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Most Company of Heroes players have related base-rushing with an annihilation win, which in most cases come at a late stage when the game is pretty much over. The reluctance to attack an enemy base at an early stage of the game rises from the fear of getting hit by the base defences every faction has.

Upon a first look at the base defences, you feel that they completely cover the base entrances. However, this is not true. On many maps, there are small "gaps" which are not covered by the machine guns. In some cases, you can simply walk in or just have to break a fence in order to get inside the enemy base from a previously thought "safe" area that is not covered by the defences.

But why would you want to do this?

There are many reasons, for example:

Finishing an enemy (retreated) squad.
Demo-rushing buildings and and preventing next tier-units from hitting the field. Rangers and paratroopers can do the trick as well.
Destroying 105mm's and other base buildings with panzerschrecks until your opponent retreats to save his base.
Simply forcing your opponent to retreat and keep distracting him.
Sneaking a Goliath to take out retreated squads or destroy some high value targets such as a 105mm howitzer.

By taking advantage of every move you can do, you can easily confuse and surprise your opponent, which can give you the upper hand and lead you to a win.

Base Defences by Faction Wehrmacht

Wehrmacht players are given bunkers with the machine gun upgrade already on them. First of all, Wehr Bunkers have the most hit-points of the 4 base-defences and gain even more hit-points if the Wehrmacht player has picked the Defensive Doctrine. If the Wehrmacht player chooses Defensive as his doctrine, by the time he unlocks "Fortify the Perimeter", his base buildings get machine guns to deal damage and marginally suppress nearby enemy units; This is something that should be taken into account before a base-rush attempt.

Bunkers are unaffected by small arms fire, unlike their British or American counterparts. Their drawback is that they have slightly smaller arc of fire than the British and the American machine gun nests.
A bunker can always provide a 360 fire degree for every unit that enters it.

The American faction has MG Nests which have a slightly bigger arc of fire than the Wehrmacht MG bunkers. What's more, the American MG nest can also be garrisoned with units, but only have a 270 degree of fire which covers the flanks of the nests.
Finally, MG Nests can take damage even from small arms fire, so they are pretty fragile when being outflanked.


The British faction has the Vickers Machine Gun emplacements which have slightly bigger arc of fire than the American nests and noticeably larger range. They do take damage from small arms fire, though they cannot be garrisoned by any units.
The Vickers MGs take 3 pop-cap: something than should be taken into consideration
Panzer Elite

The PE base is covered by 20mm Flak 38 weapons. These defences are special because they can slaughter any infantry force which comes into their range while they can scare and outright destroy light vehicles such as a T17 or an M8.

Moreover, they have a 360 fire degree. Since they are flaks, they have chances to intercept airplanes and kill paratroopers while they are in the air if a player drops them inside the flak range.
However, the biggest drawback of the Flak 38 is that it can be decrewed and captured by an enemy unit.

An easy way to achieve this is to snipe the crew of the flak and capture it with an infantry squad. On some maps, you can try throwing some grenades at the flak by taking advantage of some natural cover like a hedgerow and capture it to use it against your opponent.
All base defences can be deleted by pressing the "delete" button twice apart from the Panzer Elite flak.

As stated before, you will have to bypass certain obstacles to get into the enemy base, such as fences and walls.
In these cases, you can destroy them by:

Attacking-Ground on them with Flamethrowers
Attacking-Ground on them with : Panzershrecks/Bazookas/Recoiless rifles
Throwing grenades

When to Attack

Your opponent's squads have taken serious casualties and he is forced to retreat while you have forces close to his base which can easily bypass any possible obstacles.

In this case, you can attack and finish whole squads which cannot escape since they are already in their base. By doing this you not only have great chances to kill whole squads, but you are also slowing down his reinforcing process and you pressure him in his base while you cap and secure the rest of the map.
Your opponent is either teching up and you want to prevent him from getting more powerful units, or you want to prevent him from getting some specific counters to yours.

In this case, you can base rush your opponent's Kriegs Barracks with demos and prevent him from getting a Pak which would counter your M8.
You feel that your opponent has secured very well a certain area of the map, so attacking there would be a waste of manpower.

You send some of your forces inside his base in a last attempt to break his defences by distracting him and forcing him to either retreat and split up his forces while giving away some parts of the map or risking an annihilation win.
A strong unit such as a 105mm is constantly barraging your position, and taking it out would give you a sigh of relief.

In this case, a couple of grenadiers with Panzerschrecks can wait for the right moment (when the base is unprotected) and sneak close to the Howitzer and destroy it. Alternatively, a sneaky Goliath could do the same if you manage to avoid encountering any enemy forces while going to your destination.
Sending a Goliath into your enemy's base could have devastating results if you manage to send it inside by the time your opponent does a massive retreat.
You're not certain what specific teching route your opponent has used and you're looking for some kind of recon.

