Engineers: If you are struggling with map control to begin with, you may run into pop cap issues as Churchill's take up a lot of population (14). Although at the very end of the Left Hand Side of the Tree you can get Improved Command Vehicles which increases the amount of resource produced from sectors that have command vehicles on (it also improves the production speed of all units by 25%.), it's seems to come too late in a 1v1 game and more often then not is selected as the last or second to last ability in this tree.

Also worth mentioning is the lack of abilities (tree choices) in this regiment that utilize munitions; odds are you will be floating alot of munitions if you choose RE. Which leads me to this tip:

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233007183.gifBuild two Sapper squads when going RE, use over-repair and lay mines and wire everywhere.

If you actively choose to go RE as a strategy, then emplacements should be considered as a viable option because for 2CP's you get Improved Emplacements.

Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) Support

Although highly effective in team games, Royal Canadian Artillery is the least used Regiment in 1v1 play. I think the lack of selecting RCA has more to do with the other two regiments giving more in terms of ("oh shit") abilities. I have seen RCA used in 1v1 and it can be very powerful, but it lends itself to playing a defensive type game, that is, in order to benefit the most from it you will need at least a 25 Pounder and an early mortar pit. Overwatch if done correctly (although it can be buggy at times) can really lockdown choke points on certain maps. Officer artillery is also very powerful. Finally, there will be some changes (emplacements take more damage from smaller firearms and longer cool down on arty pieces) made to RCA in the next patch that will make this even less attractive in 1v1 play.

Sepha says:
"I choose artillery mainly when I have the chance to make the bofors/17p/25p combo and usually an early mortar emplacement for the extra range. That way you can have a defensive strong base that can't easily be attacked while you're on the offense and at the same time, have a long range howitzer to help you when you're launching an attack. If the game isn't aggressive, you'll be able to get all the emplacements up and still only have like 2 CP's."

Final thoughts on Support Regiments

If getting wins at any cost is what you are looking for, then Commandos are the obvious choice, the overall regiment is just too good to pass up. If you are looking for a more challenging experience then go Engineers and/or Artillery, either way, the minute you use any ability from any regiment prepared to get flamed in game because anything the Brits do is OP /endsarcasm.


Although there is little variation for British strategies due to their linear tech tree, a Brit player stills need to know the enemy, their units/abilities and various strategies. Regardless of which axis faction you play against you should be prepared to expect early pressure from your opponent. At the lower levels this may not happen, but at the mid to higher levels it will almost certainly happen. This section will provide you with a general "heads-up" as to what you can expect to see from your axis opponent in the current meta game. It will not provide step-by-step counters to specific strats, for that I strongly encourage you visit the British Strategy forums (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showforum=2015) regularly in order to stay on top on appropriate counters. In addition, you should also spend time on the Axis strategy forums so you can see what the other side is currently devising (against you).

For starters, lets examine the Doctrine/Tactics being chosen by your opponent and discuss what you can expect from them. In the 135 games I analyzed, Tank Destroyers (69%) are the clear favorite for Panzer Elite players, followed by Luftwaffe (17%) and Scorched Earth (15%). For Wehrmacht it is divided between Terror (34%) and Blitz (45%), Defensive was selected 17% of the time.


Panzer Elite


Let’s start looking at Panzer Elite tactics. When playing against Panzer Elite, you can tell what tactic your opponent selected by zooming in on the kettenrad:
........No selection......-......Tank Destroyers....-....Scorched Earth......-......Luftwaffe

You will notice in the above pictures that once your opponent selects a tactic, the kettenrad will change as shown in the picture above. Assuming you didn't get kill the ketten by that time, knowing what tactic your opponent selected will give you good information and you can plan accordingly.

As the table above shows, we clearly see that Tank Destroyers is the most used tactic. What you can expect to see from this is early use of Teller mines and a rush to Hetzers. If the game last long enough, you will have the distinct privilege to meet the almighty Jagdpanther; the best tank in the game with no upfront cost!

The quick teller mines means that if you get a Stuart, you should over-repair it before sending it out to fight and try and keep off the main roads. You will most likely need to build a 17 Pounder rather quickly or get out a Cromwell and combine it with Bren machine gun button ability to take on the Hetzers. The Hetzers are powerful tanks, but their weakness is the speed (or lack thereof). Your Crommwell will not ba able to take them head on, you will need to circle strafe it in order to win that fight. Also, Churchills cannot compete with Hetzers in a straight up attack either. If you choose to go Commando's, then one strike of off-map artillery can destroy a Hetzer! At some point you will need Fireflys in this matchup.

