Ver Versão Completa : ZeroCrack’s Infantry & Strategy Guide (Doutrina de Infantaria)

09/04/2010, 10:17
Estratégia para a doutrina de infantaria. Inclui guia de unidades e muitas dicas importantes.

ZeroCrack’s Infantry Build Order and Strategy Guide

Zero’s Foreword

This guide is all about using the Rifle squad to its maximum effect as well as the jeep to support the Rifles; this is my first guide so any feedback would be appreciated.

First off, let me talk a bit about The U.S.

The US faction is different to the other factions like The Wehrmacht and The British. When you play as The U.S., a very aggressive approach is required, constant pressure and never leaving enough room for your opponent to breathe is essential. Riflemen are the key to play U.S. at it finest, well, at least in this strategy they are. Remember, Rifles have fast capping speed and have large numbers, so use that to your advantage. Read the section on Rifle usage to gain a more specific understanding of how to use Riflemen.



Riflemen are a six man squad recruited from a Barracks for 270 MP. They are highly mobile with a very high capping speed. The various upgrades available for purchase make the Riflemen highly versatile units, which maintain use even into the late game when heavy armour dominates the field.

Uses for Riflemen:

Rifles have the fastest capping speed in the game. When you're in a game, you need to remember this; use your Rifles spread out and harass the enemy's points. Harassment is particularly important against The Panzer Elite.

A Rifleman squad costs 270 MP and are cheap to reinforce at only 27 Manpower per member. In the early stages of the game against a Wehrmacht player, you will usually be facing 1 or maybe 2 MG-42s to support his Volksgrenadiers. You will always have the advantage of numbers over a Wehrmacht player if you spam Rifles. Make use of this advantage by having your Rifles attack from multiple directions, allowing you to flank a Wehrmacht player’s defensive position. Details on how to go about this are given below.

Ability to use grenade:
Many high rank players feel grenades are not very useful, as most competent players can dodge a grenade with ease, however, with some practice and a little technique, grenades can be devastating. Details on how to use grenades effectively are also provided below.

The Jeep


The Jeep, built from the Barracks for 220 MP is a high speed, high sight range recon unit. It has a top mounted Machine Gun which, despite it’s general inefficiency can be used to devastating effect in the right circumstances. If you do decide to build a Jeep, I would always recommend building 2 Engineers as they will be very useful to help repair your Jeep and keep it in the game.

The Jeep Push:

To Stop a Point Capture:
Jeeps are able to push enemy soldiers away from a point that they are in the process of capping, forcing them to move away from the point and the cap being halted. This is particularly effective against enemy Pioneers as the Jeep is more than powerful enough to kill the Pioneers whilst stopping them from capping as well. The below video shows the required micro to perform this:

To Move Out of Cover:
Jeeps are also able to push the enemy soldiers out of heavy or light cover towards the Riflemen, making them more vulnerable. Particularly against Volksgrenadiers in the early game, the Jeep can be used, not only to move them out of their protective cover, but also to keep them mobile; greatly reducing their accuracy and subsequently the amount of damage they deal. It is significantly less risky to charge a Rifle Squad into their optimum range at an uncovered, mobile Volks Squad, than charging at a squad in heavy cover. Again the below video shows the micro required to perform this.

Reconnaissance Uses:

Line of Sight:
The Jeep is also very useful as a spotter unit, providing line of sight for those units with a greater firing range than sight range. It’s very large sight range can also be very helpful in spotting large flanks and attacks before they can fully develop.

Sniper Hunter:
The Jeep also has a very large camouflage detection radius and deals damage very quickly to even a retreating sniper. Use the Jeep to uncloak the Sniper, allowing either a counter-snipe, or, if you have no Sniper of your own, chasing the sniper even to its base to finish it off. A 220 MP Jeep will always be a reasonable trade for a 340 MP Sniper.



Grenades, an upgrade purchased from the Barracks for 100 MP and 40 Fuel, give Riflemen, Rangers and Airborne Squads access to the Mk. II A1 “Pineapple” Grenade, which can be thrown for 25 munitions causing large damage over a small area.

