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Tópico: Estratégia de Tier2/ Terror para Wehr

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    Conteudo Estratégia de Tier2/ Terror para Wehr

    um belo guia para Wehr, jogando de Terror


    The Wehrmacht

    Tier 2 Terror - A complete guide.

    In the age of FSJs Rangers and Commandos, a lot of people have forgotten about one of the most adaptive, strongest strategy in the game. Tier 2 terror is able to handle anything your opponent can throw at you. Its not hard in theory, but its obvious that better players will do better at it. T2 Terror is a counter to anything and everything your opponent can muster against you, but its not a god-send strat, you can still lose. Played right, it can beat anyone and anything. Without further ado, lets jump right in.

    The Pros and Cons of this Strategy
    • T2 Terror is quite possibly the most adaptive, flexible strategy out there. You will be able to handle almost anything on wheels/tracks with ease.
    • The strategy is amazing when on the defense. Due to the nature of your long-range combat units, you're able to fight from behind sandbags instead of charging up and taking losses along the way.
    • If the game is 'close' towards the end, you're suddenly given a huge advantage in the Armor department. The Americans have almost nothing that can counter your Heavy Armor and the British counters are expensive and fragile.
    • This strat has been used for a LONG time now. Believe me when I say these ideas are older than most of your CoH tenures. Its not a radical idea that hasnt been tested. Its been proven time and time again.

    • This strat has a lack of offensive punch. If you get pushed off the map you may find it difficult to retake portions of the map due to a lack of vehicles and almost no offensive power outside of mortars. Yes, Grenadiers can take ground on an offensive, but Grenadiers assaulting a fortified position is a situation you shouldn't be hoping or planning for.
    • You face a small period of time where you are fairly vulnerable. It comes between the time you upgrade to T2 and the time you get Vet 2. BARs can give you a run for your money, and a Tommie blob is generally superior at that time. If you get pushed back in this brief period, dont be discouraged, you may very well still be in the game.
    • There are no 'fast responders' in this army outside of a flame halftrack, which, sadly, often gets blown to pieces by AT infantry or sometimes an AT gun. If a remote point is being capped by your enemy, chances are, you're going to lose it. You dont have a speedy puma to dart over the map with and pop up in hotspots.
    • A lack of elite infantry. Commandos and Rangers WILL give you a run for your money. You don't have a direct counter. Just keep your wits about you and do what you can.
    • This strat has no real counter to Artillery. American 105s will rape your fortified positions if you dont deal with them, and although British howies are slightly easier to take out, they can still knock you around fairly easily.

    The Early Game

    Against the Americans:

    This strat plays off very differently when you're fighting against the Brits or the Americans due to their the opening build.

    2x: PIOS!
    2 Pio Start: A two pio start allows you to do two things: get your first unit out faster, and have more cappers early on. Use both pios to build your Wehrmacht Quarters and then send them off capping. Your first unit should always be a Volks squad. Opening with a Machine Gun team often results in your MG team getting chased away early or flanked and killed because it has no support.

    + : Volks and Machine Guns.
    Your build order should depend on the map, but you should have a combination of MGs and Volks on the field. Your first objective should be capturing munitions, with fuel being necessary as well. You dont have to be swimming in fuel, but you will need at least +15/minute for now, while grabbing as many munitions points as you can. Keep your MGs and your Volks close by to prevent riflemen from flanking your position. If you see a flank that you simply cannot handle, retreat your MG first, followed shortly by your Volks. Its better to give up territory and save your units than give up territory and have them die anyhow.

    Idea spots for MGs are those that not only cover chokepoints, but also cover a big chunk of field as well. There is no 'unflankable' spot, but using your MGs well can really let you hold your ground and keep those pesky riflemen at bay. While there are a million spots, here are a few that have served me well.

    Ango, watching that middle crossing:

    The obvious Semois buildings:

    Langres, watching that oh so important strat point:

    Another on Langres, which is a harder spot to flank than you think due to its position. It IS flankable though but can really be a thorn in the allied side, just dont lose your MG to a nade:

    Your Opening Phase has simple objectives:
    • Get out there and grab a good chunk of the map.
    • Secure as many munitions as you can, grab enough fuel to allow you to upgrade.
    • Establish a defensive position in which you intend to hold for a majority of the game.

    Against the British:

    : Piospam!
    At the time I'm writing this, we're still in 2.103. T1 just isn't as effective as it should be, and I may alter this strat once 2.2 comes out. But for now - No T1. They simply dont have enough push to hold their own through the game, and you're better off just nabbing up as much of the map as you can. Go crazy. Make at least 4 pio squads and just start running them all over capping. If you have a medium/high muntions/fuel (like semois) right next to your HQ, throw up an OP.

    You dont want your Pios to be combat units. If you see a Tommie squad, just run away (dont retreat) and go cap something else. If you can, hop in a building nearby, and if your opponent is dumb enough to stand there and try to kill your Pio squad, you've just kept a 450 manpower squad static with a 120 manpower chump blocker. When your squad gets low, just exit the building and retreat.

