Pluto Early Access Trailer - Rift, Vive, Windows VR - briefly
(hx) 10:05 AM EST - Feb,23 2018 - Post a comment
Until now VR didn't have a Discord-like social app to converse with friends. Pluto is looking to change that and is available now in Steam Early Access. Pluto runs as a background app alongside SteamVR. After you create an avatar, friends can start a call with you, if you toggle on your Pluto avatar,, friends will see your head tracked face and hands moving around, mimicking your actions in game, but superimposed into their environment. Anything that can increase the social aspect of VR will inevitably lead to more widespread VR adoption. Even though single player FPS are my personal favorite games, BSing with friends while you're playing even different games is one of the most enjoyable aspects of gaming to me. You can get Pluto on Steam here, for free.