You can just sneak in a squad that was in the area anyway and look around for suspicious teching choices, such as a Tank Depot going up. You might also be able to kill the builder unit, as it will take additional damage during construction.

Best Units for Base Raids Americans

1. Halftrack Rush: use Demolition Engineers in an M3 Halftrack to rush into the base and blow up the Wehrmacht buildings. Read more about Demo Rushes in Seb's Guide. (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=american-demolition-explosives)

2. Flak Decrewing: using Snipers to kill the Flak crew and then re-manning them, preferably with Airborne units.

3. Rangers: Rangers can easily blow up walls to break into a base and they can also fire up past base defences allowing them to attack base buildings with their bazookas and off-map artillery.

4. Airborne: Same as Rangers, however Airborne are able to use their 50 munitions Satchel Charge ability to heavily damage buildings. It's worth remembering that compared the Rangers, the Airborne's anti-infantry ability is low.

5. M8 Rush: this strategy is very effective because even though M8s can't do significant damage against buildings, M8 mines, when placed outside unit-producing buildings, can instantly give tanks a damaged engine and completely kill other units. Placing an M8 mine in front of the Kriegs Barracks gate will outright kill a Pak crew, sometimes even destroying the gun in the process. You can also use an M8 to enter the enemy's base as they retreat and easily finish off wounded squads.
Some players prefer to lay M8 mines in front of the enemy Headquarters to finish of retreating units, but this is not advised. Most of the time, the M8 gun will be enough to finish them. And even if the mine is still required, it will be more effective if you lay it after the squad has finished retreating.
6. Mortars: The Mortar Team's Smoke ability allows your squads to pass through base MG fire unsuppressed and with minimal damage. The Mortar Smoke ability is often underutilized, and this is a great niche for it.


1. Bren Carrier Rushes: there are several ways to use Bren Carriers to rush, as they can carry troops and crush fences to allow other troops to attack the base, the best way however is to place a captain inside the BC then retreat units to him while he's inside the base.

2. Demo Sapper Rush: Just like the captain BC rush, however retreat Demo Sappers to the captain so they can place charges on the base defences.

3. Commando Base Raid: using the Commando's smoke ability to bypass the defences or placing the gilder so they slide in will allow theses effective AI units to plant demo charges on all the buildings and take them out.

4. Rifle Grenades Smoke attack: the smoke ability of rifle grenades can allow your forces to move past the MG bunkers and attack like the American Mortar.

5. PIAT Attack: while not actually a type of rush, PIATs can fire over hedges due to their ballistic arc of fire. On certain maps they can be used to take out base bunker and sometimes even base buildings.

AT Weaponry
Fire from Anti-Tank weaponry can be used to destroy hedges around a base, allowing your units to move in and avoid base defences. This is applicable to all factions.

1. Halftrack rush: Put some Grenadiers with shrecks in your Halftrack and unload them after you are inside your opponent's base; adding flamer pios will help you to burn any retreating units while you can reinforce from the Halftrack while you are inside your opponent's base.

2. Goliath rush: You can either drive one of these small beasts inside your enemy's base or sneak them through a broken fence and cause some havoc to anything that retreats. One Goliath can heavily damage buildings and take down 105mm Howitzers if you detonate them close enough.

3. Stormtrooper rush: You can sneak those units inside the enemy base by using their Cloak ability and destroy key targets such as a Howitzer, Triage Centers, late-tier buildings and eventually use their powerful abilities to throw Bundled Grenades or Assault Greades with devastating effect on infantry.

4. Artillery rush: Any unit that breaks through the enemy base defences can be used as a scout unit which provides line of sight with the purpose of using doctrinal abilities like the 280mm Barrage from Defensive doctrine or Firestorm and V1 from the Terror doctrine.

5. Mortars: Same as American Mortars, use the Smoke Ability to move through base MG fire.

Panzer Elite

1. Halftrack rush: A known strategy which can end a game outright there if your opponent hasn't prepared against it or hasn't teched-up fast enough to cope with your strategy.

2. Armored Car rush: Similar to the Halftrack rush; you can easily drive through the enemy base defences and slaughter anything you encounter.
This has been a powerful strategy which if executed properly might catch your opponent without anti-tank/anti-vehicle units, giving you a sizable advantage.

3. Goliath: Available from the Vampire Halftrack, the PE Goliath functions the same as the Wehrmacht one.

Angoville has quite a sizable gap in the southern base bunker setup. If you walk between the two parted hedgerows along the street you will be able to sneak into the base without being suppressed. The problem only gets worse for your opponent if he places a building at an odd angle next to the Bunkers, blocking their line of sight.