    : The Bren Carrier Counter
    The general consensus to this, is that the Bren carrier is the counter to an early Piospam. If you encounter a Bren Carrier this is what you do: Stop capping that point with your pio. Move into a building or the best cover you can find in the immedeate area. Force the bren carrier to stay in that spot as long as you can. When your pios get to 15%-20% life, retreat them. This keeps the Bren Carrier from just ripping your pios to shreds and moving on, and keeps it stationary for a good chunk of time, allowing your other pios to grab up more of the map and give you more resources.

    There are two 'Benchmarks' you will hit. Depending on your cap order, they come at different times. One is 50 muntions, one is 35 Fuel.
    The MOMENT you hit 35 fuel, you want to upgrade immediately to T2. You shouldn't be held back by Manpower. You also need to time it so that you have at least 1 pio squad back in your base when the upgrade finishes, as you'll want to build a Kriegs Barracks ASAP.
    The first 50 munitions should be spent on a flamer. If the map you are playing on has a 'cut off' strat point like Langres or Angoville, your opponent will probably be moving in and trenching up. For this reason, its important to mob up your pios, with at least one flamer, and go burn him out. Keep your pios in a tight blob for no other reason than to make it harder for your opponent to click on your flamers. If your Flamer is sniped right off the bat, just retreat immediately and re-enforce. Its not worth losing your hard-earned and very precious 50 munitions for nothing. Once you're re-enforced, come back and try to flame them out again. Either way, T2 comes quickly when you skip T1, and you should have grenadiers quick enough to fend off most attacks.

    Since this guide has been posted, I've been seeing a lot more cut-off-and-hold strats on Angoville and Langres. I've somewhat changed my mind about T1 on those maps. Making a WQ after your 3rd pio and pumping out 2 MGs or so may be worthwhile due to the 'get cut off and you're screwed' nature of Angoville and Langres. While you still want a large number of pios out there outcapping your british counterpart, there are about 4 games I wish I could have back in these last few days because I was cut off completely and just dominated due to a lack of munitions and fuel. I've toyed around with just making a Machine Gun bunker but the 50 munitions doesn't come fast enough, and i've found that on Langres and Angoville you may need a MG42 team watching your strat point. St Mere Dumont, while small, has buildings you can throw your pios in to fend off capping threats. While that wont hold out forever, it should hold out untill you get grenadiers and a mortar team out on the field, allowing you to fight back.
    Just for a reference point: 3 Pio squads will beat a recon squad and break even against a normal tommie squad. The most important part of this phase is to not get cut off and keep an advantage in resources.

    Your Opening Phase has simple objectives:
    • Grab as much of the map as you can without getting cut off
    • OP a medium/high fuel/munitions point if applicable.
    • Get a Kriegs Barracks up ASAP.

    The Mid Game

    The mid game is where the two branches come together. Fighting the Americans and fighting the British is similar in the mid game. Normally you'll either see BARs or a quick MP from the Americans, while Tommie/LT spams or Cromwells are common sights from the British. Either way, hope for the best but prepare for the worst - you'll be seeing elite infantry.

    : Grenadiers!
    Grenadiers are your staple unit. The more you have, the better. They can do anything and everything you will require. They are great shooters. Once vetted, they have monster lifebars. They are the best Anti-Tank infantry in the game outside of Stormtroopers. They are the end all be all unit. Make as many as your economy allows. They serve three basic roles:
    • 1) Basic infantry. These guys will be doing a majority of your infantry on infantry battles. Combo'd with Zeal, these guys take a lickin and keep on tickin. A vet 2 Gren Squad will beat a BAR'd rifle squad at any range. They hold up against Tommie squads well. These guys are the heart and soul of your army. They do best at medium to long ranges, in cover, and prepped for attack. You cannot fire Schrecks or LMGs on the move, so staying in green cover and not moving benefits these guys a LOT.
    • 2) Anti-Tank units: Schrecks are amazing. M8s, Quads, Stuarts, and any other form of light armor just crumbles when faced with more than one Schreck. Schrecks have an 8 second reload time. EIGHT seconds. That means if you are chasing a vehicle, fire, chase him for 7 seconds, stop, fire, and repeat. Often its best if you just stay in green cover, keeping your guys safe from enemy fire, as one squad in green cover with ONE schreck can chase away pretty much any light armored vehicle. Once Medium/Heavy armor comes out, you may want to bolster your AT with AT guns, but Schrecks cant be flanked, Schrecks are retreatable, and Schrecks are a lot more mobile. These things are the staple AT weapon of your army.
    • 3) Sandbags and Wire: Infantry live and die by the use of cover. Grenadiers are one of the few combat units that come with the ability to construct sandbags. Since a big chunk of your army will be grenadiers, you should be setting up sandbags at every opportunity you can. If you have time, set up wire on the opposite side, denying him the opportunity to use your own sandbags against you.

    A great setup would look like this:

    If you have the munitions, and are feeling dastardly, put a mine on the other side:

    If you do this enough, you opponent may shy away from using green cover, giving you the advantage anyhow.

