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Tip of the Week #96: 2.601 Strafing Run Explained

By Seb - 30th April 2010 - 12:41 PM

The Strafing Run is an ability acquired 3 command points down the right side of Airborne Company that allows the American player to call-in a fighter plane which will strafe ground targets. It is often considered a "click and kill" ability that requires little skill to achieve a devastating result, especially against infantry.

However, it's not as simple as that, and this tip aims to try and explain how it works, how to use it effectively, and how to avoid it as well as possible. Before arriving at the following conclusions, in-game experience, both as and against Americans demonstrated that it sometimes did a lot of damage, and sometimes almost nothing. This bizarre conundrum was found to be not as random as it first appeared, as revealed by the following testing.

The Mechanics Behind Strafing Run in 2.601

The plane fires a lot of bullets in a Strafing Run, each of them representing a defined amount of damage. This damage is shared between all the targets in the area of effect for each bullet. This is key. They are not shared globally with all the units inside the big target box, but they are shared locally for each bullet.

Like any small arms fire in Company of Heroes, there is no friendly fire, and the damage inflicted will depend on the cover the target is behind. To give you the idea, it is standard cover behaviour, with the strafe being less effective the heavier the cover, and inflicting more damage the more the targeted infantry are exposed. This will not be discussed in great detail as it is straightforward and not the aim of this article.

In the next part of the article, a "best use" of Strafing Run will be discussed. This is regarded in terms of the total amount of manpower drained from the opponent. This will not consider suppression and situational use to save a key unit, nor differing cover as already stated above, cover will merely affect the damage inflicted uniformly regardless of whether or not you make use of this technique.

As American: The Best Use

In order to do the greatest possible damage, and kill the largest number of enemies, Strafing Run should be used on units or groups of units that do have not enough hit points to survive all the shared damage. This way, they will all die. For example, it is a good idea to strafe low health and/or lone squads of Grenadiers or a Sniper, or a group of squads if they are spread out along the target box. Remember the damages are shared locally, so it is always better to look for the greatest number of units in the target box, as long as they are not too close to each other.

As Axis: The Best Counter

To reduce or even nullify the impact of Strafing Run on your squads, each group of potential targets need to locally have enough health to survive the attack.

The most obvious requirement is to keep your units at maximum health, either with a Healing upgrade, a Medical Kit, or passive healing from veterancy. The other typical solution consists of reaching (Panzer Elite) or purchasing (Wehrmacht) defensive veterancy to increase resistance to damage. The Panzer Elite have a global upgrade, Group Zeal, and Wehrmacht has the munition based ability For The Fatherland that will make the strafe near useless if used correctly.

However, the least known and likely most effective solution consists of clumping more and more units at the same place, in order to share the damage between all of them and reducing the health of each unit a smaller amount, instead of having the damage shared between fewer units, with each of them taking more damage and potentially being killed. For example, if a Sniper is alone, he will certainly die from a Strafing Run. If the same Sniper is mixed in with Volksgrenadier squad, he has a far greater chance to survive.


This video demonstrates the phenomena described, you can see the different effects of Strafing Run on Panzer Grenadiers being significantly affected by the number of men clumped together.

Seeing this, you may decide the best way to play is to have all your units together at all times to avoid highly damaging strafes. While this is true regarding only the amount of damage taken, this is not true for several other reasons.

Firstly, if all your units are in the same place, a single strafe will suppress all of them, likely forcing you to retreat your whole army should your opponent have units nearby ready to kill the suppressed squads, which is obviously not recommended.

Secondly, this makes all your units particularly vulnerable to mines, M8 mines, or even Demolition Charges.

Lastly, keeping all your units in the same place is a bad idea with regard to protecting all of your territory, with a separated enemy force capable of decapping your points in multiple places, reliant on split forces on your part to force them off.

The difficulty is in finding a good balance between the advantages and disadvantages of keeping your units together and this is not easy.

Strafing Run then, is not as random and "click and kill" as it first appears, and like any other ability, knowing precisely how it works can be a decisive factor in any game involving it, in both using it and avoiding it.

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