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Tópico: O Capitão

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    O Capitão

    The Captain

    The Captain is produced from the British Field Support Truck and costs 300 Manpower/35 Fuel, he's required to be made at least once in order to get the Armored Support Truck for tank production. Similar to other officers, the captain has little to no firepower at all and must depend on the units surrounding him for protection while providing combat bonuses to certain units. While in range of combat, the Captain will eventually gain veterancy and provide even better bonuses to the British forces, here's a rundown of the type of bonuses the Captain provides.

    Standard: 50% less suppression, 20% less damage, health regeneration.
    Vet2: 50% less suppression, 15% health bonus, health regeneration.

    Standard: 50% health bonus.
    Vet2: 50% health bonus.

    So you can see it's a good idea to keep the captain in combat with your infantry until he has around 2 levels of veterancy and since there usually isn't any emplacements built by this time. After the captain has vet2 he can either stay in regular combat or sit in a trench near your emplacements to provide them with bonus health. Note that the captain's bonuses will ONLY effect units in the same sector as him, that goes for both infantry and buildings. His HP regeneration is pretty useful and will eventually heal a low health squad to full hp as long as they're in the same sector as he is.

    The Captain has only one standard ability which promotes the use of a 25 Pounder Howitzer Emplacement which is Victor Target. Where he really shines is with the Artillery doctrine since he will gain a powerful artillery barrage for 150 munitions and be able to lay down a creeping barrage of smoke to cover infantry or tanks under fire. Victor target (shortcut V) gives the order for all artillery pieces on the map to barrage the designated area, it'll only work if the area is within the fog of war so make sure that area is scouted until the artillery starts firing. Victor target has a cooldown of 3 minutes so can be used pretty often, just imagine once a 25 Pounder is build and fires, then use victor target and fire the howitzer again straight after, that's a minute or two of constant artillery.

    by Sepha


    Creeping Barrage Cover (ABILITY)

    Effect: Defensive bonus for Emplacement cover. Click for details.

    Enable Point (ABILITY)

    Effect: Re-enable a point so it can once again be captured.

    25 Pounder Artillery Barrage (ABILITY)

    Captains can call in an artillery barrage.

    Victor Target (ABILITY)

    Effect: The Victor Target will order all heavy artillery pieces (25 Pounders and Priests) to fire simultaneously at the same point. Artillery rounds fired to bombard the Victor Target will ignore their usual range constraints. Artillery pieces ordered to Counterbattery or Overwatch an area will not join in the barrage.

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    Excelente e muito útil o tópic.

    Agora sei que os brits estão mais robados ainda.

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    Estou tentando aprender a jogar com os britânicos, o modo é bem diferente dos gringos.

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