    : Medic Bunkers!
    The Medic Bunker. Yes, the medic bunker is currently 'broken.' Medics wont travel very far and its just a shadow of its former glory. This doesn't mean its a dumb idea to build one. If there is a firefight near your bunker, you WILL get a free squad. Medics are like union workers - They wont go out of their way to help you, but if the work is right there infront of them its hard for them to ignore. 150 MP and 50 munitions is not going to break your bank, and at the very least gives you the best cover you can find (except a trench). There are two important things you need to remember when building a Medic Bunker:
    • 1) Put it in a spot that you intend to defend for a majority of the game. Every map has that 'action zone' where theres almost always a big firefight there. Build it nearby and garrison it. If you are fighting against the Americans - throw an MG in there. If you're fighting the British - put a flame squad in there. Why? A pio squad with flamethrowers prevents your bunker from getting demo charged. Its a common sight to see commandos run up, smoke, and demo your bunker. While this normally blows your bunker to bits, a pio squad inside will, more often than not, hit them with a burst of flame while they run in and 'scatter' them. If you focus fire them, often they'll be forced to retreat or die.
    • 2) These things arent what they used to be. Dont rely on fresh squads often, or ever. While they're a great deterrent for assaults in that area, sometimes your opponent will simply avoid the area untill he can destroy it. If a mortar pit gets built in range, just abandon all hope of saving your bunker unless you can kill the mortar pit ASAP. Dont rush in like an idiot and waste half your forces trying to take it out.

    : Mortar Teams!
    The Mortar: The Axis mortar has been fixed. With a damage table of almost double the allied one, this little unit can layeth the smacketh down when used right. Almost a necessity against the Brits, and great against the Americans as well, getting a mortar against an infantry-based opponent can really turn the tide of the battle. The Brits get blobby - a big, glowing target for your mortar. While its not so hot against elite infantry due to their close quarters combat, or vehicles for obvious reasons, Mortars destroy a British player and can do a big chunk of damage against a 'campy' USA player. Keep these guys behind your grens, and as priority targets go:
    • 1) Other Mortar units. These guys can really mess your grens up, and even kill your own mortar. Dont bother wasting time barraging a British mortar pit, but American mortar teams should be your #1 priority.
    • 2) MG teams. One mortar shell can often take out an entire MG team. These things may give your grens some problems, and due to the high accuracy of the 30 cal you may lose some infantry, so take these guys out quickly.
    • 3) Blobs. If the blob is juicy enough, its normally worth aiming for the middle and ignoring MGs. 2 Squads is a decent target. 5 is a juicy bullseye that you aim for as a high priority.
    • 4) Anything else you can hit. Mortars can attack without putting themselves at risk - dont be shy, its not like you have limited ammo.

    Now, dont play stupid. Retreat your mortar if you see its in danger. They're fragile. And one tip I'd like to share with you: If your mortar gets sniped. DO NOT HIT THE RETREAT BUTTON. DO NOT MOVE THEM. DO NOT TOUCH THE SQUAD. If your mortar gets hit by a sniper and you pack up to move, the sniper is going to shoot again, killing squad member #2. With no friends left, the last squad member suicides and you lose your mortar. Now, if you leave him there, chances are the sniper will peck away another guy, and the lone member will still suicide, however, the mortar stays on the ground and you can reman it.

    : Halftracks!
    The halftrack is a great 'support' unit that allows you to re-enforce on the field. Toss a pio squad in there, and you've got a Machine Gun on top. Re-enforcing on the field is a great tool that allows you to hold ALL the ground you've taken as opposed to having to retreat, re-enforce, and lose some of your newly taken prizes. This unit bolsters your army 10fold with a strat I'll go over a little later. But for now, getting a HT up allows you to keep your guys on the field, allowing them to set up defenses after battles, and even turn the tide of battles with magical Grenadiers popping out of the back.

    : The Pak38 AT gun.
    The Pak38 is a specialized unit that I wouldnt reccomend making unless you're positive the enemy has vehicles or armor coming. Keep an eye out for Motor Pool units or Tanks (Stuarts should be killed with schrecks), and produce Pak 38s accordingly. Heres a list of when you should be making Pak 38s:
    • 1) You're low on munitions and panzerschrecks, and you sense incoming Armor. A quick MP can sometimes throw a wrench in the gears of your strat, and a Pak38 can really blow any motor pool unit out of the water. If you see an OP on a fuel point, its often a good bet that a quick MP or a TD is coming, so building a Pak is generally a good idea. Dont make its presence known untill it fires the first shot - keep that thing cloaked.
    • 2) You're facing cromwell spam. Cromwells have great range and can handle Schrecked grens fairly well. One or two you can chase away with Grenadiers, but any more than that and you need a Pak38.