Use of Grenades:

General Use:
Grenades are incredibly useful, especially in the early game when a significant Manpower advantage can be gained by the elimination of several squad members at once. This, along with clearing buildings, is the primary function of the grenade.
Using grenades to drain enemy Manpower can give you a significant edge during a battle, as for only 25 munitions several squad members can be killed for the loss of very few of your men in return.
However, grenades are easy to spot and straightforward to dodge, so below you will find my guide to my grenade technique. I don’t mean to brag but you will see in many of my replays that my Grenades always own shit up. It’s not luck, but skill.

ZeroCrack’s Grenade Technique:

To throw a grenade is a simple matter of pressing the “n” key on the keyboard, or clicking the icon in the Riflemen’s control panel. Well, my technique goes beyond that. Below are some basic tips on how to carry it out.

The basic concept established in vCoH, is that Riflemen will defeat Volksgrenadiers at close range, this idea is central in the effectiveness of this technique.
The order is issued to the Rifles to charge into the same cover that the Volks are occupying, once the Rifles are close the AI will kick in and automatically move into the cover, it is at this point that the order to throw the grenade is issued. The Grenade thrower will stop to throw the grenade whilst the remainder of the squad will continue into the cover masking the throwing animation. This can act as a great diversion giving the impression that the Rifle squad is charge the cover as usual. If the opponent doesn’t pay close attention the whole squad can be eliminated in the blink of an eye. This works particularly well in a micro intensive situation, where and opponent doesn’t have the time to babysit every unit on the field.
Below is a Frapsed demonstration of the micro required to perform this:

This can take a lot of practice to perfect, but trust me, it’s worth it. When used in conjunction with a big flank, with 3 or 4 squads all throwing grenades, it can be devastating, resulting in a complete retreat or the loss of entire squads for the enemy.

House Clearing:

Grenades can be very useful when facing an enemy holed up in a building; the close confines of the building amplify the damage and can lead to whole squads being eliminated.
There have been several questions regarding the method of throwing grenades into building so I will go into more detail on that here.
When the grenade icon is clicked or the hotkey pressed, the normal movement reticule changes to the grenade reticule. When targeting a house the location that the reticule is left clicked on is irrelevant, the whole house is a “target”. The grenade will land according to the location, and subsequently the direction, of the Rifleman Squad throwing it.
The majority of buildings featured in CoH are rectangular, with two long sides and two short sides. If the Rifle Squad is standing facing the long side, the grenade will enter the building via one of the windows on that side of the house. Similarly, if the Rifle squad is throwing the grenade from opposite the short side, it will enter one of the windows on the short side.
But what does this mean for the player? Well, the short side of the house normally has fewer windows than the long side of the house. If, when performing a flank, the MG is firing from the short side, the MG team will be firing from fewer windows closer together, and accordingly, a grenade thrown into that side will affect a group of units closer together and will do more damage, killing at least two men, and often a whole squad. Conversely if the MG team is firing out of the long side of the house, there could be up to 6 windows that they could be firing out of, and equally, 6 windows into which a grenade could be thrown. This means that the grenade will affect a more spread out group of units and will inflict less damage as a result.
This concept holds equally true for Wehrmacht Grenadiers.


This image gives a visual indication of what was written above, as you can see a grenade thrown into the building closest to the camera, from that side, will kill the two men in the windows with the Xs, However, in the building to the north, a grenade thrown into the long side will only kill one man as the windows are more spread out and the explosion will not carry.

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Another useful - but risky - trick is to throw a grenade at the entrance to the building being assaulted, in the assumption that your opponent will see the grenade being thrown and pre-empt it by evacuating his troops from the building. The grenade will land at the exiting squads feet, just as they are all clumped together to leave and will cause massive damage, potentially taking out the whole squad. This is especially risky because you must be certain your opponent will not only spot the grenade throw, but also move the squad out of the building to avoid it, otherwise it’s a waste of 25 munitions. It’s risky, but when it works it really pays off.
The X in the image below indicates where the grenade should be thrown.




The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is a global upgrade bought from the barracks for 200 MP and 60 Fuel, which equips your Riflemen Squads with 2 BARs, allow the use of the Suppression Fire ability, and also significantly increasing the units damage output.

