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Tópico: Novos drivers para a X-Fi

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    Novos drivers para a X-Fi

    Oficiais, direto do site da Creative!


    This download contains an improved version of the drivers found on the Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeMusic, Platinum and Fatal1ty installation CDs. It now provides full OpenAL support for gamers. For more details, read the rest of this web release note.

    This download
    • Includes Creative Audio Console, which enables you to use the Sound Blaster X-Fi features and functions.
    • Does not address all the reported general "crackling" issues, but it does resolve some specific issues with crackling. Investigations with some motherboard manufacturers are ongoing, and we hope to provide a general solution soon.
    • Resolves some issues to improve your overall audio experience.

    Added Feature:
    • Supports OpenAL 1.1

    Game Fixes:

    For Prey™
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding

    For Quake 4™ (version 1.04)
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding when the error message "Quake 4 has encountered an error and needs to close" is displayed
    • Resolves the issue of mono speaker out in surround sound environments
    • Allows you to hear audio from speakers when you select the OpenAL X-Fi option as the audio driver
    • Allows audio channels to stream to correct speakers

    For Battlefield 2™
    • Allows the Ultra-High Audio setting in a multi-player game

    For Battlefield 2 (version 1.12)
    • Allows you to hear audio from speakers when the X-Fi audio driver option is selected

    For Doom 3™ (version 1.3)
    • Allows you to hear audio from speakers when EAX 4.0 is enabled
    • Resolves the "pop" issue during the Chainsaw attack sound effect sequence
    • Removes "hiss" from the front left speaker
    • Allows panning
    • Plays the Ambient sound effects correctly

    For Unreal® Tournament 2004 (version 3369)
    • Allows you to hear audio from speakers when running in hardware OpenAL mode (the System Driver check-box is cleared)

    For Unreal Tournament 2004 (version 3355)
    • Allows reverb in native OpenAL mode
    • Allows music to play correctly during gaming in Native OpenAL mode

    For Dungeon Siege® (version 1.11)
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding during benchmarking

    Music or Movie Playback Fixes:
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding when DTS signal is passed through Creative MediaSource™ Player/Organizer
    • Removes X-Fi CMSS-3D Speakers distortion when playing DivX stereo content

    Recording Fixes:

    For Audio Creation Mode
    • Removes distortion when recording to a 44.1 kHz multi-channel wave file in Audio Creation Mode with 44.1 kHz master sampling rate
    • Removes pops and crackles during record monitoring and changing sample rates

    For Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition
    • Resolves the issue where no audio is heard from your speakers occasionally when playing 3D MIDI files
    • Resolves the missing instrument issue when playing a MIDI file in all modes

    • Resolves the "recording process aborted" issue during a 44 kHz multi-channel recording
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding when recording with Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer
    • Resolves SoundFont® issues where notes distort and change pitch during playback and recording

    General Fixes:
    • Allows your computer to quit Suspend mode when enabling "Automatically Enable Headphone Settings" even when headphones are not connected to your computer
    • Resolves the issue where no audio is heard when testing the X-Fi CMSS-3D Headphone in the Game Mode console
    • Resolves the noise issue when your computer quits Standby mode

    Fixes for developers:
    • Allows effects to be loaded in EAX4.0 mode of your test program (EAX50ShowDSound)
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding when loading a 2D Sound in your test program (DSound50_OpenAL 1.1)
    • Resolves the issue where there is no upmix when switching effects
    • Resolves the floating point offset issue in OpenAL
    • Resolves the issue of the computer not responding while using synchronous start through native OpenAL

    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition or Windows XP Service Pack 2
    • Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic, Platinum or Fatal1ty audio device

    • Creative MediaSource DVD-Audio Player is unavailable for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.
    Eu havia instalado o Beta destes drivers mas não gostei, pq minha Fatal1ty começou a fazer os tais de "cracklings" (coisa que não fazia antes)... vou tentar instalar estes novos, se não resolver eu volto para os antigos mesmo.


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