    Generally, your Schrecks can hold any sort of armor off provided you have ample amount.
    : Veterency!
    Vet 2 infantry should be a high priority. Once you get vet 2, your Grenadiers suddenly become a force to be reckoned with. BARs cant push them around that much anymore. Tommies dont have such a huge advantage. You should be getting as much Infantry vet as you can afford. Depending on your fuel income, you should have Vet 2 shortly after BARs come out, or before a Stuart comes out. Vet 2 will save - your - ass. This is the highest priority of the mid game. DON'T overlook it. Vet 3 is a great addition and turns your guys into monsters, but is expensive and although you should absolutely get it, it often doesnt come until later.

    Mid Game Blues

    There are a few things that will give you problems, dont expect this to go over smoothly every game. Here are a few things that will give you issues:
    :A WSC.
    Weapon support centers can give you problems due to their anti-infantry nature and your infantry-strong strategy. There are three units that come out of that building and every single one of them can mess with you.

    The Moment you see any sign of the WSC, you do two things: 1) you cancel whatever unit you're making and 2) you build a sniper.

    : The Wehrmacht Sniper!
    Repeat after me: My sniper is not here to shoot riflemen. He is here to shoot American snipers. Got that out of your system? Ok, good. Normally, when a WSC goes up, a sniper comes shortly after. You can slug out a mortar war and often come out on top (Hint: barrage, then move your mortar), but your grens cannot handle a sniper on their own. Your sniper will wait, he will wait some more, and then he will strike. Your opponent shouldnt even know you have a sniper until he loses his. Your first shot should be right between the eyes of that blasted Allied sniper. Once he's done that, he's done his job. And he could have been a Luftwaffe ace, you know? If you're absolutely positive he has NO snipers on the field, you can start picking apart his support teams and riflemen, but his main job is to countersnipe - thats it.

    Now, if you do manage to clear out the Allied snipers, it may be worth investing in Inspired Assault. I'm sure most of you know what you're doing by now with that, and sparing 1 CP on your way to Tigerville should be weighed carefully. Its a personal preference, I dont use it simply because I've had bad luck with snipers in the past (zooka shots from half a screen away, AT guns, etc), but to each his own.

    Eliminating the Allied sniper is Priority number one, followed shortly by MGs and Mortar teams.

    : Rangers!

    Rangers are tough sumbitches. They run, they gun, they tackle vehicles and light armor, and on top of it they're a pain in the ass to kill. But, they arent superhuman. There are a few things that will help you on your quest to defeat Rangers.
    Defeating Rangers:
    • : LMGs
      A stationary gren squad can really mess up a Ranger squad if they're in cover, wielding a LMG. Combined with the sandbag/wire combo above, you can really mow down any infantry charging you. WATCH OUT FOR GRENADES. Thompsons are great, but they require short range, so keep your guys as far away as possible and dont be afraid to retreat if they're up in your face. If you've set up your sandbag/wire combo, you've got a huge advantage provided your Grenadiers dont jump on a nade like a loose fumble.
    • : Flamethrowers.
      While pios out in the open get toasted (no pun intended) quickly, in green cover or in a nearby building, these little guys can 'scatter' a ranger squad, giving your Grens more time to focus fire against them and saving your guys the wrath .45 caliber Thompson bullets. Its one of the few situations where your pios can remain in cover and not have to move, as the Rangers are coming to you.
    • Veterency:
      Although Vet 2 is a necessity, Vet 3 can really come and save your ass. Vet 2 reduces the damage they take, Vet 3 increases their life. Both pay off VERY well as Rangers can really deal out the damage. Keep your guys alive and vet them up. Keep them in cover and dont be afraid to retreat.

    One thing to remember: Rangers are a 6 man squad. Two of them Have Bazookas. That means that 4 men have thompsons - kill two and they're already down to half of their anti-infantry power.

    Le Sigh - These guys your biggest threat. 6 man deploy-anywhere, anti-infantry monsters with the ability to throw nades. And to top it off, they have an 'oh shit' button to get them out of trouble. These guys are expensive, but a pain in the ass. They can really, really mess you up anywhere on the map and can deploy behind your troops negating your cover. Fighting these things is an uphill battle to begin with, but heres how I've been doing it:
    • : LMGs
      These things do well against Commandos as well. They're not going to be dominant, but they help. They're not as effective as they are against rangers, since commando smoke lets them close gaps without getting shot up, but they still do work.
    • : The Flame Halftrack
      This thing is amazing if you can keep it alive. It has two saving graces: 1) It comes out of a KB. No additional buildings are required and you're going to build one anyhow. 2) It still fires while buttoned. You heard me. If they dont have PIATs or a Stuart, they're in deep shit.
    • : Vet 3.
      Vet 2 goes a long way, but Vet 3 goes a lot further and keeps your guys alive. Dont think you can fight 1v1 even with Vet 3, but once you have 'Grenlings' as I call them (gotta kick that starcraft habit), you can ALMOST stand toe to toe with these guys. Stay in cover, keep focus firing on them, and retreat units that are about to die.

