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Tópico: Tip of The Week #7: Soviet Tier One Halftrack Counters

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    Tip of The Week #7: Soviet Tier One Halftrack Counters


    Soviets who invest heavily into the Special Rifle Command can find themselves vulnerable to early flammenwerfer halftracks. Anti-tank grenades may not have been purchased yet and even if they have you still need something else to help you deal with those deadly flame-spewing trucks. Guard Rifles are an option but that requires you to pick a doctrine that carries them which isn't always ideal.

    Your new best friend

    The key is to deploy mines with your Combat Engineers early in the game in useful positions. Mines will stunt any flammenwerfer offensive and either force him to repair it or allow you to kill it off. Most players upon fielding an early flame halftrack will use it very aggressively, so use it to your advantage and bait him over the mines while he's chasing your units. Your other friend is the Penal Battallion Satchel Charge. It will kill a halftrack instantly if you can catch it in the explosion and can be tricky for players to avoid in some circumstances. While it can be difficult to aim and use it effectively, it can be an extremely cost effective counter to a flammenwerfer halftrack.

    Here's a quick video demonstrating this tactic:

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    maneira a ideia, mas muito arriscada...
    melhor colocar os guards dentro do ma3.
    menos trabalho.

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