As for Luftwaffe and Scorched Earth I would say that Scorched Earth might give Brit players a bit more trouble, simply because the booby traps can really slow down the Brits, especially if you get caught losing a LT or Captain, over even a Tommy squad to a PG booby trap. Then top that off with a call in Hummel and Sector Artillery and the Brit player could have some real trouble.

Luftwaffe plays much like defensive for Wehrmacht. Fallschirmjagers with upgrades will eat up anything the Brits have at close range; even commandos. Flak 88mm AT/AA and Flakvierling 38 AA provide and infantry and good AT in this tactic selection.

Common Panzer Elite Strats You May Encounter

Halftrack Rush:

Expect early pressure, the PE player has to strike quick and this strategy most likely will include a rush to infantry halftracks backed up with a Mortar Halftracks and then equipping PG squads with panzer schrecks (and later combined with a Hetzer call-in). The good PE player knows they have hit hard and fast before your Stuart hits the field and render their Halftracks useless. This strategy is known as the Infantry Halftrack rush to British players. The key to competing against this strategy is to make sure you get munitions for Bren upgrades, as well as building trenches near your base area, followed by a rush to a Stuart. The challenge is that if the PE player keeps you contained (meaning they have a large portion of the map), then he will upgrade to Schrecks so when your Stuart does come out, he will have Schrecks and a Teller mines waiting for you. Therefore you should always look to harass and take fuel (away) from the PE player early in the game. For specific counters to this strategy, especially if you are getting pinned near your HQ, try this (my opinion combined with information from DGN and Hyggan):

Always build a trench to 95% completion near your base (and complete when rushed/pinned)
When pinned, keep all of your forces localized and together (preferably in the radius of an LT); fight in cover
Get a Bren Carrier and upgrade it ASAP.
Keep Tommies in front of BC (so that you can reverse it out if it needs to get out) all focus firing on the weakest halftrack
If you have munitions for a Bren machine gun squad do it early
If you have munitions for AP rounds from the BC do it
Focus fire on the Halftracks not the PGs (because the PGs can reinforce), however,..
If you see the PG's repairing the Halftrack, then focus fire on them (they suffer more damage when repairing)
You need to get that Stuart out ASAP
Hopefully you beat back the initial wave (and destroyed a couple of the HT's) regroup build another trench. Send recon squad to try and cutoff his fuel and harass elsewhere. Repair your Bren. Tech up and if he comes back with the same thing you will be at the advantage.

The overall challenge playing against this strategy is that if you just sit in your base area at the expense of not being able to get resources and tech up, you will soon see a Mortar HT and schrecks coming your way soon and it will be that much harder to pull out a win. One last option against this, especially if you are pinned is to build a CCS behind your HQ area and just keep spitting out Tommys until you can get a Stuart out (or in dire straits, calling in a Churchill). Regardless of what you do, it will come down to execution (micro) on your part to pull it off.

Marder Rush:

DGN on Marder Rush, "Marder spam is annoying and almost impossible to overcome on maps like Beaux where flanking is difficult. With mp 44 and shreck support it even tougher. What did I learn from losses to this? Deselect Beaux! The fast PIV is still a fear of course."

This PE strategy essentially is to get out a Marder (actually 2+ Marders) as quick as possible, rush them toward your base, lock down and focus to wipe out your trucks. A sign that this strategy is coming is if you see no fuel being spent by the PE player, no halftracks, etc. Also, if you spot scout cars, this may be a sign to a rush to Marders or PIV's.

Your challenge against the Marder (spam) rush it getting some form of AT quickly. Stuarts can take on Marders but requires good micro skill in circle strafing and if you lose the Stuart too fast, you just threw away 45 fuel. So, if the PE player starts to spam Marders (backing each other up) it will be almost impossible to kill them with Stuarts alone. Therefore, if you can spot this coming, you will need to get out PIAT Sappers as soon as possible and use them in conjunction with "button ability" from your upgraded Bren Tommy's (make sure PIATs are in range of LT as well) and perhaps be forced into calling in a Churchill to help.

Finally build a 17 Pounder built further away (near your HQ) facing the direction from the where the rush is coming. This is a good "stop gap" solution to slowing the advance; but ultimately the Marder 17 pounder match-up is equal.