There is, however, a second way to get into the southern base: by using the destructible fence next to the base you can sneak in very early on in the game. Simply order your flamethrowers to attack-ground on the fence.


The northern base presents itself with two base entry methods as well, although they're highly risky. The first one profits from a small gap in the fire arc on the right side bunker. Closely move past the tank traps and wire up the hill to get into the base. As depicted on the picture, the approach way is very often made easier by enemy players putting base buildings nearby, blocking the bunker's line of sight.

Another way to enter, again very carefully, can be found on the left side of the base sector. By performing a swipe move towards the wall and closely slipping past it, you can slip past the Wehrmacht base defences: It does not cover the gap because of the smaller firing arc. The Vickers and the US MG nest cover it because of their greater range and arc. Still, it's worth a shot.


On northern Langres, you can execute a wide swipe past the debris on the right hand side to sneak in beside the enemy MG nest, potentially finishing retreated low health squads or builder units.



On southern Langres, you can utilize the heavy cover next to the left side bunker to get close to the enemy base, either destroying the bunker with flamethrowers or handheld AT weaponry, or again finishing off low health squads or builder units. Make sure you stay as much to the left as possible, as you might get into the arc of fire of the bunker if you're a bit too much to the right.



Semois sports a similar dead spot on both ends of the map. In both cases you are able to walk up to the wall and take full profit of the fixed firing angle of the bunkers. In the north you just need to keep close to the water and walk up to the stone wall to sneak in.


Once, again you can also destroy the fence in order to get into the base sector.


The south has a similar approach way - simply stay behind the huge hedgerow to block line of sight, walk up to the fence and sneak in with a quick swoop. Warning: US MG nests and British Vickers Nests might be able to get a few rounds out since they cover the gap in the fence, so don't expect to squeeze a large amount of forces through there in a single attempt.


Once again, burning the fence is another option.


An alternative entry to the southern base presents itself in the form of this wide swipe: stay as close to the river as possible as it will keep you out of the arc of fire of the base defences. Simply slip in through the gap in the wall to get inside the southern base.

Beaux Lowlands
Beaux Lowlands does not have any glaring dead spots in its base defense design like Semois or Angoville, yet it also has a way of getting in to the enemy base sector easily.

In the north, simply move up to the fence all the way to the north-west where you can burn it down and walk in unharmed.


For the south, just move up to the fence with anything able to break it open. Just do it as much south as possible since you don't want to get caught off-guard by the close bunker.



On Sturzdorf you can walk into the enemy base sector by exploiting the fixed firing angle of the bunkers yet again - walk up to the stone walls (this works for both the north and the south) and sneak in!

Hop through the gap in the wall.

Squeeze past the fixed firing angle of this bunker to walk in.

Move all the way to the north-west and walk past behind the bunker to get into the Northern base sector.



Wrecked Train
Wrecked Train does have some dead spots, but they're much more risky and might be ruined by the sometimes suicidal infantry AI, jumping out in front of an MG nest and getting the whole squad pinned.

In the South you can move into the base sector by exploiting the fire arcs of the Bunker on the far right but you can't go all the way in without the risk of being suppressed. It is, however, a nice way to get some recon or kill off retreated squads, as the range will be enough:


In the North, the approach ways and techniques are fundamentally the same - you can get deep into the enemy base sector and kill retreated units or pull off some recon, but risk being suppressed if you're very unlucky.



May your buildings be healthy and your enemies' destroyed! We hope this guide improves your game, and happy demo-ing! Guide by Siou, revised and updated by L'amer. Thanks to Seb and Schmieds for insight and editing.

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baita guia!!!!

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Alguns eu já conhecia. Acho que só não dá pra fazer contra PE pq as flaks atiram pra todo lado.

O do norte de Semois eu "vi" naquele replay do ita que ele toma um base rush no norte do IPFK.

O do norte de Wrecked Train eu tb já conhecia. Tava jogando de wehr contra um ami, já tava devidamente estabelecido no centro do mapa com bunker, MG, volks, wires e minas. Aí o cara veio com tudo pra cima: 4 rifles, 2 eng+flames e 2 rangers. Na hora eu escolhi defensive. Logo depois saiu um morteiro. Mandei o morteiro pra frente do bunker e comecei a soltar cargas nas unidades pinadas. enquanto o pau tava comento eu mandei fazer outro morteiro e recuei uma MG pra dentro do HQ. Enquanto isso os dois pios sairam capturando o restante e colocando minas e wires. Acabou sendo uma péssima iniciativa por parte dele :)