    The croc is a fickle unit. It throws your strategy on its head. Against everything else, for the most part, you stay in cover and want the highest veterency you can afford. Suddenly, a flame tank benefits from your units being in cover and having vet. When a croc appears on the field, make it your #1 priority to scare off or kill. If you spot a OP on a fuel point or have spotted British Royal Engineer units, you can almost be guaranteed that eventually you will see some sort of croc. Its unrealistic to not purchase veterency, you just have to handle the croc differently. Spread your units out. 4 Spread out Schrecks can scare off a Croc fairly easily. By the time he is able to produce or call in one of these, you should have ample counters. If you do have a Pak 88, keep it back so its not easily flanked. Dont rely on AT guns, as Crocs can toast the crew pretty quickly and you're left defenseless. Spread out the Grens, Keep your Pak in the rear, and retreat your units before they can die. Keep in mind a few things when fighting Crocs:
    • Mines:
      Mines are great at causing engine damage, as Paks/Schrecks normally cant kill engines on their own. A slowed Croc is much, much easier to both avoid and kill. Lay those things down on paths well traveled and you'll be rewarded quite often.
    • Schrecks:
      These things are your bread and butter Croc-killers. Since you dont have access to armor with this strat, you'll need to rely on spreading your grens out and not getting them toasted too quickly.
    • Retreat!
      Retreat units if they get too close to death. Retreat is always an option, dont overlook it if the battle gets hairy.

    If you are facing multiple crocs and are unable to kill them, phasing into T3 and making StuGs make be a better counter than continuing with T2. Since this is a rare occasion I really wont go over the anti croc spam strat. If you're allowing him to field more than 1 croc in a compedative game you're probably doing something wrong anyhow.

    Tommie Spam
    Often times, British players will spam Tommie squads and LTs, forgoing teching as they can handle Grenadiers with their T1 unit. The counter to this? A quick Flame halftrack. It fires while buttoned, and if they dont have PIATs it can really mess them up. It DOES take damage from Bren guns, so dont lose for a stupid reason like 'not paying attention,' but it can mess up a British player without PIATs.

    Quick BARS.
    'Quick BARS' seems to be a staple strat for Allied players. Getting Vet 2 really helps your grens, but just like fighting Tommies, a flame halftrack can really piss in their Wheaties. While they dont have Bren Guns, they may have sticky bombs, so you will have to kite them and try not to get surrounded. Dont go over agressive with it and lose it, because even after rangers come out you can use it defensively to re-enforce on the field. Dont even bother attacking Rangers or Airborne troops with it, it'll be gone before you can retreat it.

    Your Mid Game Phase has simple objectives:
    • Get Vet 2 and a force of Grenadiers.
    • Keep the game as Infantry-Centered as you can. (you'll see why later)
    • Begin pushing with your superior forces into their territory.

    The Late Game

    By now you should have Vet 3 and a hoard of Grenadiers. Hopefully, you have at least half the map. You should have ample Schrecks, LMGs, and munitions. A lot of times, the heavy hitters start coming out. Pershings, Fireflies, etc are making an appearance. Well, you only have one objective: Keep the game close. Dont get pushed off the map, dont lose too many grens. Often time the Allies will have artillery up. You dont have an immedeate counter to Howitzers. Keep your units spread out and try not to take too many loses. Your saving grace is on the way. The late game plays a lot like the Mid Game - use your Grens wisely and keep them in cover.

    + + +
    Tommies with mulitple LTs. This is a tough strat for T2 terror to counter, and is one of the few things I actually consider teching to T3 for. This strat uses multiple vet LTs to keep Tommies superior to Grens, and Heroic Charge to really drive it home. While a flamer halftrack can handle them if its pure Tommie + LT, 9 times out of 10 they have PIAT equipped Sappers. So, you need another counter. Mortars work well, but you cant deny the power of the Nebelwerfer. Hopping up to a Sturm Armor and making 2-3 nebels can really rape this strat as it requires a blob of infantry to be effective.

    The Stuka
    I originally omitted this unit from the guide for a reason, but all you little commando spammers have started to piss me off. If you have the resources, this unit is almost a late game must have. Upping to T4 is worth it if its just for this unit alone. As of now, the damage table is bugged against the British infantry. A normal modifier of .25 is applied to the rockets when they're landing on American infantry, but that modifier doesn't exist against Tommies/sappers. They take the full 1.00 damage. 1 Barrage can kill 20 units if they're blobbed. It normally will kill just about everything but LTs/Captains. It has a short cooldown and can really blow the crap out of any British infantry you can target.

    If you have any doubts about how much damage this one unit can do, I suggest you watch this short clip:

    Just hold them off. Dont let them overrun you and setup Defenses. Your answer is on the way.

    Your answer is your own personal savior. The King Tiger.

    The King Tiger.
    This monstrosity comes in for no up front cost. Your MP production will drop by 100 for the next 5 minutes, but fear not - its more than worth it. As long as the game is CLOSE by the time you get 9CPs, chances are you're going to be rampaging through his army tearing them up. Since your army is almost entirely infantry, chances are he wont be splurging on Anti Tank weapons. A pershing is a joke in a head to head fight with a KT. Shermans, Cromwells, and and of the Royal Engineer tanks are just cannon fodder. M10s can take a dent out of your King Tiger, but if you support your KT with Schreck'd grens, you shouldnt have that many problems.

