Battlefield V: GeForce RTX Behind The Scenes Video - tech
(hx) 12:10 AM CET - Nov,15 2018 - Post a comment
Check out our behind-the-scenes video showcasing how EA, DICE, and NVIDIA are working together to create the ultimate Battlefield V experience on PC.

Electronic Arts has released the day-1 patch for Battlefield 5 for all platforms. According to the release notes, this first patch adds further improvements to game client stability, resolves an issue which would make the menus unusable when cancelling a matchmaking session and brings support to DXR real-time ray tracing. As Electronic Arts and DICE noted, an early release of DXR real-time ray tracing will be available in this patch. Moreover, the development team will continue working with NVIDIA to optimize this implementation and deliver regular updates after its release. As you may have guessed, we will test the DXR real-time ray tracing effects on our RTX2080Ti and we’ll share our first thoughts about them. After all, Battlefield 5 is the first game that officially supports DXR right now. Origin will download this day-1 patch the next time you launch its client, and you can find below its key features.