General Use:
The BAR upgrade is very useful in many circumstances, and should be purchased in any game that goes into the middle-late game.
When purchased early, it can complete swing the momentum of the game in your favour. Volks and Grenadiers without veterancy really suffer when facing BARs. When playing against Wehrmacht I would normally recommend upgrading to BARs straight after Grenades, but against the Panzer Elite, I would recommend waiting until you have fielded a couple of M8’s and some AT guns, as you will need the AT power against the P.E. light vehicles. BARs are very accurate when fired from a stationary position.

Suppression Fire:
For 40 Munitions, the Rifle squad will use the BARs to attempt to suppress enemy infantry units. Against large groups of Wehrmacht units this can be very useful, if not rather expensive. However, against the Panzer Elite abilities like Group Zeal make it less useful. When used in combination with grenades however it can be very powerful.

Sticky Bombs


For 35 Munitions a Rifleman Squad will throw a sticky bomb at an enemy vehicle, causing significant damage with a high probability of engine damage.

General Use:
Stickies, unlike their Wehrmacht counterpart – The Panzerfaust – are worth throwing even if there is no chance of eliminating the vehicle, as there is such a high chance of damaging the engine and forcing it to stay in the firing range of your other AT units for longer.
When attempting to sticky a vehicle flanking can be just as useful as when assaulting an MG-42. A competent player will always attempt to kite you Rifles – staying out of Sticky range whilst still being able to deal damage – making it very difficult to attach the Sticky. Attacking the vehicle from multiple directions can enable one unit to take the fire, whilst another closes range and attempts to throw the Sticky.


Flanking is the art of approaching a fortified position, heavy weapons team, emplacement, or even just a squad in cover, from multiple directions to negate any advantage they gain in a particular direction, e.g. Emplacements/MGs arc of fire, directional cover.

Against any Wehrmacht player flanking is truly essential as MG-42s will be able to lock down large portions of the map unless you can cheaply and effectively take them down, and you won’t manage that from the front.
Flanking is what Riflemen were made for, but to flank effectively you must split your Rifles up, never bunch them up and even avoid pairs. If you are using your Riflemen correctly in the early game you should have 1 or 2 more Rifle squads than all of the Wehrmacht squads combined.

Take the situation below:
You face an enemy with 3 Volksgrenadiers and 2 MG-42s. You have 5 Rifles and a Jeep

Let's say the green dots are where the MGs are set up, the shields are Volksgrenadiers, The US flags are Riflemen and the Buggy is a Jeep.


In my opinion, this is how you should go about flanking that position with the troops mentioned. It is necessary to push all your forces in at the same time to catch the enemy off guard. Because you are attacking from so many different directions your opponent will have to manoeuvre his units a lot to ensure that none of his units are left vulnerable.
Move the Rifles in first, drawing the fire of the MG and taking the inevitable suppression. Once the MG is focused on one squad, move your remaining unsuppressed squads in from the sides to eliminate the MG. Your opponent may chose to change the facing of the MG once he has pinned a squad, this is the time to move the jeep in and prevent him, by means of jeep pushing as mentioned above, from setting up again. This should allow your Riflemen to close the distance and use a grenade to finish them off.

Grenades when Flanking:

When performing a flank, grenades can be the deciding factor in whether or not it is successful. A properly thrown grenade can eliminate a whole squad, de-crew heavy weapons or force a squad to retreat, at the very least moving them out of cover. When flanking prioritise your target, a grenade has the ability to kill all three members in an MG-42 team, however this is not always the case so you must always be able to back up the grenade with rifle fire to finish the squad off. Subsequently your opponent may neglect to micro his Volks, assuming his MGs are at greater risk. A grenade in the middle of a bunched up squad of Volksgrenadiers will eliminate the whole squad causing a larger Manpower loss than if it had taken out an MG and also freeing up some room for more flanking units to come in.

Important things to remember when performing a flank:

- Keep an eye on each of your squads, if one starts to get low on health, ensure you retreat it before it is killed. Don’t risk the loss of whole squads to win the engagement, there will be situations where this is okay, but they are few and far between.

- Pay attention to your Jeeps health also. If it starts to get low, pull it out and repair it with your Engineers, a damaged engine call spell certain doom for your little Jeep.

- If you try and fail to successfully make a flank, leaving you pinned down all across the field, try to cause as much damage as you can before retreating. With that being said, make sure to stay focused on your low health squads so that you don’t loose them. Retreat them as required.

