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Tópico: Tip of The Week #3: The Maxim Machine Gun

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    Tip of The Week #3: The Maxim Machine Gun

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    While the German MG42 is well renowned for its superior suppression and area of fire, the Soviet Maxim Machine Gun has really flown under the radar. Most players look at the smaller cone of fire and just dismiss it as an ineffective unit and vastly inferior to the German equivalent. However, upon closer inspection, the Maxim MG actually has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses, carving out its own niche in the world of MG42's.

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    The Maxim Machine gun has great synergy with the Soviet barbed wire. Sprint over to where units are attempting to pass through the wire and force them to run away.

    First of all, the Maxim has a significantly quicker set up time than the MG42. Combined with its larger crew, it is much more capable as an aggressive unit versus the MG42's defensive style of play. Instead of using it as a massive crowd control tool, use it to eliminate targeted squads with raw damage and forcing a retreat when suppressed. It moves quicker than the MG42 as well, especially with the Sprint ability unlocked at the first level of veterancy, making it quite mobile on the battlefield. The larger crew size also has the advantage of making the reinforcement cost much cheaper and making the team less vulnerable to snipers. They can sit much longer under sniper fire and can even be a threat to him.

    In a straight up fight, a Maxim can actually beat an MG42 by running and setting up in front of it, since it can continue to fire while pinned.

    Don't garrison your maxim unless you're being threatened at close range, while the short set up time makes it easier to reface in the house, they're better used aggressively by being very mobile

    Initially neglected by many players, the Maxim is proving itself to be a different beast than the MG42 but no less fearsome. With high mobility and strong damage output, the Maxim carves out its own role as a very aggressive counterpart to the stoic MG42.

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    interessante, mas ainda acho complexo tirar a maxim contra um player top de axis.

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