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Joint Operations

This Guide will give you an insight and some ideas of how to play Germans as a partnership! We came up with this 2v2 AT tactic over the course of the Open Beta and since release, after finding a fair few Soviet players rushing tanks and causing problems in the early game stage. This should help nail down any roaming T-70's so long as you use mines well in corporation with what we can give you here in our guide!

ScuttleShip's Build Order:

2* Pioneers

German Infanterie Kompanie

4* Grenadiers

Time To Tech!

This build order is designed for it's flexibility and ease. It fits most situations and, combined with your AT partners start, it should give you a good coverage overall. If we feel the need for an extra MG out there, my order is designed to accommodate that and I can simply switch out one of the Grenadier squads as I choose.

Remember to use mines, they might be expensive and take a while to lay but they are incredibly useful at keeping units at bay and not all players are as observant as others. A well placed mine can take down the Scout Car that keeps harassing your lines, and a minefield can make that pesky sniper think twice.

Don't forget you can swap a Grenadier for an MG, this tactic was designed to give us maximum flexibility!

The next step is to hit Tier 2, this needs to be done at some speed as you need the early Panzer Grenadiers and AT guns. Panzer Grenadier's should be the first unit out as they can fight both infantry and, with upgrades later, Tanks. You may find that you need to build additional Munitions Points. If you do, don't worry, this is both good and bad. Good because hopefully you have spent the munitions wisely on mines. Bad because you are going to need the Pak 40 out as soon as you can. You can also mix the build order of the second PG's squad and the Pak depending on need.

German Leichte Mechanized Kompanie:

2* Panzer Grenadiers

3* Pak 40

Observe their fuel count!

This is incredibly important to gauge correctly. This will determine when you build that Pak 40. The more fuel they have the more AT you are going to need. It isn't an issue if they have a lot of tanks as you will find out later on.


This is an important decision however with this build order Joint Operations fits in nicely and gives the benefits of high AT weapons and Artillery to counter any Katyushka's that the Soviet muster. Counter Battery is incredibly precise and will nail them before they get a chance to fire a second time around. Depending on the situation you are in you may either find that you are in need of Artillery or the Pak 43 for heavy armour countering. I normally build the Artillery piece first however this is very situational and every game is different. I do occasionally use the Officer as well in this doctrine if I need to call artillery down on the Victory Point. Very useful when you need VP's to tick down or when you need the point!

Malevolent Pink Cat's Build Order:

1* Pioneers

German Infanterie Kompanie

3* Grenadiers

1* Mg Team

1*Reinforce Bunker

The Reinforce Bunker needs to be in a tactical placement area so that both players can benefits from aura that it provides.


Be aggressive but not overly so, you are essentially buying time and helping to support your ally to get to T3 and build the Panzer IV. Your ally might not need help and you should make sure that you both work together to see what forces are needed where. If you can field this it will help your ally no end and will mean that if any tank is out on the field then there is a counter to it.
It is incredibly important to Tech as fast as you can on this side. I often find that the Panzer IV that is produced by Pink to incredibly helpful at this point in the game! It can even be a game changer at this point.

Time To Tech!

As this player you must remember to build the Medic Bunker. Build it in a location in your base that both players benefit from. This is a must for any tactic and provides great healing capabilities because of it!

German Support Armor Korps

4* Panzer IV

The Panzer IV's from this point onwards are normally built depending on what happens in game. You might find that you need to build more infantry but this Double Team Strategy, providing you and your teammate work together well should mean that you are able to stop a lot of forces and quite quickly.

For this player it is fairly versatile although Fortified Armour has many benefits and provides you again with a high form of protection against Tanks. This doctrine works well with Joint Operations and can certainly help in saving a Panzer 4 from the Smoke Canister Ability that you gain for 1 Command Point


Gives you good coverage of the battle field as you have a lot of units on the field at the same time. You also have the option of locking a section down because of the MG's that you have. The mortar allows you to pick off their units as well.

It also provides a reasonable and hard counter to early T-70's and other tanks that might be on the battle field. It gives you a good hold on the early and middle game play with the Artillery and Pak 43 helping keep you afloat during late game play as well. Soviet's having lots of fuel becomes a smaller issue as well because of this strategy as you have the ability to counter it. You do need to make sure that you build more Pak 40's though if you think they are going to go an all out assault with armour!


This tactic requires a high level of concentration and teamwork. Without either of those this tactic will crumble. Attention is key because of the speed which is required to tech!

Occasionally with a lack of enough AT you might find that you are overwhelmed if the Soviet players have held the fuel for a good portion of the game.

The Pak 43 can easily be countered so you really need to be careful with this. If units get in close they can take it and I have seen it used against us killing our own Panzer IV's. Whilst sniper shots do for the most part bounce off of the armour of the Pak 43, you do need to be really careful and planting a minefield in front or to the sides of this beast is not a bad move!