On request of Jucabala, I have created a special forum so Portuguse speakers can coordinate planning. Let me know if you want to be added.

Here is my public announcement at the end of the campaign.

Yesterday's battle marked the end of Bf1918 #5, "Return of the Crusaders". The campaign was very close until the end, with the final battle determining the winner of the campaign. Congratulations to the Central Powers for the beginning of the campaign. Entente, you also played very well and hard to the from the first battle to the last.
Numbers were a remarkable improvement this campaign since the creation of the new website, with a peak of over 50 players on most battles. This demonstrates that neither the age of the game nor new website changes will deter the desire of the players to play in a unique, organized teamplay environment. Due to the fact that Battlefield 1918 will be releasing a new mod version by the fall, all Bf1918 campaigns will be delayed until the version is released, to prevent overlap in mod versions. Therefore, Battlefield management needed to decide on the future campaign. We took a vote and sent inquiries to various leaders of language communities such as our Portuguse and Polish players. As a result of this inquest, we have decided that next campaign will be featuring highly acclaimed the FH1 Fht minimod. Unique features such as the Dutch faction and new tanks will be used in the upcoming campaign.
We have recruited all required officers for Axis and Captains for Allies. However, we need an Allied HQ and could always use another captain as well as support officers for the HQ/regiments. I would encourage you to volunteer, especially for Allied HQ. We cannot start the campaign without the required HQ and captains. While we are hoping to start as early as the end of June, volunteers for officer is directly correlated with our start date. So volunteer today.
Posts in the barracks will be archived in 10 days, so if you have further discussion in your unit forums, I would encourage you to complete those. All medals will also be issued in this time frame.
Furthermore, the BF42 branch and FH2 branch have been merged to form the Battlefield Mod branch. All what this minor announcement means is that we may also play FH2 campaigns on Saturdays in the future, if there is any more interest at a particular time than for one of our Bf42 mods.
I would like to encourage everyone to participate next campaign if possible. It is perfectly understandable that every player has their preference for mods, but the Forgotten Honor Tournament represents a historical teamwork play that is unique and that transcends multiple platforms. We needed to come to a consensus of the most reliable mod for this campaign. If you prefer other mods, we may play them in the future, but don't let that deter you from the teamplay experience with likeminded friends in the next campaign.
Thanks to Cicero for editing maps, for the officers for their dedication, and for all of you for joining the campaign and playing to its conclusion.
See you on the next campaign!