Achtung! Achtung! So, Kommandant, you think you've got what it takes to embark on learning to use the fearful Fortified Armour doctrine? Well, let me tell you it is no cakewalk like the road to Paris. This strategy will require you to play aggressively from the start, going right for the throat of the Bolshevik even in the face of overwhelming numbers.

Commander Overview
The Fortified Armor Commander has five unlocks: two passive upgrades, one airborne call-in, and two late-game tank call-ins.

2CP – Panzer Tactician

All armored vehicles gain the ability to deploy a smoke screen blocking line of sight in an area. Incredibly useful against enemy tanks, weapon teams, or any anti-tank infantry squads, as they will not be able to shoot the vehicle without sight.

2CP – Reconnaissance Overflight

A plane will fly over the designated area for a small period of time, revealing all enemy units and terrain near the location. Use it to find enemy Anti-Tank guns, MG positions, infantry movement or scout the base to see what your opponent is teching.

2CP – Hull Down

An upgrade that can be used by Pioneers, Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers, allowing them to build defensive sandbags around your tanks, making them immobile yet giving them more protection from enemy fire, increased accuracy, and quicker reload times. This can be turned off at any time, allowing the tank to move.

4CP – Command Tank

The Panzer IV Command Tank has the same stats as the regular Panzer IV, but increases the defensive stats of all units in the same sector.

5CP - Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer
A beast of a machine, the Elefant has incredible range and armor penetration with high health and armor, suffering only from an extreme lack of mobility. Best against enemy tanks but can do decent damage to infantry if it manages to hit them.

Build Order - Tier 1

Your first pioneer builds the Tier 1 German Infanterie Kompanie and then proceeds off to cap. You should not build a second pioneer at the start as you will be struggling to fend off the soviet forces.

Build 2 Grenadiers, send the first to the middle so that you can easily switch to either side of the map if needed. By going to the middle first you can also get a good idea of where his forces are at via the blinking sectors on the mini-map/tactical map. The second Grenadier should be bringing up the rear and capping those close base sectors if no enemies are nearby. Otherwise send your second Grenadier to support the first.

The next step is producing two mg42's which will help support your initial first engagements and then once you have forced the retreat of enemy squads, help you to secure cut off sectors.

Against Garrisoned M3's

The M3 + Flamer Engineer or Snipers combo is also known as the 'Clown Car'
which is hilariously illustrated here by Ginnungagap

Soft Counter

It is very crucial with this strategy that you keep most of your units together on one side of the map making sure no unit is left unsupported. By doing so you give your units the best chance to fend of enemy attacks. If you left your mg's unsupported with no nearby Grenadiers then they would get burnt to a crisp in no time. Having Grenadier squads nearby is a must so that you can panzerfaust those M3s if they should appear. A good idea here against this strategy would be trying to use your mg's as bait for the M3s while your grenadiers are hiding in ambush behind something so that it blocks your Russian opponent's line of sight.

Hard Counter

If you opponent is making multiple M3s and flamer Engineers then upgrading a scout car would be your best option for dealing with these pesky units as it will tear up M3s. However you must use your scout car cautiously as he may have planted a few mines or use a guard squad to combat it. Now if the situation changes and your opponent puts a guard squad inside an M3 you will still be able to kill it like any other M3 however you must be extra careful as the guards inside will quickly tear it apart.

Against Maxim Spam

6-man crews, capping power, and invincible houses make these whirly-birds quite insane on the playground

Soft Counter

If you do find your opponent trying to lame their way to victory through the 6 man Maxim spam then you must try and stall out for as long as possible with your units and continue to keep trying to flank your opponent and go for his cut offs. Rifle grenades, snipers and mortars should be the units of choice to deal with a soviet mg crew spam however all 3 at this current state of balance do not do well against the mighty maxim. Currently I would advise against building a German sniper to counter these maxims as they take too long to de-crew them and snipers have terrible accuracy against units in buildings. A mortar who also be just as useless against dealing with the maxim as axis mortars deal less than they use do and maxims can set-up and re-position incredibly quickly so they can easily avoid a mortar barrage.

Hard Counter

The SdKfz 251 Halftrack with a 120 munition flamethrower upgrade built from Tier 2 will be the unit you use to turn the tide against the soviet mg spam. This is when you will be finally able to take the fight directly to him as Maxim crews do little damage to the Sdkz 251 Halftrack and have no way of protecting themselves if flanked. They also burn rather easily.

General tips:

Once a threat has been dealt with move your Grenadiers forward to cap, engage any enemy units and quickly jump into forward buildings as this grants you line of sight. Then once you have an idea of where his units are located and the areas he will most likely will flank from set up your mg's accordingly. Once you have sent those commies cowering back to their base you must push for the key cut off points and possibly lay a few mines in choke point while you can. Another important tip is to keep re-positioning your mg crews around an enemy's cut-off so that they never know where your mg's will be making it that much harder to flank them.

Build Order - Tier 2

Once you have completed teching to Tier 2 you will want to build another pioneer squad to constructed the building if your second pioneer is per-occupied elsewhere. Building a second pioneer is also useful as you will need more units to be able to repair your vehicles quicker and plant mines.

Now the state of your resources and your units in the field dictates the next unit for construction.

Build a halftrack first if you have enough fuel, need to reinforce your Grenadiers or Mg's on the field and if your troops require warmth. You never want to be retreating your units on the field if you can help it even if they are at half strength as your when your halftrack arrives you can then bring your squads back to full capacity.

