Why on Earth Is Max Payne Pulling a Baby out of His Mouth? - briefly
(hx) 09:30 PM CET - Nov,23 2018 - Post a comment
That’s not a headline you probably expected to see today, but it’s certainly something that happened. Earlier today, Remedy Entertainment posted a Tweet with two images featuring Sam Lake, the face of Max Payne, pulling a toy baby out of his mouth. He’s wearing a Death Stranding t-shirt whilst he does so. For those that don’t know, the baby situation is in reference to the E3 2018 trailer that starts with a shot inside of a body where a baby gives the viewer a thumbs up. The baby reference has been heavily talked about since Kojima Productions’ title Death Stranding, was revealed in 2016 when a trailer revealed Norman Reedus sobbing naked as he holds his newborn child. The Tweet received a comment from the official Control game jokingly stating that a Death Stranding DLC for Control has been confirmed. They replied to a user confirming that the DLC isn’t true. However, the image does beg a lot of questions!

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