    Using Your King Tiger

    You King Tiger can penetrate just about any armor from any angle, and is too slow to really get a flank on any other vehicle, 9 times out of 10 its better to just slug it out with an enemy tank head to head. With the exception of a firefly, you have no other tank that will even come close to being a threat to your King Tiger. Pershings are a joke. Shermans, even upgunned Shermans, have a problem penetrating from the front and generally get blown to bits easily. M10s CAN and WILL damage your King Tiger from the rear, but your support units should be able to shred M10s with ease. 17 pounders and American AT guns can also do damage from the front, so avoid these until they're neutralized with infantry. Mortars are great for knocking out AT gun crews, and dont be afraid to use the 'attack ground' command on your Tiger to blow up AT guns if you cant steal them yourself.

    If you're up against multiple AT guns, don't send your King Tiger to die. Keep your Tiger behind a building, a hedgerow, or anything else that keeps it safe from AT guns. 17 pounders can just be schrecked to death, and American AT guns can be killed with just about any infantry unit. While it might be ok to use your King Tiger in a battle where there is one lurking AT gun, make it your priority to silence that gun first, and then concentrate on remaining forces. Its almost never a good idea to roll into a 17 pounder's firing arc. If you ever get caught in a 17 pounders range, your tank get buttoned, and you have no immediate answer to kill his bren squad, its almost always a good idea to use propaganda war and get the hell out of dodge. If they're in a trench, you have no choice but to try to back out all while getting your grenadiers in there to nade/flame out that bren squad. Firestorm can be used if you've got munitions to spare (I would recommend over 300) on American AT guns, as it normally kills the crew and forces everyone else out of the area. Then you can move your Tiger in and blast anyone trying to recrew the weapons.

    Wherever your King Tiger goes, it should bring friends. A lone King Tiger can get itself into traps it cant get its way out of. A few grenadier squads following close by will support your tank and prevent it from falling into a deathtrap (x2 bren squads buttoning, Stickies and AT guns, etc). Keep it with your army, or rather, your army with it. The King Tiger is quite possibly the biggest impact unit in the game, dont lose it by simply charging it in unsupported. Its got decent range, use it.

    When it comes down to it, the Americans really dont have a counter outside of spamming AT guns. Their armor is all incredibly fragile and even a Pershing has trouble getting through the front armor of the King Tiger. As with any tank, you should keep your Tiger facing your enemy and try not to expose your rear armor to too many shots. The Brits have a great counter in the firefly, but those are not only expensive, but at the absolute end of the tech tree, forcing a British player to dish out a significant investment to fight one of your (basically) free units.

    Once you get your King Tiger into battle, your targets have a priority amongst them.

    When facing the Americans:
    • 1) M10s.
      M10s should be your first target simply because they're a glass cannon. They can really damage your King Tiger if they get behind it, and they die so easy that its just plain stupid to allow them to live any longer than necessary. Often, they'll only take one hit from your Tiger and either retreat or be killed by your support units.
    • 2) The Pershing.
      This thing wont cause you any problems, but its one of the few units that can actually damage your tank. He has already sunk 900 manpower into this metal coffin, and its going to die just as easy as anything else he can field.
    • 3) Shermans
      Non-upgraded Shermans wont even dent your front armor. Uppgunned ones may actually penetrate every now and then, so blasting them away is a necessity. Normally they're forced to retreat or die after only a few hits, and your support units should be scaring these away by themselves anyhow.
    • 4) The Croc.
      A croc cant touch your Tiger, but it sure can roast your support units. Once the AT is gone, focus in on these things because if you let them roam wild, they'll burn your infantry to a crisp and you may end up a little light in the infantry department. Honestly, all of your support grenadiers should be aiming at this bastard if its making its way into firing range, and bumping this up to #1 or #2 may be a wise idea if it has Vet or you see crew repairs. Your King Tiger has a massive lifebar (2000 hitpoints), and it may be worth soaking up a few hits from other tanks if you're able to keep your support safe. Due to the range at which the croc must attack, though, Schrecks should have good accuracy and this thing should go down pretty quickly.
    • 5) Rangers.
      Rangers present essentially zero threat to your tank itself, but they can get in and give your Grenadiers problems. Since you'll be moving, your grens wont be able to rely on their sandbags, and you may end up with Rangers right in your face. Blow them to bits with your Tiger and keep your Grenadiers alive and happy.
    • Whatever else is left.
      In the absence of priority targets, find something and kill it. Rifle blobs get blown away by your main cannon, Mortars and MGs will often get 1shotted, and pretty much anything else in your field of view is worth firing on. Dont go charging in to uncharted territories like an idiot, but finding and silencing that 105 or a Calliope may be worth it. Bring support and dont make any unnecessary risks, as trading a King Tiger for a 105 isnt worth it.