Panzer Grenadiers in my opinion are the most ruthless infantry killing machines on two legs that have ever graced the Eastern Front. These elite units will absolutely tear up conscripts and give you the firepower needed to deal with the mass amount of soviet infantry. They also have a bundle grenade ability which is excellent at taking out a soviet infantry that is bunched up together and if they are using Hit The Dirt. I always recommend building 2 as you may need to upgrade a set of schreks on one of them in order to deal with Soviet Armor.

At this point you may feel the need to produce a Pak if you suspect Russian armor in the near future. Signs of this can be an enemy Fuel Cache, less Soviet infantry and by the general fuel point control on the map.

At this point you should be ready to tech to Tier 3 if all goes well. Even if you have enough fuel by this stage I would still recommend building your own Fuel Cache and then tech to Tier 3. This is because a fuel cache would be appropriate in the long term as you will need 260 fuel in order to bring out your end game unit the mighty Elephant.

This strategy requires you to be able to maintain constant pressure on your soviet opponent and your half-track allows you to do this by keeping all your squads on the battlefield as you are able to continually reinforce. During this point in the game you should have around 120 munitions to spend. Where these are spent should be in reflection to what your Soviet opponent has in his arsenal and then decide what unit's and upgrades would be best to counter that.

Option 1: vs. Infantry

If your opponent has chosen a very infantry heavy play-style be that mass Conscripts using hit the dirt, Shock troops, Guards or Maxim spam then I suggest getting a Flame Half-track upgrade for your SdKfz 251 as this flame upgrade is perfect for dealing with infantry.

When using your flame Half-track you must micro it cautiously as if you lose it then you will be at a huge disadvantage. The half track's role will be to primarily to kite infantry forces, avoiding at grenades and buttoning. If you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle gets buttoned then pop the Panzer Tactician smoke ability and you will be able to micro the unit as normal and out of harms way. Lastly it is always a good idea to keep a pioneer fairly close to your half-track encase in needs some fast repairs.

Option 2: vs. Tanks

If you suspect the sound of soviet tanks then upgrading a Panzer Grenadier squad with schreks might be a solution to that problem. I would suggest using this squad in conjunction with your Pak crew and a Grenadier squad of which the former can Panzerfaust the vehicle reducing it's speed leaving your other units to finish the job.

Option 3: vs. Tanks

Another useful tactic if you want to keep you Panzer Grenadier's as they are so they are still good at dealing with infantry is to lay a couple of Teller mines where you think the enemy tank may appear and on crucial joke points. These Teller mines will one shot M3' and, T70's and severely cripple any other tank. It is also important to position your Pak gun to overlook where you placed those Teller mines so that you can finish the vehicle if needed.

Build Order - Tier 3

The Panzer IV is the backbone of the German armor. It is very versatile in dealing with both infantry and fending off attacks from soviet armor however it cannot go toe to toe with some of the more heavier soviet tanks.

By this time you should have enough cps to unlock a Panzer IV Command tank. This will be your weapon of choice for dealing with massive amounts of infantry.

Panzer IV Tactics
The regular Panzer IV can be a formidable weapon and if used correctly it can even kill SU-85s. However unless your opponent is careless your will be very unlikely to be in this situation. Therefore with this strategy your Panzer IV acts as a deterrent and compliments your army being a stop-gap until your bring out the big guns, namely the Elephant.

The Panzer IV Command tank is an excellent harassing unit and should be able to tank on all forms of infantry without taking too much damage. It you think you can repair your Panzer IV without too much trouble then it may be a good idea to let your opponent throw a few at grenades at so that he ends up wasting his ammunition. This tactic could also be applied to any vehicle with a fair bit of health. Furthermore this tank also has defense aura buff for all friendly units in the same sector so try and keep it with all your main forces if possible.

The Elephant Heavy Tank Destroyer

This monster is what you call a real tank destroyer. It chews up Su-85's and spits them back out for breakfast. This tank will be your ace and be that final nail in your enemy's coffin.

The SU-85 might have been at the counter for quite some time before you get to him

The elephant has massive armor penetration and will 2 shot SU-85's without even breaking a sweat. It also has incredible range to match however it does not come without it's problems like poor maneuverability, a fix turret and slow speed. Not to mention the fact that it also costs 260 fuel so you better make sure you save up. This is where your early fuel cache should have helped.

The best way to use an Elephant is to keep it near the rear of your forces and ideally in the middle so that supporting units like Paks and Panzer Grenadiers can protect it from getting flanked. Since the range of your Elephant is much greater than your standard line of sight I highly recommend using your doctrine's ability Reconnaissance Overflight above your enemy's position in order to give you beast something to shoot at.

Build Order - Tier 4

If by some reason you still haven't managed to crack your opponent with your Elephant then it might be wise to turn to the Panzerwerfer 42 Multiple Rocket Launcher which is excellent at providing long range artillery support and breaking any fortified positions.

Panzerwerfer Tactics
As these vehicles are incredibly weak and vulnerable to any enemy fire it is wise to keep them behind your main forces and behind cover such as impassable foliage, terrain and buildings as these will act as shot-blockers against enemy fire as well as blocking line of sight from your opponent. Once you have fired a barrage at your enemy you should then immediately relocate your Panzerwerfers as you opponent may try and launch a counter barrage in retaliation or send some units to find them.

Final Words
Only the elite of Ostheer Generals have been known to be able to master this doctrine. Will you be one of them? You now know what needs to be done out there against the Soviet menace. However knowing what to do is only half the battle as the other half is actually putting it into practice. So, Kommandant, go out there and make those Bolsheviks flee in Terror with the mighty Panzer IV Command tank. Make them rue the day they crossed paths with the terrifying power of the Elephant and most of all, make the Fatherland proud! You're dismissed.