Environmental impact can be seen through line of sight. Line of sight has been significantly altered with Essence 3.0's TrueSight feature. Blizzards, as covered in more detail in the GameReplays Blizzard Conditions: How to Survive and Thrive guide, dynamically alters the gameplay using TrueSight's functionality. Objects in the environment and weather can reduce a unit's default line of sight depending on condition severity.

Blizzard mechanics are already mentioned in the referenced article, but a brief overview would be beneficial. Snow can accumulate on the ground during blizzards to dynamically change the map during each game. This accumulation lowers the movement speed of all units.

Ice covers the rivers and lakes of all winter maps. This ice can be destroyed through heavy arms fire to reveal the water below. Mortars, howitzers, and some anti-tank fire can make the ice crack before eventually breaking apart. Units on top of cracking ice will immediately fall to unpleasant deaths. Pay attention to units under heavy fire while they're on lakes to avoid unexpected casualties.
Unit Behavior

Factions have been heavily altered in Company of Heroes 2. The German Ostheer will be familiar for players of the franchise, but the Russians are a weird blend of Opposing Front's Panzer Elite and the Americans from the original Company of Heroes. Russians require only one of two tier one buildings to unlock armour production. Germans use a tier system similar to the Wehrmacht's, providing a source of familiarity.

Players of the original game will remember territory capture. In order to capture any territory, a player had to dedicate a unit to point capturing. This action was essentially standing by the territory marker and waiting for the bar to finish progressing. In Company of Heroes 2, players are able to use a capture zone. These capture zones usually contain cover and encompass a large area surrounding the territory point. Strategic points, once captured, may be turned into ammo or fuel points by constructing buildings similar to the vanilla Company of Heroes observation post.

Snipers, simply put, feel different from their vanilla Company of Heroes counterparts. Their concealment occurs only when in cover instead of when holding fire. While they don't suffer from the cold like regular infantry, they're more vulnerable to discovery by any unit type. Russian snipers have two squad members now, however, only one is effective at eliminating enemy soldiers. This operates more realistically since a sniper team usually consists of a marksman and a spotter. The Germans utilize only one soldier per sniper unit. You can read more in-depth regarding snipers in the GameReplays Snipers Tip of the Week.

Vehicles have received new statuses beyond functional and destroyed. Each time a vehicle's hitpoints run out, there's a chance the vehicle will become abandoned rather than destroyed. Abandoned vehicles can be claimed by either side, but will start out near zero health with damaged parts. Reclaimed vehicles will have to be completely repaired before becoming fully operational.

Unit Modifiers

While under fire from opposing forces, crews can become shaken or injured. Both temporarily affect the vehicle's fighting ability depending on the status. An injured status on one of your crew members severely reduces the vehicles ability by removing them from the vehicle. A shaken status is worse by indicating all functions are inoperable. The notifications for these particular modifiers aren't very noticeable with only small red text and a square icon. Pay attention to your vehicle crews to prevent their demise as a result of being shaken or injured!

The cover system's damage values have been slightly changed. There are still two different levels of cover: yellow being moderate cover and green indicating great cover. Buildings, however, appear to offer greater protection from infantry fire than the predecessor. While buildings are still susceptible to damage from artillery, anti-tank weaponry, and flamethrowers, units can survive a significant amount of time against small arms fire when garrisoned. Units can also vault over cover to allow for quick adjustments if encountering a flanking move by your opponent.

Tanks are your friend!
In Company of Heroes 2, tanks now provide basic cover for your infantry units. This can be useful when crossing an open area with minimal protection.

Units will no longer emerge out of base buildings. By default, all units arrive from a pre-designated off map area and will head to their associated building. Per traditional real-time strategy ideology, you may use a rally point to set a different starting waypoint for incoming units.

Too lazy to walk?
Infantry can also capture points while inside halftracks. Light vehicles like the Scout Car can also capture territories. Russian tanks have the ability to capture a point using Secure Mode. The T-70 Light Tank and both versions of the T-34 can even use Secure Mode to block flag capture from enemy forces.