There are various other Panzer Elite related strategies, but the two above are the most common. Once again, visit the strategy forums to stay abreast of these and other strategies.



Okay, so you are in a 1v1 ranked match and the screen loads, you see that you're playing against Wehrmacht, so right from the start you are already messing with your opponents head. In case you didn't notice already, (most) Wehrmacht players cringe at the sight of seeing that they are playing the Brits (for whatever reason). So, use this to your advantage, as soon as the game loads, don't start off with a “gl hf”, instead get in their head and say “I hope you like trenches”. Then try a few more lines like, “I had my way with your mama in a Bren Carrier last night”, or ask them if they like getting "back-doored" by Commando's?

Seriously though, Wehrmacht players really despise playing against British players. And although I acknowledge that the British faction has some strong units/abilities with no direct “hard” counters, the matchup against a Wehrmacht player can also end in your (British players) demise rather quickly. Given this disdain for British players, the Wehrmacht faithful continue to build strategies that center around your destruction and given the diversity of the Wehrmacht faction, it is your duty to stay on top of what your enemies are plotting against you.

The truth of this match-up really does provide early advantages to the Brits (without going into the details as to why). The Wehrmacht player's challenge is to contain you while not losing units while trying. Your early (strong) units such as Tommy's, the Bren Carrier and an early Mortar Pit when used properly is very hard to a Wehrmacht player to handle.

The biggest kryptonite the Brits have are “flames” in any form (Pio/ Flammenwerfer, Nebels, Stukas, etc.). The minute the Wehrmacht player has access to flames it renders any trench useless and those flames can also burn out a mortar pit rather quickly as well (note: if they burn you out, they can man your mortar pit). But before we take a look at some common Wehrmacht strategies, let's talk about Doctrine selection.

As indicated in the table/graph above, Wehrmacht players mostly choose between Terror and Blitz (although I think Blitz is more the favorite right now, this is tied to a popular strategy that we will discuss in a bit).

The Blitzkrieg doctrine is a popular selection for Wehrmacht players mostly for Stromtroopers. Stormtroopers are similar to Grenadiers but have more health. The primary purpose is to assault and this is accomplished by using their cloaking ability. Most Wehrmacht players equip their Stormtroopers with Panzerschrecks and look to sneak up next to your Trucks and/or emplacements and then open fire wiping your stuff out with just a few volleys. The minute you see Blitzkrieg being chosen, you really need to put your Sappers to work - this means mines, wire, etc. Another great counter to Storms is selecting the Commando Regiment and placing Radio Triangulation down to keep tabs on their whereabouts. The other units that require some attention as well is the StuH and the Tiger. The StuH will hurt your infantry as well as building, you can take it out with a Cromwell and obviously 17 Pounder. The Tiger however will require much more firepower like Fireflys. Your challenge here will be getting ready for the Tiger while not losing your heavy AT to Storms. So, the smart Wehrmacht player will cloak his Storms and seek out your AT before he brings in the Tiger to the front line. Once again, you need some mines, wire and triangulation.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-86335-1233007183.gif When using Radio Triangulation, please, what ever you do, don't place the radio units near strat/resources points. Make sure you put them in a location where the Wehrmacht player will never travel past unless they are purposely looking for it. Also, you can start out with a small triangle at first and then just deleted one of the beacons and rebuild a new one to make the area of cover bigger.

In the Terror doctrine the Wehrmacht player is hoping to hold out long enough to get the mighty King Tiger. This means that the Wehrmacht player will most likely go all the way down the LHS of the tree first. I don't they would use Prop War that much either in a 1v1 early because they would rather use those munitions on upgrades such as flames, stukas, and schrecks. The RHS of the tree is also munitions heavy and every ability can be useful for the Wehrmacht player, but there is nothing you need to prepare for on this side, except if you group emplacements, tanks and/or trucks near each other - this is eye candy for the V1 - so just don't do it. As mentioned earlier in this guide, the minute you notice Terror, you will need to realize that you will need at least one 17 pounder and at least one Firefly on the field.

Although the Defensive doctrine was not used as much as Terror and Blitz in the games I analyzed, it can still be pretty effective against the Brits. Early bunkers can cause some trouble for you thanks to defensive bonuses. Then once Flaks 88s get built, you will be challenged with moving your tanks around as well as having any truck or emplacement in the line of sight of the Flak. That is, the Flak will take care of those building/emplacement rather quickly. Other abilities in the tree are also effective so prepare as you normally would against a defensive player.