    When Facing the British:
    • 1)The Firefly.
      If you can get a shot at this thing, for God's sake take it. This thing is the only unit on the Allied side that will give you any sort of real problem. Dont sit there taking shots from this thing. Either kill it or get out, and chances are you're not able to kill it.
    • and The AVRE and Churchill Crocodile Tank
      Neither one of these are a threat to your Tiger, but given a few seconds, either one can cause massive damage to your support. Seeing either one is rare, considering this new fetish for commandos.
    • or 3)The Cromwell or Cromwell Command Tank.
      Number 3 comes in as the Cromwells. If you see a command tank with decent veterency, kill that thing first. Otherwise its normally better to just blow away the normal Cromwells. Cromwells are one of the few things that can even damage your tank, so its just natural to take them out. Once all his cromwells are gone, dont bother chasing his Command Tank as he's just going to retreat it anyhow.
    • 4) Commandos.
      Unless they have a blob of PIATs, just ignore them for now and blow away the commandos. Sappers die pretty easily to Grenadier focus fire and are normally in a trench anyhow, but commandos are normally out in the field, closing in on your support units. Kill these little bastards before they can cause too much damage to your Grens.
    • 5) PIATs.
      These things really cant do much damage, but since blasting an LT often ends up in wasting a lot of shots since he's behind a building/hedgerow anyhow, its best to take these things out next so your Tiger has absolutely no opposition whatsoever. Dont even bother aiming at them if they're in a trench, just flame/nade them out and just start blowing other stuff up.
      6) Whatever is left.
      The 17 pounders should be killed before you move into the area, but any other encampments should be taken out now. Feel free to shoot at the LT, blow up bren squads, whatever you want. Unless they have a firefly up you're just going to walk all over their army, anyhow, so its basically shooting fish in a ...blob.

    Things to watch out for with your King Tiger:
    • Bren Guns.
      Bren guns have the button fire ability which will render your tank useless. Keep your tank at max range and immediately reverse if you get buttoned. You'll roll back out and be free from their T1 counter to the heaviest tank in the game . Also, Bren Gun equipped tommies can't move and fire, so tossing a nade make cause quite a few casualties.
    • 17 pounders.
      Just stay away from these. Mortar them or Schreck them to death and then you can move in. 17 pounders are one of the few units thats capable of really damaging a King Tiger from the front, and you dont need the headache.
    • Sticky Bombs
      1 Sticky Bomb means, you guessed it, engine damage. And repairing the King Tiger takes forever. Its fast enough to kite riflemen, so keep them away. Engine damage on your King Tiger means you're one sad panda as it'll take about a minute to repair it. God I hate engine damage.
    • The Firefly
      This one is the one thats going to give you problems. Its faster than your Tiger, it out ranges your Tiger, and it can damage your Tiger from the front with ease. You will never be able to chase it down with your Tiger and kill it. Its a glass cannon with the range of an ICBM. They're near impossible to kill due to the fact that they can just reverse and keep on firing. Destroying one requires you to lure it firing range and letting fly with everything you have. Here is an example of how you can get some good shots in it.

      1): Take a vehicle, preferably you KT (I'll be using a Halftrack for this example), and put two Pak38s behind them. Camo them, tell them to hold fire. Now roll your KT into the firing range of the Firefly.

      When your opponent takes notice (he will almost immediately), roll your vehicle back out of range and into the cover of your Pak38s.

      Now, IF the firefly gets greedy and comes chasing after your Tank/Vehicle, he'll roll into the range of your Anti Tank guns. When he gets close, or when he stops, unclick the hold fire (or just tell them to attack) and hopefully they can tear it to shreds before he can reverse it.

      I've been told that Two upgunned Pumas can get in there and whittle down a Firefly due to their inability to be hit by the Firefly main gun. This would require a Sturm Armory though, and is still not a sure bet due to infantry AT.

    Whatever you do. Do not lose your King Tiger. Its worth using propaganda war if your Tiger is hurting and may be killed. Dont let this thing die. You dont get another one. This is your Ace in the Hole and once its gone, you're in a hole yourself. Keep it at range, let it blow the crap out of everything, and try not to let it take too much damage. If the game was as infantry centered as you could make it, a King Tiger will suddenly be the Big Fish in the..Big pond. PIAT and Zookas dont do much damage to King Tigers, and Recoiless Rifles arent that much of a threat either. I've won a lot of games, against top 50 players, with the KT rolling out in time to catch them off guard. Make good use of this leviathan, because it'll take you a long way.

    Your End Game Phase has simple objectives:
    • Keep your King Tiger alive.
    • Push him back onto his heels with your newly acquired armor
    • Grab the Vps and end this game.
    • Optional: Listen to whining about how 'insert whatever you did here' is overpowered and how CoH is ruined and relic is stupid.

    Doctrine: Terror

    The staple of this strat comes with the selection of Terror. For the most part, you'll want to go straight down the Left Hand Side of the tree, and fill in the right side if the game persists.


