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Tópico: Tip of The Week #2: Snipers

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    Tip of The Week #2: Snipers

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    One of the biggest changes between vanilla Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2 is the functionality of snipers. While they still serve a similar role of eliminating infantry targets from a distance, there has been some changes to their core mechanics. For example, rather than a toggle ability for camouflage like in the first game, they now automatically are cloaked whenever they are in cover. In the case of the German sniper his cloak actually persists for a couple of seconds after he leaves cover, allowing him to invisibly traverse the environment darting from cover to cover.

    Another big difference is that the Soviet sniper is a two man team, slightly increasing survivability over the German sniper.
    When it comes to Cold Tech and Truesight, snipers have some new mechanics they can take advantage of. They can lie cloaked in deep snow and do not suffer from the cold like other units do. This makes them great for traversing the more barren areas of the map where other units would begin to freeze to death. Snipers in buildings are also much more of a threat, since they have massive range and vision and are significantly more durable inside the building. The downside is that snipers are significantly less effective at eliminating units which are inside buildings, but are much more effective when inside buildings themselves.

    With capture zones, snipers also make great capping units. Because they are cloaked in cover they can capture a point without revealing themselves. This prevents the opponent from capturing a point simply by standing inside of it while remaining cloaked. This is a great way to waste your opponents time and it will often take him a while to figure out why he can't capture the zone. It's a great way to keep your opponent cut off from those ever so critical fuel points.

    Snipers can also now eliminate units inside of open top transport vehicles such as the M3 Scout Car and they can even ride atop the very same scout car and shoot out of it whilst driving around. They do suffer an accuracy penalty for doing this however, but it grants a ton of mobility to your sniper team and provides them with additional protection from small arms fire.
    The new gameplay mechanics in Company of Heroes 2 as well as the changes to the mechanics of camouflage, line of sight and capture zones really changes how you have to think about utilizing your snipers. Share your experiences with snipers on theGamereplays.org forums and be sure to upload your best games to our replay system to let everyone see your tactics in action.

    Counter Sniping

    The German sniper has superior camouflage and rate of fire compared to the Soviet sniper, but you have to be more wary of a counter-sniper as the German player than you do as the Soviets since he does not have a second man with him.

    Avoiding Detection

    Watch out for Conscripts and Scout Cars hunting down your snipers. Keep other units nearby to protect your sniper.

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