shift click command queuing feature which is really helpful in early game and for harass-capping multiple points.

  • build a demo charge on top of a mine to make a deadly super mine that will almost 1-shot a panzer 4
  • use trip flares with demo charges nearby as a way to set a trap on a point you can't defend with units.
  • if you can watch closely enough, advance from cover with a close range unit while 1 or more of your enemy's soldiers is reloading. If you see them glance down and grab at their side, you have a second or two to advance without being shot.
  • tell your guards to move closer or attack vehicles before you tell them to button. Button does not interrupt the command last give to the squad, so you may find your men run places you don't want them to otherwise.
  • you can set environment objects ablaze to deny them to the enemy by attacking ground for 5-6 bursts of a flamethrower. This is enough to set buildings ablaze so they will eventually fall down or torch cover on the approach.
  • if you want to garrison a building that has a blind side, drive a tank into the blind side or attack-ground it before garrisoning. It will make a hole that your men can use to fire on the enemy.
  • enough molotovs or flamethrower blasts beneath a tank on ice will sink it
  • tanks can crush infantry. If you can circle around a squad close several times they will bunch up, allowing you to run them all over or kill them with a single tank shell.

    You can also just give the tank an order to break down a wall by clicking close to the side you want a hole in. Both attacking it and breaking down walls by running into the building will cause damage however.

    Use the tactical map a lot. If you can rebind num 0 with a third party application then hooray.
    The tactical map tells you so much information within a second. Visiting that frequently will improve many areas of your gameplay. Mainly keeping your squads alive.

    Radio Intercept: Beyond the obvious, giving you what the enemy builds (including upgrading points) it also pings on the mini-map where the unit enters. This means when you hit around the 10 minute mark and panzers start rolling at, you can estimate pretty well where the enemey has placed his marker based on where in the base the tank appears.
    Mortars and other units capable of indirect fire and movement, use shift to queue up a movement after you've given the barrage order. Easily keeps them mobile and drastically reduces the chances of the enemy coming down on them.

    You can shift cue retreats (shift +T).
    This may be especilly useful when you want to pick up some equipment and then immediately retreat with ur squad, to reinforce. Also useful to shift cue retreat when you want to immediately retreat ur engineer to get back to base to build junk RIGHT after you finish capping a point.

    • Tank just a little away from your pak range? Attack ground
    • ISU - IS2 - Brumbar vs AT guns or crew weapons? Attack ground
    • Enemy behind LOS blockers ? Did he use smoke? Attack ground.
    • You can use sandbags as blockers to light vehicles. Put a mine behind a sandbag which is blocking a road (Semois bridges or ponds on the right side). After they jump they are probably gonna be all bunch together.
    • 1 S mine will sink any tank on ice. Same with german minefield.

      • Keep an eye on the top right unit bar. You can find idle units you forgot about, or select a freshly retreated unit and hammer R to reinforce without having to pan back to HQ.
      • Setting artillery units with cooldown to the higher number control groups (8,9,0) is my favourite way of always having artillery on speedial.
      • Use barbed wire to block cover on the enemy side. So when they're advancing on your position or push you back they can't make use of cover, but you can use it from the other direction just fine. Alternately build tasty looking sandbag walls and mine the enemy side as traps.

      -The German artillery officers special barrage ability calls in instant barrages from friendly artillery sources with pretty much double their normal range for the barrage, and ignores the cooldown status of their normal barrages.

      mine the enemy side! that is so much better than what I've done in the past - barbed wire! Thanks.

      Use the A key for Attack Move to target decrewed team weapons.
      Never, ever leave a ZiS or Pak you aren't going to take yourself sitting on the field once you have AT. Hell, never leave an MG42, Maxim, or any kind of Mortar either. If they're recently decrewed enemy weapons, they'll even give you XP and veterancy on whatever unit you're attack moving with as well.

      Instead of clicking the unit and telling it where to degarrison, click on the vehicle and tell it to unload. All troops will fall out without repositioning.

      When you get a new unit, it's always(?) the left-most unit of its type on the top right hotbar. So if you have two Cons and a third walks on, you can simply select the leftmost Cons icon up the top right and issue your orders.
      Casting an eyeball to the minimap to see which unit dot is white is a good double check for this.

      Not sure if this counts as a trick or not, but I don't see it taken advantage of enough in games. If you can get a squad close to a building with an MG garrisoned move back and forth from one side to another and the MG will perpetually setup in different windows without the ability to shoot (and suppress) your troops until the squad is wiped out or he is forced to retreat.