    Zeal should be the first ability you use, and can bolster your troops immediately. On a side note, ONLY volksgrenadiers and grenadiers benefit from this ability. Since 90% of your army will be Grens or Volksgrens, thats not too much of an issue. For every member less than 4 your squad has, the remaining members' stats will be buffed until they are re-enforced. While this isn't an invitation to take pointless losses, the remaining squad members fight better and can take more damage before dying. Since this ability is always 'on,' its important to put your first CP into it instead of floating 2-3 CPs. Its a passive ability that will stay with you through the entire game, helping you every step of the way.

    Propaganda War

    Propaganda War forces an immediate retreat on every enemy unit in the radius. This is a great panic button, but use it sparingly because it does cost 100 munitions, every one of which is precious to the Wehrmacht army. Keep in mind that British HQs are normally closer to the front lines, and a Propaganda War isnt as effective as they dont have that far to run back. This ability is great for saving key units, namely your King Tiger. Often, you can use it to cut a tommie blob in half, forcing the British commander to either retreat the remainder of his forces or take a beating on his suddenly outnumbered army. Keep in mind that this ability is often used twice or three times a game - max. Unless you're swimming in munitions be careful when you pull the trigger on this one as its 100 munitions for no lasting damage.

    The King Tiger

    This is your shining beacon of hope as the end game rolls around. Its free upfront, but costs 500 manpower over the next 5 minutes. Keep this bad boy alive, because you only get one. Using this well will often win the game for you, and losing it can often end up in your army getting the stuffing kicked out of it shortly later. Use it well, dont let it get trapped, and make sure you repair it when it gets low.

    It is, by far, the slowest tank to ever exist in the history of mankind. Old people on the freeway drive faster than this thing. In Florida. If it gets engine damage slapped on it, Your right turn signal comes on even though you've been driving straight for the last 3 miles. Under no circumstances should you ever, ever let riflemen get close to this thing. Keep your range and blast everything to bits from medium and long ranges. Support it, and dont let those goddamn riflemen throw their socks anywhere near this thing.

    Inspired Assault

    IA is an injection of speed, crack, and probably a little meth for all of your infantry. They fire 5 times faster, reload twice as fast, and do 120% damage for the duration of this ability. The downside? They take 150% received accuracy. Use it in cover, and its a great ability. Use it in the open, and watch your guys take almost just as much damage as you dish out. A lot of players grab this ability right after zeal, waiting untill 10 CPs total to field a King Tiger. To each his own, but remember that this ability does cost munitions and can be expensive if you're trying to use it every battle. Keep in mind that the ROF increase applies to sniper rifles as well - watch your sniper go hogwild. If anyone sneezes in his direction while its up though, he dies and you're out 320 manpower. Use with care.


    Firestorm is a 200 munitions ability thats basically an off map artillery with a DoT included. Great for clearing out a field of American AT guns, or breaking up a British turtled spot. However, unless your opponent is half comatose, you're not going to be able to hit anything with a motor. Infantry can easily avoid it as well. Its expensive, and I've found one of its best uses is to clear out a few AT guns so your KT can roll up and announce his superiority.

    The V1

    The V1 will kill just about anything it lands on except an HQ. Thats the upside. The downside is that its rare that you'll ever see these in a 1v1 due to their placement on the Terror tree, and they take forever to freaken land. Once you get your timing down, you can Propaganda War + V1 big blobs of troops, but that whole idea is fickle and cant be planned or relied on. Given the fact that most game simply dont last that long, V1s are few and far between.

    And just if you're wondering, no, it will not kill anything in a trench.

    Closing Thoughts
    T2 Terror is a tried and true strategy. You're not going to surprise your opponent with anything new but you're going to be forced to outplay him. You dont have magical elite infantry so you make due with what you have. This strat will win you a lot of games and it will frustrate your opponent to no end. Its a great strategy and works wonders against most opposition. However, its not an 'I win button.' If you opponent outplays you, he's going to win. If you're using this and getting beat by players that are simply more skill than you, dont get discouraged. This strat is about flexibility and end game dominance, dont forget it. Have fun, Good Luck, May the Force Be With You, and I hope you enjoyed the guide.
    replays com essa strat.


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    é, baita doutrina.

    qualidade baixa destas imagens me faz lembra como é bom tem um pc com vga top, hehe.


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    O uso destas imagens tanto no avatar quanto na assinatura é um simples lembrete histórico e não demonstra apoio do usuário ao Nacional Socialismo ou as atrocidades cometidas pelos nazistas na WWII.

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    Olha eu não sou de seguir receita de bolo, mas de uma certa forma eu uso muito esta estratégia quando jogo de Terror, embora nunca tinha lido nada.

    Aliáas acho que é a segunda estratégia que eu leio.

    Mas olha, VÁAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIAS coisas aprendi lendo isso, MUUUUUUUUUUUUUITA COISA mesmo, coisas pequenas mas de GRANDE importancia que vão melhorar muito o meu jogo. Muita informaçãozinha a respeito de range, habilidades, etc.

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    comecei a usar algumas coisas dessa strat e me dei bem

    ganhei de um brit maldito nivel 5 ou 6 (eu estava em nivel 4)

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