- As mentioned above, always separate your squads. An MG should never be able to suppress more than one squad at a time. This will allow your other squads to close the gap and get that crucial grenade in.

Opponent Specific Information:

Against the Wehrmacht:
Against the Wehrmacht, Grenades, BARs and a Triage Center are very effective, teching-up to a tank depot for a Crocodile or a Sherman in the late game. Correct and effective use of your Riflemen should cause your opponent to really struggle for map control, and the use of grenades will be a constant drain of Manpower.
Although Rifles are good, avoid fighting near Medic Bunkers. Fighting around a Medic Bunker will provide him a significant amount of reformed Grenadier Squads, nullifying any Manpower advantage the use of grenades had given you. Against Defensive Doctrine specifically, the Wehrmacht ability to reinforce from a Bunker means that any fight in that area is going to be incredibly difficult to win, unless you have far superior number. Detailed descriptions on how to counter Medic Bunkers are provided below.

Against the Panzer Elite:
Against the Panzer Elite, I don't recommend fast grenades or BARs, I would always rather reserve early fuel for a fast M8 Greyhound. The technique for stalling is quite straight forward. The Panzer Elite’s reliance on grouping their units means that there will always be areas of the map that they are unable to control early game. Use this to your advantage by avoiding the Panzer Grenadiers and capping around them, simultaneously denying them map control, and maintaining Manpower levels.
The Rifles high capping speed will allow fast and effective harassing of the enemy points, in particular vital cut-off points. Whilst avoiding the enemy units in the early game, aim to cut these points off for as much time as possible.
If you are unable to avoid a fight, always try to have at least as many squads as your enemy. If you have a Jeep available, use it to push the enemy out of cover as detailed below. If you become outnumbered, retreat A.S.A.P.
The Panzer Elite have some units that have very high DPS (Damage per second) so proper use of cover is essential to reduce this.
Once you have fielded a couple of M8s and Anti-Tank guns, you can upgrade to BARs and build a Triage Center, it is in this period that your Riflemen will really come into their own, as BARs deal very good damage to Panzer Grenadiers. When you have your M8 and BARs it is time to take the fight to the enemy and push hard.

ZeroCrack’s Infantry Build Order and Strategy Guide


A lot of people have asked about my strategy as U.S. lately, so I decided to write this guide to try and show you how it works. Now I have called it “ZeroCrack’s Strategy”, simply because it is the one that I use, but a lot of the advice came from Kodachrome, and I have updated it to work with the current patch. So thanks again to Kodachrome for teaching me this.

The Basics of the Strategy
I normally use two strategies as The Americans, one against The Wehrmacht, and another against The Panzer Elite.
Rifle-spam is incredibly effective against the Wehrmacht as it can counter MG-42s with grenades, pressure Volksgrenadiers in the early game and with BARs can destroy Grenadiers later in the game. Subsequently, my strategy against Wehrmacht revolves around Rifles. However, against The Panzer Elite, Rifles get owned hard by Infantry Half-Tracks, G43s, Armoured Cars etc. So with the state of the current patch, Rifle-spam just isn't viable against The P.E. My strategy against The P.E. is all about the M8 since it is great against Half-Tracks and can take on Panzer Grenadiers with ease.

This strategy relates to Patch 2.301 but I intend to update it as I play more of the Multiplayer Beta Playtest.

Please also note that I will not cover capping orders.

Important Note: This strategy is based on what I use in game. You don't have to follow this strategy exactly, step by step, to be successful. For example, I always build a jeep when I first have a barracks. However, if aren't comfortable with your jeep micro, don't build one, just ignore it. If you still have questions, just ask and I will try to answer and add to the guide to help ensure that I have covered everything

Against Wehrmacht

Phase 1

- Start with 2 Engineers

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034914.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034914.png

Why 2 Engineer start?
Since I always start with a jeep, 2 Engineers help me cap faster. 2 engineers around will the map will help also help me repair my jeep faster and get back into battle quicker. The Flamer upgrade is also very good.

First Engineer builds the Barracks.


2nd goes to cap 1 side of the map. After first Engineer has finished the barracks, send to cap the other side of the map.

