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30/12/2010, 02:20
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Tip of the Week #97: Use Attack-Move

By houseofdeath - 1st July 2010 - 15:15 PM

When players manage to decrew a weapon, such as an AT gun or Flak 88, they will often be unable to destroy it in any reasonable amount of time. More often, they will not even be able to destroy the object before enemy reinforcements arrive! The reason for this is that they are using the Attack-Ground command instead of the far more accurate Attack-Move command. The primary purpose of Attack-Move is to order units to attack any units in its path. The more useful function of Attack-Move is destroying decrewed weapons in seconds thanks to the high accuracy the units will have when shooting at the target.

"Other Weapons"
You can destroy smaller weapons such as HMGs, Mortars, and even handheld weapons like M9 Bazookas with Attack-Move. Also use it to destroy field defenses like Tank Traps and PE Roadblocks

Simply click the Attack-Move command (or the appropriate hotkey, 'A'), and then click on the target that is to be destroyed. When placed over the target, the cursor changes shape to let the player know that the weapon is selected.

The Attack-Move button

This is also a great way for Allies to destroy wrecks, preventing them from being salvaged by the Wehrmacht or revived by the Panzer Elite. It's also possible for units who don't have an Attack-Ground command, such as Pumas, to destroy objects using Attack-Move that they would normally be unable to target at all. Other ways to use Attack-Move include destroying unoccupied FHQs and gaining Command Points experience from destroying wrecks.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use Attack-Move to destroy wrecks:


08/01/2011, 10:28
uma pergunta que me veio agora lendo isso: dá pra colocar democharge na 88?

08/01/2011, 15:02
Nunca vi fazerem isso. Mas acho que dá.

13/01/2011, 15:20
Na 88 não tenho certeza, mas em sandbags que normalmente todos colocam perto da 88 dá e normalmente ela explode junto :P

13/01/2011, 15:56
hummmmmm boa!!