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16/04/2010, 21:34
Double Infantry Halftrack Opening

The original 2PG/2IHT strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=401744) showed some flaws in dealing with US light armor and the British late game, and it was generally inflexible. This updated version takes care of those flaws. While this strategy works with all three of the Panzer Elite doctrine trees, I find that Luftwaffe and Tank Hunters complement it the best.

There are no clear-cut counters for this strategy, as the only fixed portion of the build order is in the opening stage. From there on,it is a reactive strategy rather than a proactive one. Basically, this is a strategy guide and a counter guide rolled into one. Good micromanagement is what will make or break your game here - keep the Infantry Halftracks out of harms way, reinforce those Panzer Grenadiers, and don't get too cocky.

Remember to keep moving forward, capturing your opponent's territory. Even if you're forced to retreat your main force, there should be something safe for your Kettenkrad to capture.

Basic tips

If you run into problems against the Rifle-stall strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=coh_zerocrack_uspe), your units are too spread out, and you're focusing too much on capturing the flanks. Capture the central territory sectors and leave the flanks alone - just cut them off.
If you're losing Infantry Halftracks to any sort of spam, you need to group your units together better. The Panzer Elite army works much much better when used in large groups.
If you're losing Infantry Halftracks to simple units, your problem probably lies in understanding cover. Load the halftrack up with Panzer Grenadiers and flank around the enemies' cover so that their wall or wreck no longer protects them.
Opening Build Order

(0 - 5 minutes into game)


Train two Panzer Grenadiers. Your Kettenkrad's priority should be to capture fuel
sectors. In my replays, you will see that I am almost never waiting on fuel to get my first Infantry Halftrack out.
Upgrade your first two Panzer Grenadiers with G43s as soon as you have the Munitions for it.
Build a Kampfgruppe Kompanie and tech to Tier 2
Build two Infantry Halftracks
Train two more Panzer Grenadiers (do not upgrade to G43s yet)
Against British, only one more Panzer Grenadier squad is needed
Only get Advanced Repairs vs Americans
And that's it! From now on, it's time to get responsive.
Reactionary Stage

(5 - 15 minutes into game)

vs Americans

The US player has two options when dealing with a Panzer Elite player. One option is to get BARs and then supplement rifles with either Rangers or Airborne. His other option is to rush for a fast M8 or AT gun.


If the enemy gets fast BARs, you no longer have to worry about that Motor Pool. Forget about Panzerschrecks or Anti-tank Halftracks or anything of the sort. Your opponent will have to rely on infantry AT to stop your vehicles. Your build order should look like this:


Build the Panzer-Jaeger Kommand and tech to Tier 3
Build an Armored Car
Upgrade a Panzer Grenadier squad with MP44s
Build another Armored Car
Upgrade a Panzer Grenadier squad with MP44s
Total units you should now be fielding:

Four Panzer Grenadiers (two with G43s and two with MP44s)
Two Infantry Halftracks
Two Armored Cars
If you've suffered losses at this point, try and field at least one Infantry Halftrack, one Armored Car, and three Panzer Grenadiers.
Don't start spamming units once you have everything as you'll need some spare manpower to purchase some anti-tank units. Once the enemy realizes that his BARs and elite infantry cannot stand up to MP44s and Armored Cars, he'll have to react himself and get some sort of armor.

Choose Tank Hunter tactics at this point. While your opponent is teching, you have an opportunity to gain a lot of map control. Plant Teller Mines at key locations and bring out the Hetzers. Once you have Teller Mines and Hetzers available (get your first Hetzer as soon as you can,) you've successfully reacted to your opponent's adaptations. Scroll down to the Containment Stage section to see what you should do to finish the game.



If the US player has not researched BARs by the time you've finished the Opening Stage, you've either denied your opponent of fuel very well, or (more likely) he's getting the Motor Pool set up. In that case, do the following:


Upgrade G43s on your 2 non-upgraded Panzer Grenadiers
Build the Panzer Support Kommand and tech to Tier 4. If BARs suddenly appear while you're teching, just cancel construction and follow the alternative build order (and stop upgrading your Panzer Grenadier squads as they'll want MP44s).
Build an Anti-tank Halftrack

If you've chosen Luftwaffe tactics, start calling in Fallschirmjaeger, and upgrade them with FG42s. They'll be your counter to the elite infantry that will come your way Remember, veteran Airborne, even with Recoilless Rifles, will beat Fallschirmjaeger with FG42s, so be careful. Strafing Run can decimate your units, so don't rely too heavily on FG42 spam.