- Jeep, Rifle x3

http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/3237/jeepjpgcr8.jpg x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034923.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034923.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034923.png

There are a lot of questions asking why I go jeep first. The Jeep has many uses but u need at least decent micro to pull it off, so read Jeep guide and try the Jeep out. If you can't manage to use Jeep effectively, get a Rifle instead.

- Grenades


After your 3rd rifle, in most cases, you should have more than 40 fuel. Get Grenades.

After you have access to grenades, throw them like crazy, using the technique I've demonstrated above.

- Rifle x2, BARs

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034923.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034923.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034864.png

Upgrade BARs when you have your 5th rifle out, you should have about 60 fuel or more

- Build a Triage Center once BARs have been upgraded to ensure your Rifles are at full health.


- Upgrade both Engineers with Flame-Throwers

2x http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/icon_package_flamethrower.png

Flamers are very good anti-infantry early game so when you have enough Munitions upgrade your Engineer with a flamer. They will be a big help if you need to flank and enemy bunker.

Phase 2

At this stage of the game, you are either dominating the map with grenades and BARs or you may be struggling to secure a particular area of the map where the Wehrmacht player is camping around a Medic Bunker.

There are four ways I would go about dealing with this:

Important Note:
The 2 cases below, case 1 and 2 are for the times that you see two or three levels of Infantry Veterancy, suggesting a heavy Tier 2 strategy. The 3rd scenario is where you see no Infantry Vet, suggesting a rush to Tier 4. This scenario is very rare as, without Veterancy, Grenadiers and Volks get owned up by Rifles with BARs, however, some higher rank player are able to hold out and get to Tier 4 out before you know it. Worry not! Read below to know how to counter it.

1. If your opponent has chosen Terror

- Get Rangers and upgrade with Thompson SMGs

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/cmdr_allied_rangers_reinforcement.png x http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/icon_package_anti_infantry.png

Prepare all your Rifles to make a big flank.

Process for the flank: You should be able to take out the support by throwing plenty of grenades at any Volks, using your flamers to kill the MG in the bunker and using Rangers to deal with any Volks or Grenadiers around bunker at close range. Once the support has been driven off Flamers and Ranger bazookas should take the Med Bunker down in no time.

- Get the Supply Yard and upgrade to level 1 if u have sufficient fuel, if not... Don't.


There are 2 options to choose from at this point:

- Build Tank Depot and start to produce Sherman Crocodile then back tech to Motor Pool to get Anti-Tank gun and deal with King Tiger.

http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/5331/buildingusatankdepotuu4.png x http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/4936/vehiclealliedm4shermancab0.png

When is this best?
Only go for a Tank Depot if you have the advantage for the whole of the early and mid game, meaning large amounts of Fuel and a significant Manpower income. This allows you to build a Crocodile Tank to take on the Grenadiers

- Build Motor Pool and go straight for 57mm AT Guns

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034816.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184035178.png

When is this best?
When you have fought a hard battle throughout the Mid-game and are short on Manpower and Fuel.

In either case, you will need at least 1 if not 2 AT guns for the late game, combined with Stickies for your rifles to take on the King Tiger.


- In addition, during the late game, if you can afford it, I recommend getting an On-Map 105mm Howitzer. It is a great help against zombie Grenadiers and great support for your AT guns.

2. If your opponent has chosen Defensive

Why is there a different procedure if the enemy has chosen defensive?
- For the Fatherland is very effective, and results in enemy squads taking a long time to kill
- Enemy squads are able to reinforce around the bunker.
- The Bunker has significantly more health
- Each time you attempt, but fail to destroy the bunker, you feed more casualties to the bunker producing yet more Grenadiers.

So when up against a Defensive bunker, choose RHS Infantry, and select the off map howitzer at 3CPs


OP your highest munitions point.

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/building_allies_secure.png x http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/flag_munitions_secured.png

Constantly harass around the map. Try to make big flanks with the support of the Off-Map Artillery on the bunker to take it down.

Get an On-Map 105mm Howitzer up to deal with zombie Grenadiers and any more Medic Bunkers.


