Bolt-Action RiflesGewehr 98: The standard issue German rifle of the war, this is thepredecessor to the famous Kar98K of WW2 fame. 5 round magazine.Springfield M1903: Standard issue American rifle of WW1. Along with thetypical bolt-action, a special attachment was made for the SpringfieldM1903 that converted it into a semi-automatic rifle firing 0.30 pistolcartridges from a diagonally mounted magazine. 5 round magazine, 15 withPedersen Device.Lebel Model 1886: Standard issue French rifle. 8 round tube magazine.Lee-Enfield SMLE: Standard issue British rifle. Famous for the boltdesign allowing a very fast rate of fire. 10 round magazine.Mosin-Nagant M1891: Standard issue Russian army rifle. 5 round magazine.Mannlicher M1895: Standard issue Austro-Hungarian rifle. Like theLee-Enfield, bolt design allowed a fast rate of fire in the area of 30RPM. 5 round magazine.Mauser M1918 "T-Gewehr": The world's first anti-tank rifle and the onlyone of WW1. Single-shot and must be reloaded after every shot.Nome:  158_5863_img.jpg
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