You should be fielding roughly the following:

Four Panzer Grenadiers, all upgraded with G43s
Two Infantry Halftracks
One Anti-tank Halftrack
(Optional) Two Fallschirmjaeger with FG42s - if Luftwaffe is not chosen, quickly tech down to T3 to obtain anti-infantry fire power
If you've taken casualties, try at a minimum to field three Panzer Grenadiers, one Infantry Halftrack, one Anti-tank Halftrack, and one squad of Fallschirmjaeger.

The enemy will most likely try and push up with AT guns, BAR support, and Airborne infantry. This is extremely hard to counter, and unless you've done a good job in cutting off your opponent's Munition supply, you'll be in the muck with Strafing Runs. Hide your Anti-Tank Halftrack using hedges and buildings. Don't target AT guns but rather the infantry supporting them unless the AT gun is actually in front of the enemy's front line. Hold out and crawl towards the final Containment Stage.

vs British

The British have a very linear teching path that leads them directly to victory. The strategy here is to shut them down before the 8 minute mark. Base-rush them if you can. If you can't, stall that Stuart and bring out Panzerschrecks to annihilate their trucks. I find that Tank Hunter Tactics work best against the British.


Research the Panzerschreck upgrade
Upgrade a Panzer Grenadier with a Panzerschreck
Train a Tankbuster squad
Research Incendiary grenades

And that's it! Simple as that. Rush their base. Research Incendiary grenades en route. Use two Panzer Grenadiers and two Infantry Halftracks to eliminate his infantry through focused fire, and use the Panzerschrecks to quickly destroy his emplacements and trucks. Remember that his Vickers MG nests can be easily flanked by loading your Panzer Grenadiers into Infantry Halftracks. Flank and ram Bren Carriers to take them out fast. If you lose one Infantry Halftrack, you must replace it. If you lose both, just get one more, and then go on to get Panzershcrecks.

Experience Points (XP) and Command Points (CP) pile up quickly once you've taken down a truck and some units; use that to get a fast Hetzer. Once the Hetzer comes out, the game will be over (if it isn't decided already).

Save Incendiary Grenades for trenches in general and Bren squads in particular. Bren squads cannot move if they're buttoning a vehicle, making the damage-over-time of an Incendiary grenade very effective. Your 15 Munitions ability counters his a 25 Munitions ability.

Containment Stage

(15+ minutes into game)

This is the hardest stage for this strategy, as if you execute it improperly, it leaves the enemy a chance to make a comeback. Whether you're parked outside his base or holding two out of three Victory Points, you'll need to contain his forces.

Arguably the most useful unit in this stage of the game is the Mortar Halftrack. With this unit on the field, your opponent's AT guns are now nullified and your armor may once again run rampant. It'll free you up from dealing with his blobs and para-dropped AT guns (which are often protected by MGs). Get a Mortar Halftrack unless you're absolutely sure you won't need it. If you're parked outside his base, bombard it with your Mortar Halftrack. The US Triage Center in particular is a juicy target for Incendiary Rounds.

If you've gone for the T2-T4 build, you will need to back-tech to T3 as soon as possible just so you can counter the endless spam of elite infantry. Armored Cars are your best friend here, as not only do they deal massive damage at range, they are resilient against hand-held AT. Bazookas often miss them, and Recoilless Rifles phase right through. MP44s are very handy at flanking and decrewing AT guns.

Remember, if you've gone for the T2-T4 build, that means you went Luftwaffe and thus you have cloaked Kettenkrads! Use them to scout out his base. If a Tank Depot is going up, you'll want some Marders. T3 provides both powerful anti-tank and anti-infantry options. At this point, Panzerschreck-wielding units will get Strafed/focus-fired and pwned, so you'll want something a little more durable.

Be flexible! This is a basic counter guide for certain strategies, but not all are shown. If a US player goes for a Weapons Support Center opening, you may want to obtain Armored Cars faster than normal. If you have the advantage and can spare fuel, a Panzer IV may help more than teching down for Armored Cars.



Here are examples against both of the two types of US play out as well as matches against the linear British. All replays are against level 11+ players.

Game 1 (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=435902) - vs a fast Motor Pool strategy

Game 2 (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=435903) - vs sjceran, whose anti-virus software and mouse threw him off. Again, this is against a fast Motor Pool strategy

Game 3 (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=435905) - vs British. When playing against the British, shut them down as soon as you've obtained Panzerschrecks


18/04/2010, 23:48
strat´s excelente...para mapas tipo langres..mas precisa de mt micro...e advanced repair o quanto antes...
eu ainda prefiro o terceiro pg antes do t2 pra atrasar o fuel do us...com 2 pg em langres pro exemplo...é impossivel evitar o incoming de +30 de fuel o que dá o m8 mt rápido !!!

19/04/2010, 15:12
strat do kingowl lvl 17 de pe 1v1 :up: