12 FreeSync monitors will soon be compatible with Nvidia's G-Sync - tech
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In addition to the entirely expected news about the upcoming RTX 2060, Nvidia CES presentation this weekend included a surprise about its G-Sync display standard. That screen-tear and input-lag-smoothing technology will soon work with select monitors designed for VESA's competing DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync protocol (which is used in AMD's FreeSync monitors). In announcing the move, Nvidia says the gaming experience on these variable refresh rate (VRR) monitors "can vary widely." So Nvidia says it has gone to the trouble of testing 400 different Adaptive-Sync monitors to see which ones are worthy of being certified as "G-Sync Compatible."Of those 400 tests, Nvidia says only 12 monitors have met its standards so far. They are:
Acer XFA240
Acer XG270HU
Acer XV273K
Acer XZ321Q
Asus MG278Q
Asus XG248 / XG258
Asus VG258Q
BenQ XL2740
Starting with an Nvidia driver update on January 15, these G-Sync Compatible monitors will automatically be able to take advantage of G-Sync's basic variable VRR features when used with Nvidia 20-series and 10-series graphics cards. Owners of other Adaptive-Sync monitors will be able to manually enable VRR on Nvidia graphics cards as well, but Nvidia won't certify how well that support will work. Nvidia also stresses that monitors actually designed from the start with G-Sync in mind will be the only ones able to take advantage of features like "full refresh rate range from 1Hz to the display panel’s maximum rate... variable overdrive, refresh rate overclocking, ultra-low motion blur display modes and industry-leading HDR with 1,000 nits, full matrix backlight and DCI-P3 color."