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    Quick tutorial:

    1) Go to: http://www.autohotkey.com/ and download the program
    2) Create a new text file and copy paste the script text that is at the end of this post into it.
    3) Rename the text file from Whateveryounameit.txt to Whateveryounameit.ahk
    It simply has to be a .ahk file.
    4) Whenever you start CoH2 double click on your .ahk file first to activate it.
    5) When in the Game go to Options and set "Classic Hotkeys" to off.

    You are not violating any Steam rules with Auto Hotkey.

    What this script does: It simply rebinds the key-layout made by relic to other keys which are (imo) better.

    -It binds the camera movement (arrow keys) to w,a,s,d

    -It binds the tactical map to your middle mouse button.

    -Special abilities in the lower left like Panzerfausts, Grenades, Molotovs, Repair are bound to Mouse Button 4 and 5

    -It binds the "Attack here" Command to B

    -And by scrolling your mouse wheel you select individual squads when you have multiple squads selected.
    (Zooming still works by holding down the alt key and scrolling your mouse wheel)

    The script can be activated and deactivated by pressing F11. A short beep will indicate that the script is deactivated a longer beep indicates that the script is activated.

    Warning: Since this simply binds your Keys to other keys you will have problems when writing. (Because letters like w,a,s,d will produce an arrow to the left, top, bottom,right instead). Ingame this wont be a problem because everytime you press enter or enter+shift to chat the script is paused. If you minimize the game this wont be a problem either because the script only works when you are in CoH2. However when chatting over the steam overlay you have to deactivate the script (it will be activated every time you press enter) so that is a little bit annoying but still works.

    I am by no means experienced at this, so if anyone wants to improve my script please do so

    Here is it:

    #IfWinActive, Company Of Heroes 2
    ; f11 suspends script
    ; reenable long beep
    ; suspend short beep
    if ( A_IsSuspended )
    if ( !A_IsSuspended )
    SoundBeep, 523,850 
    ; Return enables normal chat
    if ( A_IsSuspended )
    Send {Enter}
    if ( !A_IsSuspended )
    Send {Enter}
    if ( A_IsSuspended )
    Send +{Enter}
    if ( !A_IsSuspended )
    Send +{Enter}
    ; arrow keys
    ; mid mouse tacmap
    ; special abilities on mouse4 mouse5
    ; controlgroups 6-10 on shift 1-5
    CapsLock & 1:: Send, ^6
    ; attack here on B
    ; mousewheel to navigate in unit groups
    WheelDown::send ^{Tab}
    WheelUp::send {Tab}
    The individual functions of the script are bold, if you dislike one of them simply delete ; the bold sentence and what is beneath it.

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