There is so much information that can be shared in terms of how to play against Wehrmacht, mostly because 1) the faction is very diversified and 2) so many players out there come up with new and improved ways to use Wehrmacht specifically with beating the British in mind. Given this, it would be hard for me to cover each one of those strategies in full detail in this guide. However, the current strats being deployed are:

MG Pin Strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=382831&st=0) - Here the Wehrmacht player goes for early Mg 42's focused on your HQ area, coupled with a bike(s) to stop you from building any emplacements. The goal is to keep you pinned until his techs up.

Bike Opening Strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=377852) - Lots of Bikes early with Pio's repairing, then usually a rush to T3 Puma's backed with Storms from Blitz.

Support Veterancy Strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=stratguide-supportvet) - A more recently popular strategy takes a combination of Bikes and Piospam. The goal here is to vet up the the Pio's, get flamers and along with Bikes, rush your trucks. The reason this effective is becuase your units will autofocus on the bikes so you will have to keep focus-firing on the Pio's which requires good micro. Once again, Stormtroopers play a key role in this strategy as primary assault AT. Then you will most like see either T3/T4 to follow.

Final Thoughts on Playing Against Wehrmacht

Regardless of what strategy you face one thing is for certain, you cannot let the Wehrmacht player get comfortable and keep his units alive, you must be aggressive early game and look to kills his units early and inflict as much damage as you can all while not getting pinned This usually means getting a Bren Carrier out (with upgrade) and harassing his pio's and (ungarrisoned) MG's with it. The Wehrmacht has the same challenge as you, that is, he will be looking to hurt you early as well, hence why this matchup seems to be make or break in the early parts of the game.

Some rules of thumb for playing against Wehrmacht:

Early mortar pits can be very useful
Always get a Bren Carrier and upgrade it, be aggressive and look to KILL units. Stay clear of garrisoned MGs.
Get Riflegrenades - these will be helpful for clearing out buildings, laying smoke and shooting over hedges; Riflegrenades can even take out MG's while in the line of fire; but you must have the LT in range.
Unless you are really in control and can get a Stuart out very early, don't build one because they go down way to fast to Paks, Schreck and even Fausts
Don't be weary of building an early CCS, it can really help if you are pinned and losing Tommy's fast.
Don't invest in an early 17 Pounder if you see fuel being spend on veterancy
Look for doctrine choice early and prepare for what is to come (see above)
Don't select your Regiment too early! If you see fast Puma's and/or Stugs and don't have any AT, you may need to call in a Churchill.

Part 6: Final Thoughts & Next Steps


If you made it this far, you deserve a medal just for following along. Hopefully you found this guide informative; it is meant to provide you with insight into the thought process behind playing the British in 1v1s, from some of the top players in the game. This guide is not mean to be the end all to playing the Brits. Several other well known players such as Finch, Bentguru, and smpl (to name a few) all play the Brits with a unique style that deviates from my recommendations in this guide. It’s fine if you want to experiment on your own, but if you want a solid and tested way of playing the Brits, then this guide provides that information.

Your next steps should be to watch some replays by those players I highlighted in my player series. When you watch these replays watch them with the Fog of War ON, that is, you don't want to be able to see what the opponent is doing. Instead, you want to watch the replay as if you where playing the game, this is your chance to practice in spotting and remembering what your opponent is doing; a crucial skill that all top players have.

So now what? You read this guide and watched some replays. All of this newly found Brit knowledge of yours will only take you so far, you will have to play a bunch of games now; this is the only real way to learn.

Set up basic matches (against other players of similar skill - not the CPU) on Relic Online for a specific map. Play a bunch of games on the same map, over and over, alternating from different starting positions, until you get the feel for that map. Once you are familiar with the 1v1 maps then you should start automatching!

After every game, you should review the replay and make notes as to what you think you did well and not so well. Did you tech at appropriate speeds? Where you aggressive enough? Did you fight the right fights? Did you anticipate what your opponent was doing correctly? Consider participating in GRs mentor program as well, this is a good place to share your games and get feedback; it will help you round out your game.

Thanks for taking like 3 hours of your day to read this guide and best of luck to you as you rise up the British ranks.



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