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Meet The Sherman

By hillhome - 9th October 2008 - 20:39 PM

Our latest Strategy Guide comes to us courtesy of kRISTIAN and chi3f! Without further ado GR proudly presents:


The Sherman is a medium tank and fills its role very well. Its built out of the Tank Depot and costs 420 manpower and 90 fuel. It is a good unit to lead an assault as well as in defense or for point harassment due to the speed and high damage. On the unit itself you can upgrade to upgrades for 75 munitions each. A 50. cal Machine gun which gives the Sherman a top gunner, very similar to the M8 upgrade, and increases damage output. The other upgrade is the underused Mine Flail. This upgrade can be very useful against teller mines as the flail will destroy mines, but they will not harm your tank at all. Its also the ultimate blob control. Running a Sherman with the Mine Flail and tearing infantry apart is the most satisfying thing in this game for sure. Be aware of the fact that the flail lowers the speed of the Sherman, mean you are a sitting duck for other tanks, Pak38 or other pesky threats.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1223416925.jpg (http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/9210/bilde1cg8.jpg)

What does the Sherman do?

It's a fast tank, meaning it's very good for hit'n run tactics. It also has some armor, but cannot stand up to a panther or worse. It's pretty much toe to toe with the P4 unless

Sherman (vanilla) = P4 (vanilla)
Sherman (vanilla) < P4 (vet 1-3)
Sherman (upgunned) = P4 (vanilla)
Sherman (upgunned) < P4 (vet 1-3)
Sherman (upgun+vet3) > P4 (vet 1-3)
Sherman (upgun+vet3) > P4 (vet 1-3)

[These tests were done by kRISTIAN and my self and aren't 100% reliable, but our tests shows this result]

As you can see, the M1A1C 76mm Gun upgrade (Referred to as upgunned) can be very important in tank battles. Maybe not against the P4, but it works very well against other tanks and HTs, as the penetration is increased a good bit you can get this global upgrade in the Tank Depot for 200mp and 50 fuel as well as the second Sherman upgrade, the Sherman Smoke. The Sherman smoke used to be very effective, but now it seems like its got little, or no effect. If coh-stats.com is to be believed, it lowers the penetration through the smoke. I still have little experience with it since its a 150 mp and 25 fuel upgrade, as well as 50 munitions to use it.

When to use it?

The Sherman can be quite a shock unit as it doesn't loose when facing one or two Panzerfausts like the M8, though they do some damage. It can be a good idea to get a tank as soon as possible as support against any harassment units like the Puma or the AC. Its also really good for circling Marder III and Stugs. Moving it in to destroy you opponents cover is also a good idea. Giving some punch to a charge with the Sherman is a common strategy which involves a meat shield of rifles giving Line of Sight (LoS) for the main gun and spotting dangers, and the Sherman to take out any threats.

The Sherman has many roles to fill as its the only non doctrine battle tank. It requires a lot of help against armor, but it definitely rapes infantry like no tomorrow. Since it can take a few shots it works very well in combination with 57mm AT guns. No matter how many tanks or infantry AT you have, your 57mm AT guns are the bread n' butter anti vehicle weaponry for the Americans. Use the Sherman to give the line-of-sight, letting the 57mm gun deal damage from maximum range. So if you are up against masses of vehicles, its a really good idea to get a Sherman and a few AT guns.

The less effective but more immediate and cheaper (if you haven't built a motorpool yet) heavy AT combination is to get a couple M10s, which you can use to swarm an unsuspecting tank. Use the sherman to take the first couple shots while your M10s roll in from behind.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1223416914.jpg (http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/2750/stugassav1.jpg)

How to use it?

The Sherman needs a lot of looking after. It can deal a lot of damage, but due to its weak armor it can easily be killed. I recommend having one or two Engineers around the tank at any time as well as a rifle squad with stickys. Having flamers on the Engineers is a bonus since the Flamers can toast any infantry rush while the wounded Sherman makes its getaway. If you see a T3 strat from a Wehr player or your facing PE, a good investment is to get the M1A1C 76mm Gun. Its increased penetration really makes a difference. In my opinion the Sherman is one of the best infantry support tanks, due to its versatility and speed. It can swiftly move from one flank to another and protect against small and large assaults. But the most important thing is to have proper infantry support with your Sherman.

Using the speed of the Sherman is key, if you can't win, get the hell out of there and save your unit. Against any units with fixed turrets, its easy to circle them and beat them, with a little effort and some proper support. Make sure to hunt down any severely wounded tanks if possible with your Sherman as it has the stopping power and speed to do it.

Against Panzershrecks, keep your Sherman kiting the infantry at long distance because shrecks have ugly accuracy at anything more than close range. Don't be afraid of them, the Sherman has excellent splash damage and can wipe out squads in no time. Just be sure to never get arrogant and forgo kiting by just rushing in head first. For one, you're leaving your support behind and two, the closer you get, the harder it will be to retreat. Never throw away Shermans, they're an expensive investment.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1223416904.jpg (http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/9325/infsupportpb9.jpg)

What to watch out for?

The biggest threats for your beloved Sherman is the Panther, Pak38, thread breaking AT HTs, Marder III, Schrecks and mines. Its important to not overrate your Shermans armor. Don't try to circle a Stug with Schreck support, as this is a sure way to loose it. Make sure your Sherman is supported with Engineers and Rifles with stickys at any time. Pak38 don't reveal themselves until the third shot, so when you hear any Pak38 sounds in the FoW, make sure to pull back and let the grunts feel out the ground before charging. Never charge blindly, as you may not see the Marder III and AT HT or the mine and the Pak38

Don't forget that the Sherman is a medium tank; a jack of all trades, master of none. Heavy tanks, like panthers, are designed specifically to take out other tanks. You'll have to drastically outnumber them, or have AT support to stand a chance against them. As for super tanks like the Jagdpanther, Tiger, and King Tiger, avoid them at all costs. Having AT guns or 3+ M10s is a requirement once those hit the field because the Sherman, no matter how many you have, cannot penetrate their armor at all.

Summary - So should I build the Sherman?

Absolutely. This is one of the most versatile units in the American faction after the Rifles. They have their weaknesses, but they can easily be overcome with proper support and careful micro. Go out and have fun with this awesome unit and hope to hear the "YOU are ELITE" sound as often as possible. Keep the Rifles close, and the Engineers even closer and the Sherman will lead the way to victory.

The Shermans veterancy

Vet 1 (Required XP: 12);
Speed increased by 25%

Vet 2 (Required XP: 24);
Penetration increased by 50%

Vet 3 (Required XP: 36);
Damage increased by 25%

by kRISTIAN and chi3f
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