- Build Tank Depot and start producing a Sherman

http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/5331/buildingusatankdepotuu4.png x http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/4807/vehiclealliedm4shermanua1.png

- Upgrade Sherman with M1A1C 76mm Sherman Gun if you’re fighting large amounts of enemy tanks

At this stage of the game, you should either be winning the game or you are being overwhelmed with vetted Axis armour. If your Sherman can’t stand up to your enemy's tanks, back tech to Motor Pool and start producing AT guns
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034816.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184035178.png

Optional: (Only for case 1 and 2)

- In the early to mid game, get Weapons Support Center and get a Mortar or Sniper to tackle the zombie grenadiers.

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/building_allied_armoury.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034919.png/http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034931.png

3. If your opponent rushes to Tier 4 (Regardless of Doctrine)

- Get Rangers and upgrade with Thompson SMGs.

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/cmdr_allied_rangers_reinforcement.png x http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/icon_package_anti_infantry.png

- OP your highest munitions point if you need to take out the Defensive bunker.

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/building_allies_secure.png x http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h308/nIckel101_photos/flag_munitions_secured.png

Focus on the Medic bunker and take it down ASAP.

- Build the Supply Yard and upgrade to level 1 if u have sufficient fuel, if not... Don't.


- After Supply Yard, get a Tank Depot up and start producing Shermans.

http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/5331/buildingusatankdepotuu4.png x http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/4807/vehiclealliedm4shermanua1.png

- Upgrade Sherman with M1A1C 76mm Sherman Gun if you’re fighting lot of enemy tanks.

- At late game, back tech to Motor Pool and get AT guns to deal with the King Tiger

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184034816.png x http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-31628-1184035178.png

4. If your Opponent goes Tier 1 to Tier 3 Blitz.

- You should have the advantage early game as Volks can't stand up to grenades and BARs.

- Build a Supply Yard


- Build Tank Depot right after Supply Yard


By the time they have pumas, you should have Tank Depot.

IF you don't, stall the Pumas with Rangers and get an M10 out A.S.A.P. However, if you have the time and resources, get Shermans and Up-gun


Some things to bear in mind:

- Mines and Wire are very useful. When you choose Infantry doctrine, all of your Riflemen can lay mines and wire. Try to lay mines at choke points as much as possible.

- Get Sticky upgrade if you see enemy tanks or vehicles.

- Grenades play a big role in this strategy so use them as often as you can. Don’t worry about wasting Munitions on grenades because if you manage to kill an entire squad, the grenade will be well worth the Munitions.

- Always play aggressively, don't play defensively.

- If opponent has a Medic Bunker up very early in the game, try not to fight around it, just Cap around the map and stall until you have a counter for that bunker. Avoid feeding the bunker with dead infantry at all costs.

- Have Fun!!! It is, after all, just a video game. No need to get angry at yourself and start smashing stuff if you lose http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/style_emoticons/%3C#EMO_DIR#%3E/biggrin.gif


Special thanks to - CaptainBlackAdder333, Kodachrome, kRISTIAN and ThePrawn


09/04/2010, 15:07
5 rifles, 1 jeep, alguns rangers e possivel wsc?
haja manpower, dar o up de supply yard pra vc conseguir sustentar tudo isso no jogo devia ser requisito :P

09/04/2010, 15:11
5 rifles, 1 jeep, alguns rangers e possivel wsc?
haja manpower, dar o up de supply yard pra vc conseguir sustentar tudo isso no jogo devia ser requisito :P

É, observa que nessa strats dele o WSC é uma das alternativas. Mas com certeza o up do suply é um "must" em qq game que se extenda além do early game. Se eu estou com dominação total dos fuels e plantando minas, faço muitas vezes antes de ter qq at, mas é caso raro isso tb.

09/04/2010, 16:27
Jeep é uma das unidades que mais odeio enfrentar, mas é uma das mais inúteis do jogo.

Quando vc tiver seu rifle + jeep o cara vai ter 2 volks ou volks + MG e simplesmente vai te botar pra correr na primeira oportunidade. Quando eu vejo jeep no outro lado eu tomo imediatamente uma postura ofensiva.

Sem contar que no T2 é um faust + um abraço. A bike da wehr é muito mais útil que um jeep.

09/04/2010, 23:22
Não sei se vcs perceberam mas o Soca tem se atualizado nas strats de 1x1 kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

10/04/2010, 14:58